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  1. I repainted my ol Deci. Going for an old 1940s black and white with a cherry light. Turned out! ...and, yes, the light flashes! (I’m a police officer and love the retro cars)
  2. I like Fearless and Maul. Passive mods baby. New Squadron (70) Ketsu Onyo [Lancer-class Pursuit Craft] (12) Maul (3) Fearless (3) Shadow Caster Points: 88 (56) Old Teroch [Fang Fighter] (3) Fearless Points: 59 (48) Black Sun Assassin [StarViper-class Attack Platform] (1) Crack Shot Points: 49 Total points: 196
  3. A simple rule for new players: fly together, shoot together. Don’t try dramatic entire map-away openings. At most only be half of a board apart. I still remember the first time I played at a local store. It was exhilarating. I had only played with a couple of friends before. I remember I was shaking, lol. 😂 You’ll fly better if you say Hi and talk to them about their job/family/how long they’ve been into X-Wing, etc. Remember their name, relax, laugh at the good dice and the bad dice. And make jokes about using the force when making rolls with no mods. 😜
  4. My suggestion: K-2S0 (62) Anakin Skywalker [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (20) Delta-7B Points: 82 (47) Obi-Wan Kenobi [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (19) Delta-7B Points: 66 (36) "Broadside" [BTL-B Y-wing] (5) Ion Cannon Turret Points: 41 Total points: 189 Either bid, regen, or add Sense to taste. Jedi do well bumping because they basically always have a focus with their force.
  5. Have your set up and first 3 turns memorized against the classics: jousters, aces, swarms, etc w/ init and w/o init. What’s your list??? Watch games not podcasts is also my suggestion. Why they’re setting dials try to think what you’d do.
  6. @Lyianx I think it’s inconsistent wording honestly. I feel like trying to guess RAI is very ..... risky. I just can’t get past the MAY. But I now understand you. And I actually kinda like the fun of playing the risk of it. Lol. I do feel that FAQ did lean things sharply towards when a condition of an effect calls for range, it is measured prior to decision making. Whether or not that is intentional??? Who knows...
  7. So, I want to boost and get 2 locks. Option Uno: Boost, link into red Lock, use Redline ability to Acquire next Lock. BUT Option Dos: Boost, use Redline ability to Acquire Lock, THEN can I still link to my red Lock??? Does the Acquire somehow interrupt the link action??? Why, you ask? Because if I don’t get a ship on the Acquire, I can choose not to red lock. Thus not stressing myself. Thoughts? Do triggers interrupt linked actions??? Keep in mind Acquiring a Lock is not taking an action. Thanks!
  8. @Lyianx I AGREE! Lol. 😝 My original post above. And several agreed with the judges call. They stated that once you chose to do Vader if there were only your own ships in arc at 0-2 I’d have to pick my own!! I thought it was silly. But like I said, many agreed with the judge’s call.
  9. If you read the beginning of the post, you’ll see the prevailing argument for it. 🙄
  10. He says ship not enemy ship. @Lyianx the question is whether there’s risk of unwanted self inflicted friendly damage or not. So if the ONLY ship is mine, am I committed to do Vader’s effective.
  11. It says If you spend force you can measure 0-3 then choose. According to @Lyianx you can always choose 0 and not spend force, but according this interpretation even if you choose Range 0 you’d still be in the 0-3 spent force step. The point of the FAQ is you make the decision AFTER you have gained the knowledge. Prior to FAQ, as soon as you measure beyond R1 you’re committed to spending force. Which is silly and poor wording. It should just say choose a ship at 0-3. If it is beyond range 1 spend a force. Or something similar. Point is, the FAQ strongly supports when there is a pay cost to do something at range X, you get to measure range before spending cost.
  12. I mean another friendly ship. If Soontir is in my arc and is the only valid target I feel like the MAY still governs whether I do damage to him or not. There’s always a target at range 0 -yourself. Thus you never HAVE to spend force. I believe is what he’s saying. Edit: ahhh I get ya! Yes exactly my point! Thx. The whole point is you get to measure before committing to spending force.
  13. It just says MAY CHOOSE A SHIP on Vader. I feel like if my ship is the only valid target I don’t HAVE to choose it.
  14. Right. I still think that the point of the FAQ is that you can opt not to use Sense AFTER you measure. But I see your argument too
  15. So, you have to show your opponent your dial? 😅 I really don’t think so. And that just isn’t what the FAQ says. Well I guess it says look not reveal. So you announce I’m using sense to look at my own dial!!! 😜
  16. I feel like 1&2 are either both true or both false. There’s nothing in Hera’s ability that requires the chosen maneuver to be a physical dial difficulty. The only check is a difficulty check.
  17. Well, no, that’s the point. If I have a ship at range 2 only, I get to measure first and decide IF I want to spend the force. If not, then Sense is never used.
  18. Q1: So, if I pop Leia and reveal a physical dial red maneuver on Hera, I can then use Hera to switch to any white maneuver? (Or red too I guess) Q2: As long as I dial in a physical dial blue maneuver on Hera, I can switch to any bank if Nien Crew is equipped? Q3: Lando and Nien work because regardless of the physical dial, he executes a blue maneuver (when banking)?
  19. Q: When an effect checks the difficulty of your revealed maneuver (such as Cova Nell’s pilot ability), do any effects that alter the difficulty of your maneuvers (such as R4 Astromech or Leia Organa [Resistance]) apply? A: No. The difficulty of a revealed maneuver matches its printed color. The speed and bearing of a revealed maneuver also match their printed value and type, respectively.
  20. Q: Does Sense require you to spend 1 Force before measuring range to other ships? A: No. You can measure range to see which ships are at range 0–1 and which ships are at range 0–3 before deciding whether or not to spend the Force to affect a ship at range 0–3. Does this precedent effect anyone’s thoughts???
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