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  1. Are those purple lights lined up on the bullseye arc??? Because if so... major props to him!!
  2. I once ioned a ship after it had engaged. I then with another ship gave it the crit. It completed an ion maneuver the next turn and flipped the crit. It never received an ion from the crit.
  3. I’m a police officer, and I want to try doing a couple classic black and white police car paint jobs. I plan on glueing some LEGO police lights onto the top. 😂 I remembered seeing yours and REALLY liking it! I’m also going to do a GEPD decal (Galactic Empire Police Department) 😝
  4. There were also red stripes I think... 🤔
  5. Hey All, Need some help. A couple of months ago I was browsing and found a post with a TIE Squad painted primary white with black highlights. Loved it and I can’t find it now! Anyone know the link? It had the TIES numbered on the solar panels too... THX!
  6. JBFancourt

    My first vent - Tarkin's forced relationship

    Tarkin on a shuttle with the new passives sensors upgrade will be cool. Also Tarkin can work with the shuttle title. However... I’ve not found Tarkin too exciting or effective. Too bad.
  7. JBFancourt

    Sabine Wren TIE l/n Ability

    If they wanted Sabine to operate with stress the would have removed the word action. Like how Redline says acquire lock not perform a target lock action. Since it uses action keyword, rules for actions apply...
  8. JBFancourt

    Does Han(pilot) Ability Work With C-3PO?

    Interesting.... thanks guys
  9. So, I call 1 evade with C-3PO. Roll 2 blanks. Reroll both with Han ability into evade/blank. Do I get the bonus evade from C-3PO?
  10. JBFancourt

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    This has been my favorite thread to follow in a long time 😂
  11. JBFancourt

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Actually, of all the other movies, Episode 1 is most like George Lucas’ original films both in content and concept! I ❤️ Jar-Jar and Annie!
  12. JBFancourt

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Redline and Boba are too expensive...