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  1. My favorite Guardian would have to be Zoey, simply because she is so good at what a Guardian does. Favorite Seeker, no doubt about it, Joe. He seems capable of handling himself in solo and multiplaye. For Rogues, Jenny, because resources and and an actually good statline. Mystics, Marie. Because good intellect. Survivors, Rita for the win. She can run circles around everything.
  2. See, Radix? My sources are correct the majority of the time.
  3. Are all of the novellas already sold out? I'm slow on the draw, and was only able to get Norman Withers. Luckily, I already have Jenny Barnes and Silas Marsh.
  4. Does Fantasy Flight Games post things past 10:00 at night?
  5. My sources are saying that Return to the Dunwich Legacy should come out within a week from the 10th of January.
  6. Does anyone know how fast they sell out? Like, are we talking a matter of minutes, hours, or days?
  7. Does anyone else know when Return to the Dunwich Legacy is coming out? Cause I sure do.
  8. I'm really sad, because I missed the opportunity to preorder the Arkham novellas. I'm going to have to wait ages for FFG to reprint them. Does anyone know where I could find them, with the promo cards, without going over 60$?
  9. That does make a lot of sense. And yeah, their should definitely be more songs.
  10. While she does have some aspects of a mystic, I think Patrice is more a survivor because she has had to deal with "The Watcher" every time she plays her violin. Then again, all I have to work with is the Arkham Horror LCG and the Investigators of Arkham Horror, so what do I know?
  11. Why is everybody saying that Patrice is a mystic? She is so clearly a survivor with an off class of seeker.
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