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  1. Silencers no longer have a Modification slot so no afterburners form them.
  2. I personally find that having a lock to burn to re-roll the dice is much better. I seldom ever get a chance to burn my force points because my rolls are that bad haha. Take a few turns to soften up the enemy and let go one round with a lock and a focus with force points and a proton at ps7.
  3. Unfortunately I couldn't get QD to fit with them but I came up with something else. TIE/fo Fighter - •“Scorch” - 37 •“Scorch” - Zeta Leader (35) Fanatical (2) TIE/vn Silencer - •Kylo Ren - 88 •Kylo Ren - Tormented Apprentice (76) Heightened Perception (3) Primed Thrusters (9) TIE/vn Silencer - •“Blackout” - 71 •“Blackout” - Ill-Fated Test Pilot (64) Trick Shot (2) Pattern Analyzer (5) Total: 196/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  4. Got some pretty interesting stuff to try out but will definitely need to change my flying style for Kylo. I personally feel Hate isn't something you'd want since you don't want to be taking damage, I'd rather go with Heightened Perception. Might try a Kylo, Blackout and QD list.
  5. So with the current points update what do you guys think Kylo should have? With supernatural reflex being 24 points for him now it's pretty hard on my list for him. I usually run him with SR and PT.
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