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  1. Can you explain? I didn't think this was possible.
  2. This is a super interesting rules interaction. I have a feeling that, barring a ruling from FFG or the unofficial rulings, that most Marshall's would declare it out. I'm in the "it works" camp.
  3. Don't make any major decisions based on a small sample size. Final turn of a game yesterday, I had a stressed Vader with no force tokens range 1 of a double modded Poe. I managed to roll 4 hits after TL and focus. Needed 2 hits to get Vader to half points and give me the win. The result? 3 natural evades and the loss to me. Those are the breaks, but I'd still do the same 10 times out of 10.
  4. Do you think you were on the wrong side of variance?
  5. What I mean...can I use the TL measuring to determine if a ship is in arc. Specifically, can I line up my range rulers along the arc edge of my ship and see if another ship is in range?
  6. When I perform a target lock action, I am permitted to measure range, within range 3, of my ship. However, am I permitted to specifically measure if a ship is in arc. I'm ok with the obvious cases... But am I permitted, during TL measuring, to get down and examine the borderline cases to see if they are in arc? Thanks!
  7. And keep composure on Temmin. It's far better than Heroic for 1 pt.
  8. Given the fact that there was $$ (flight and accommodations) on the line, I would have done the exact same as Calen.
  9. That’s tough. I find them very tough to play against because of that first big engagement. I think it would be a meta/familiarity call.
  10. Big time. It’s unfortunate that it happened. Unfortunate for both guys involved in that game, especially Marc. However, it is what it is. On a positive note, it didn’t impact someone getting or not getting a worlds invite.
  11. That’s how I read it too. Unfortunately this happened in a top 4 game, in a System Open, where it likely may have impacted the final result of the game. However, Marshalls do their best and will make mistakes.
  12. Anywhere to see the top 8 lists?
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