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  1. Hello, we have just launched a new community for EotE, AoR and FaD play using a "living world" type of online play. The main reason for this is for people that want to play but don't have the time to dedicate a set day of the week to play or just want to fill free time with play. We just launched and are still small but are slowly growing. As of right now we use discord and roll20 for our play and our main website for the tracking of past games, character sheets and our community rules. We are adding a play-by-post feature soon for people interested in that as well. Please come check us out and see what we are about. It's a completely free fan made community dedicated to bringing players and GM's together for fun play of a system we have all grown to love. Here is the link to your community website that has our rules as well as containing a link to our discord server. http://sabersandbasters.proboards.com May the force be with you.