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  1. I'm not sure that small bot that comes with Iden amounts to the same value as K-2SO.
  2. Now available to pre order in the UK. £20 for a plastic figure...i'm out. I have enough Legion stuff now to play, just not going to keep up with any more new releases.
  3. For reports I have heard the SWL tournament scene is very friendly. Not my scene as i'm not interested in min-max the 'best' list, and would rather play a narrative scenario.
  4. The point being that this is meant to eliminate problems and yet, as Sekac has pointed out, a player can angle the card a bit to 'game' the new rule in their favour. So by trying to get rid of one problem another arises. Of course we come back to being a good sport, and using common sense, which rather gets rid of the need for the rule in the first place 😛
  5. Just play with cardboard standees and save yourself the effort of painting figures.
  6. Nothing in the UK sites that I know and trust. All showing out of stock. Good luck finding some.
  7. Very nice, but shouldn't he have one silver lower leg?
  8. Decal fix and other such products make all the difference. They soften the decals and make they conform to uneven surfaces.
  9. You didn't factor in the additional deaths due to an overwhelmed health system not being able to treat other sick people. We are already cancelling non emergency surgery in the UK.
  10. Asmodee own the distributors in UK and Europe. Not sure about the US.
  11. We had supply issues before Covid-19.
  12. The only thing Asmodee doesn't own is the factory that makes the stuff and the FLGS that sells it. If they can't get stock through the system i'm not sure who they can blame but themselves. It might be that low stock and higher prices will mean that Legion faces a similar fate to X-Wing?
  13. Good luck with that. Look at the virus spread in hot countries.
  14. Asmodee might figure that they have reached about as many customers with Legion as they are likely to get, so now is the time to get as much cash from those suckers fans whilst the going is good. The price is what they think the market will bear, so time will tell if they are right or not. I might pick up a few bits and bot for Legion but only if they are a character I want (Yoda and Old Ben).
  15. Price hike would limit my future purchases, the new policy on replacing missing parts makes future purchases unlikely. I also have enough to play casual for years, no interest in keeping up with the latest meta, and suspect the greed behind Asmodee (run by financiers looking to raise the value of the business before selling it on) will be detrimental overall. Fortunately there are many great games, and companies run by enthusiastic hobbyists, that are still outside the Asmodee Empire.
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