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  1. Notice the half-moon shaped socket for the legs. I thought these new kits were meant to be more poseable? Not going to have much choice other than to cut and drill a new pin joint.
  2. Not very efficient at all. But given the colossal amount of waste packaging on their Legion products so far it is to be expected.
  3. Probably the only way to fix the mess is to pretend it never happened Retcon ftw.
  4. The dirty grey background on every page. Pointless and drinks ink.
  5. Would it kill them to make a printer-friendly version of the RRG pdf? This is the big problem.
  6. I am waiting for the first cycle to complete and will then print the RRG. I am personally not interested in the next release cycle so will stop collecting at that point. I want a physical rulebook at the table. Probably just habit but I don't like reading books off a screen.
  7. In the UK - Boskk and Sabine arrived today. I have seen the downed AT-ST in store since earlier this month.
  8. Downed AT-ST is available in the UK (have seen at my local store, but no interest in buying). Sabine and Boskk probably next week. Not sure if FFG are holding stock due to customs issues in the US, but the UK doesn't seem to have a problem.
  9. Would it kill them to make a printer friendly version? Sheesh. 🙄
  10. There are plenty of asymmetrical games on the market that are great fun to play, so I don't think that this is a deal breaker And we have yet to see how the upcoming releases will shift the balance. If you are finding this to be a real problem then just agree with your opponent that Rebels can have 850 points vs Imperials 800, or play Rebel vs Rebel games. If FFG want to review the game at the end of the current cycle of releases, and issue a revised card pack with new points, then that is something I would consider buying. But as they cannot even provide a printer friendly version of the rulebook I see little evidence that FFG will start making smart decisions 😛
  11. With so many variables in play (terrain, different player skill etc.) and also the future releases may re-balance the overall power levels it might be a bit hasty to start changing point costs. This is also really an issue for competitive play, which is not something the vast majority of the legion community need to worry about. Those who just want to set up a table, throw down some terrain, and play a more fun narrative game won't be overly concerned about a small imbalance in the power level of the factions.
  12. It is at the point now where I cannot even remember the names of the new films. They are not very memorable tbh. 7 was okay for a reboot, a kind of SW paint-by-numbers. 8 was just terrible, a bad film and a bad SW film. 9 looks like it will be as bland as 7, so i'll wait to see it in a few years tv. The original trilogy was by no means perfect, but its imperfections did not distract from the overall enjoyment of the story. The ewoks defeat of the empire was just plain silly, but I can forgive that as it was the last film and they ended with a firework display
  13. It would be nice if FFG, being a company that makes stuff that we want to buy, kinda just made an alt sculpt Vader and Luke and sold them. That way you can get these figures without having to buy another core box. I would like to have another of each figure to play with other paint schemes.
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