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  1. Oh for sure...it was a dodgy proposition to stay covered after first ignite!
  2. To clarify I wrote this before hammer...just posts passing in the interstellar dust
  3. I feel the glare of your light sabers crackling on my skin. You have me cornered, I admit. I'm just a young Jedi who struggled at Luke’s Academy on Yavin IV, still trying to find a way... the voices in my head from ancient long dead Sith Lords asked me to go slowly and painfully ... I've been torn between Republic and Empire alike...all I know is that the fire welcomes us all, eventually... Make sure you ignite the rest of the mafia... like JessicaChase... Some are already doused! Oh TrainGirl1, why couldn't you be the type that would cure me of these voices in my head. I do so hope that your Virgin ways will protect this town too, the cause for which my heart still burns, even if my mind is sundered. Fare the well, and may the Force be with us... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  4. Any chance you are a psychiatrist? If so, I may have a target for you.
  5. unfortunately none of them have even been on today
  6. that msg of mine was for the others...maybe there's a psychologist out there? a vampire in waiting? @clon, your claim and contributions have been greatly appreciated.
  7. I'm still unclear, that doesn't mean she's proven town though, right?
  8. Objectively, this is hugely contextual. My observation has been that claiming roles without protection and strategy is a losing play for town ... like I said over the last two days, this can only help Mafia and other scum if it is done to early and without town having a "path to victory" voting / investigation strategy. Of note, I have yet to see us as town develop this. You @clontroper5, are getting close to it...which is good. It just has some blind spots in it rel the mafia folks that are likely out there still (e.g. @JessicaChase But subjectively for this game, I get what you're trying to push...that's fine.
  9. I don't like editing other peoples posts as it can be deceptive - it would be scummy to change it without acknowledging it
  10. @JessicaChase ? Possible scum @Traingirl1 ? Possible scum  @clontroper5 Cop Town  @PodRacer Fruit Vendor - Confirmed @Rewen007: ? possible scum @TheCallum ? Possible scum ^^^^ Adjusted per this discussion
  11. Good q - I think it was cop investigation earlier by Clon
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