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  1. Rookie because it was attempt to move things along, but I only really had inactivity to go on. I am seeing a lot more motive explanation from other players
  2. Defense is that I am not scum. Voted yesterday in an attempt to catch scum, but clearly misplaced rooky mistake
  3. I haven't been active because I was at work. Catching up now
  4. I will check again tomorrow in case more is revealed. But, without more info: ##vote @Wenchiman
  5. Got ya. But unless there is a comment by @Wenchiman I think we just have to go for an action.
  6. And just back from work... looks like we were lucky last night, but I dont want to risk another night without more info
  7. I just skimmed replies (still at work). I am town but will need to be offline until I leave the office (firewall blocks the forum, so I am on my cell which bosses dont like). Hoping for direction from more experienced players since we need to kill before someone is killed at night
  8. I am finding this format much harder to track (I get notices on WA so that is easier for me to follow)
  9. Guess I will stay team no lynch for day 1 then, seems less exciting though. I may need to change my plan in the future.
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