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  1. Morichtykoko


    This will fit in nicely with my bookshelf full of Arkham games. Thank you!
  2. Morichtykoko

    Typically unclear FFG

    When you try adding it to your cart, you'll probably see this message:
  3. Morichtykoko

    Just got my shipping notice...

    Oddly the shipping notice stated that it was coming UPS-Ground.
  4. Morichtykoko

    Any truth to the rumor that Disney will not renew FFG's Star Wars license?

    Even if Disney was considering not renewing the license, they wouldn't tell anyone. Unless your guy can point to his source i don't think it's anything to worry about.
  5. Morichtykoko

    FFG for Marvel Minis?

    I'll buy a dc game, though.
  6. Morichtykoko

    Creepy Topic

    I'll be picking it up when it releases and look forward to reading it.
  7. Morichtykoko

    A Short Review

    It was more interesting to read and the plot has more "character-driven
  8. Morichtykoko

    Promo cards and digital versions of the books

    If you want the printed card it seems you have to buy the printed book.
  9. Probably but FFG will not usually tell us until there out.However The "Danced of the Damned" contains a coupon for a Mythos Card so it's a good bet that other types of AH Cards could be offered besides Ally.
  10. Morichtykoko


    It's really on sale
  11. Morichtykoko

    Oliver Grayson Card

    They are happy to take cash in lieu of expensive money orders in the meantime.
  12. Morichtykoko

    Combined shipping

    Remember to send actual $ notes as it's far cheaper than buying an international money order in $ (you can change £ at the post office into $).
  13. Morichtykoko

    Bones of the Yopasi, availability?

    Yep, had the same problem with Amazon.co.uk. Ordered a bunch of goodies, including Lies of Solace. 'Bones' was always delayed. Everything else has arrived. A few weeks later they informed me 'Bones' was not available, 'stock' issues, that is, cannot get stock from supplier, so cancelled my 'Bones' order…..strange,……… very strange……….
  14. Morichtykoko

    Where do you protect your best creatures: flank or non-flank?

    Well, that takes the fun right out of it.
  15. Morichtykoko

    Anger and Stunned Creatures - Brad Clarifications

    Its all going to boil down to corner case rulings that you’re going to have to remember.