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  1. As far as same-era factions, I've noticed that ship stats get progressively better with each era, meaning Clone Wars games tend to have lots of ships quickly dying.
  2. I actually don't think the bullseye arcs are as big an issue. Having to set up a bullseye makes arc dodging harder, and it does reward good piloting. CLT Jedi can't fly the same way a non-bullseye ace does.
  3. I am 1000% sure its the LAAT for Republic. Wave 3 CIS art showed Naboo starfighter Wave 4 CIS art showed Y Wing Wave 5 CIS art shows LAAT
  4. I've had a lot of luck flying a naked Vermeil next to Pure Sabaac with Shield Upgrade and Elusive. On the turn you engage, Vermeil coordinates Sabaac, making sure he has a Focus, Evade, and re-roll from Elusive on the opening joust. Vermeil's ability gives him decent damage mods, especially considering the opposing ships probably spent tokens on Sabaac. Then since he is stressed, Vermeil can probably engage next turn because he can't aileron.
  5. McGarnacle

    Defender Thoughts?

    The depressing thing about Defenders is that with the increased cost of Juke, they cost just as much as they did when 2.0 launched. With that being said, I think you can take two routes. Rexler with Juke is still very powerful. I've flown him with Seyn, Gideon and either Maarek or Duchess with some success. Rexler not only deals a lot of damage, but also works as a points fortress. Alternatively, you can just take the Delta Squadron Pilot, who has got cheaper, can't take Juke (which would be a points sink on them anyway) and can't have the K-turn blocked because they are initiative 1. This can provide a beefy component to an otherwise fragile empire list, or you can take two with an ace like Soontir or Whisper. But yes, FFG is insane to have Rexler STILL be the cheapest named Defender. We've been through two points changes and still nothing to help Ryad or Vessery.
  6. I used to think Reapers were bad, but I'm finally getting a hang for the chasis. Both Feroph and Vermeil are strong. The quasi-compulsory ailerons are the hardest part IMO, so with the new increased cost of Tac Officer, its probably better to just take the red coordinate.
  7. In my experience, Countdown is the least useful of the named Strikers. Granted, I've used him the least, but Pure Sabaac with Shield Upgrade and Predator is only 52 points and hits like a truck. Duchess is IMO one of the best imperial pilots, also loves Predator and can really cause serious damage if moving second. The generics are pretty bad though.
  8. Seyn Marana is amazing, though I must say I'm also a fan of Scorch.
  9. Hopefully they can re-balance the points to make Init 4 viable on the other factions. I really like the way Rep and CIS have some of their best pilots at Init 4. #justiceforvessery #duchessisfair
  10. I must say spending the evade for the second attack sounds cool. Apart from that, Vessery and Ryad should both be cheaper than Rexler, who is the only properly priced named Defender IMO.
  11. Soontir Fel- 9 Saber Squadron Ace- 6 Turr Phennir- 6.5 Alpha Squadron Pilot- 6 "Whisper"- 8.5 Sigma Squadron Ace- 9 "Echo"- 7.5 Imdaar Test Pilot- 4
  12. The next two ships are Imperial staples, the TIE Interceptor and the TIE Phantom. Soontir Fel Saber Squadron Ace Turr Phennir Alpha Squadron Pilot "Whisper" Sigma Squadron Ace "Echo" Imdaar Test Pilot
  13. Alright, thanks to everyone who voted, the results are in. Darth Vader- 9.416666667 Maarek Steele- 7.2 Zertik Strom - 4.25 Storm Squadron Ace- 3 Ved Foslo- 4.5 Tempest Squadron Pilot- 4.5 Grand Inquisitor- 5.25 Seventh Sister- 7.875 Baron of the Empire- 6 Inquisitor- 5.333333333 Vader and Seventh Sister leading the charge of course. I think the most interesting is how close a lot of these pilots are. Overall, the TIE x1 and v1 have a few excellent pilots, while the rest are very close to exactly average.
  14. I've liked Sinker, Anakin with CLT and Ahsoka with 7B. Season with astromechs. Wolffe might honestly work better though.
  15. I think the Defender is fine as-is. Full Throttle seems to represent the ship being so fast its hard to hurt, and it means it needs to be flown in a unique way. Maybe get rid of the 1 blue banks and make it cheaper? The problem is the ship is sooo tanky and expensive but can't shoot down its cost in points. Excepts for maybe Rexy.
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