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  1. The Hobbit boxes are the first Saga boxes. However, unlike the LotR Sagas, there is no campaign mode. The only "campaign elements" are the treasure cards, the rules for which are quoted above. Otherwise the only difference to regular quests is the mandatory Bilbo Baggins hero. Being able to actually earn the treasures is a big part of the challenge in We Must Away and also another scenario in On the Doorstep.
  2. For most/all of the Hobbit quests you probably don't want to be using the Baggins resources to pay for cards, since they have quest specific uses which can be critical.
  3. Now that I think about it, are you even able to declare a defender if the attack is considered undefended? This is still something you may want to do if you had say a Gondorian spearman. Or does it being counted as undefended rule out that possibility altogether?
  4. I disagree with this interpretation. Striking tentacle's ability should resolve before you even choose a defender, which you wouldn't do if it's considered undefended anyway.
  5. Yes, that's correct. For Thrashing Tentacle and Grasping Tentacle the effect triggers immediately after you declare your attackers but before any damage is dealt. That means that if the tentacle attaches then you can't attack it and kill it.
  6. Road to Rivendell might be the most swingy quest in the whole game. It has some awful effects and also some really tame ones, but it has a massive encounter deck so it's very unlikely that any two sessions will be the same.
  7. Dain's boost should help a lot in stage 3. Just make sure you don't attach Freezing Cold to him. It's a condition so if the worst happens you can remove it with Miner of the Iron Hills.
  8. I'm confused as to why you gave Westroad Traveller 6 stars, but awarded the best card title to Dain, who only got 5. Not that I disagree with that, Dain is clearly the most powerful card in the pack. I'm just confused by your rating system. If any card in the cycle deserves 6 out of 5 stars it's Dain.
  9. I only played each of these quests once before this league so it was an interesting exercise putting together a deck. I ended up slotting Dain into the Dale deck which I had used for my first run through this cycle. I haven't tried Haldan yet, although I could only seem to come up with a support type deck with him. I love Silvans, but they never seem to do quite as well as I want them to. Roam across Rhovanion: No issues at all. I even managed to stall at stage 1 for a couple of turns because Urdug snuck off. Only real thing of note is the terrible luck I had with Hobgoblins - Elfhelm and Glorfindel for attachments. Also I hate the Lost in Wilderland encounter set. 0 tokens. Fire in the Night: Easily my favourite quest from this cycle. Apparently it doesn't like me back as the first attempt ended in turn 2 when a Goblin Troop ended Cirdan. Round two started only a little better as my Sidequests were in order: Route the Goblins, Douse the Flames and Defend the Town. Still, my Valar token allowed me a turn one Steward, and several turns of Gandalf use got me ahead in the game. All 3 copies of Narya were in the bottom 13 cards of my deck which was annoying, but I persevered and defeated Dagnir on turn nine. 1 token. The Ghost of Framsburg: Nothing too remarkable for this one. Got a little lucky with Hazard reveals, and Elfhelm trivialises the incremental threat gain. Didn't see Fram until the very end. 0 tokens. Tokens for the month: 1
  10. Not wrong per se. That ruling predates the errata, so there was a change in Caleb's stance. Now if the key or purse is revealed or discarded in stage one you just leave them in the staging area until the Trolls turn up in stage two.
  11. What you are missing is that once the shadow card is discarded it's normal text takes over again. "When X is discarded" would take effect in the discard pile and return them to play.
  12. It's not a forced effect, it's a response. Responses are always optional.
  13. I think these are all really great updates. Love the Silvan Secrecy idea especially. At first I thought the boost to Radagast was a bit much, but it's really not if you put it next to say Treebeard.
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