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  1. I've re done the specs. I'm gonna go Earth water with more void at higher levels. I started 3 earth, 2 water, fire, void and 1 air. Purchased a 2nd level air with XP. I chose earthen fist as my first kiho and linked way of the earthquake to my first tattoo. My second tattoo will be freezing the lifeblood and I'm gonna get water at 3 some time soon. Plus, I got breaking blow, which is fire, but since you can get your strife as successes and it's only a TN1, that burst is doable. I got MA unarmed and meditation at 2, gonna get them to 3 soon. Apart from that I got ki protection and honest assessment, because they suit my monk story wise. I'll let you know how it worked out today.
  2. So, i have a question regarding the Togashi School Ability Blood of The Kami. Now, the way i see this ability, it allows you to take more advantage of the kihos that use explosive successes on the burst effect. Now, two of the best kihos in this regard are Way of the Earthquake and Death Touch. However, they are both listed in the school curriculum. So the question is: if i get those kihos linked to tattoos with my school ability, do i lose the chance to have the XP spent on them to my rank progression? Do they even count for the 50%?
  3. Then i seriously don´t understand why people consider monks so powerful. - On each turn, you EITHER you activate a kiho or attack, you can´t do both. - Most kihos have persistent effects that only make sense if you activate the kiho in your first turn and then don´t use any other kiho during the combat. - If you try to circle through burst effects activating a different kiho on each turn, the damage you deal it´s neglectable and you´ll be terribly exposed to damage from enemies (monks wear no armor, defensive kihos deal almost no damage). - And apart from all that, the school ability let´s you take advantage of just a couple of kihos, but if you chose them, they don´t count for your school progression. It´s like the whole idea for the character (which seems powerfull at first sight) went out of the window when they took it down to the mechanics. Either that, or i´m missing something.
  4. So, i´ve played with a monk and i didn´t see any of this. Did we do something wrong? A bunch of undead enemies ambushed us, they were 2 range bands away. I jumped on to one of them, moved in and activated a kiho, let´s say it´s earthen fist just as an example. Now, if i get this right, i get bonus success and deal 2/3 damage to one of the enemies. Now my turn ends, because i cannot activate the kiho and then attack on my same turn. So it´s enemies turn, 3 of them pile up on me and start hitting me. I have the 1 resistance from the kiho but i have no armor, so each deals about 2/3 fatigue. Next turn is up, now i have to decide if i strike with a regular punch or kick with that extra 2/3 damage from my earth ring, or, activate another kiho? if i go with regular strikes, it´s like striking with a katana (a little more damage maybe), but i only use one kiho for the whole fight. If i activate another kiho, then i´m just play with the burst effects, which by themselves are not that great. I don´t feel monks are so powerfull after all. We have a shujenga that blasted 3 undead with an invocation and we are at the same level. The only way i see a monk as really powerfull is if kihos can be used with attack actions in the same turn, but i don´t think that´s the case.
  5. Ok, so i´m thinking about going that way. I got another question though, and it´s something that seems contradictory, unless i´m getting it wrong. The school ability lets you get a kiho for free, and the idea is that you choose a kiho that benefits for potential multiple bonus successes, now, two of the kihos that better fit this are Way of The Earthquake and Death Touch. However, those two are specifically listed in your school curriculum. So, my question is: if i get those kihos linked to my tattoo (learningn them without paying the xp as the ability allows), do i lose the xp assigned to my curriculum for buying them? Seems like by putting them on the list makes it contradictory to get them with the tattoos because i won´t get that xp assigned to my next rank. Did i get something wrong?
  6. Yeah, i get your point. I thought i could be well rounded even if i wasn´t great at anything, but i guess that doesn´t really work too well with this mechanics. I´m gonna go with a 3/2/2/2/1 to start and then see if i get them higher. With a 3 on earth, do you think those kiho could work better? i´m not sure how good is 3 damage with those extra successes.
  7. Alright. Thanks everyone. My GM allowed me to re spend my Xp points and here´s what i´m thinking. Before we start, i should tell you that my monk rings ended up all at 2 when i created it, so you guys think is better for me to get one of them to 3 and another one to 1, and then by that 2nd lvl with xp? The school gives you one Kiho among a few options, and i´m gonna choose earthen fist, basically because it´s the only one that increases damage while still offering a little extra protection. Now, i don´t see the point of having this as the tattoo kiho because with 2 or more bonus successes you only get earth ring damage and nothing more. For the tattoo i want something that really takes advantage of the extra successes. I´m thinking Breaking Blow (do i get this one correctly, you ONLY damage the object and make no damage to the target?), Earth Needs No Eyes or Ki Protection. Now, when moving on i´m gonna go with things like cleansing spirit, way of the seaform, maybe water or air fist. For my 2nd rank tattoo i´d choose Way of The Earthquake or Freezing the Lifeblood, probably the first because it links with earthen fist giving the prone condition. What do you guys think? I´m feeling like i´ll be shifting my combat focus to earth and then use the other rings for different circumstancial situations if i follow this path.
  8. Hi everyone, first post here. I´m trying to build a Togashi Monk and i´m a little confused about the approach i should take. In my first sessions i noticed that it may not be a good idea to try to get many kiho since you can only use one at a time, and that they tend to focus on being kept active while attacking with regular strikes. Now, what happened to me is that by doing so, i had practically no defense and got almost killed twice, however, if i activate a more defensive kiho, my strikes have almost no power. On the other hand, i wouldn´t want my monk to be just a striker, i want to have some usefull shuji and rituals as well. So, i would like to read some ideas and suggestions. Thank you.
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