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    1. Having a sale is one thing. Trying to unload things at less than half the wholesale price is something else. For comparison, what would you call it if FFG were to lower the price of the Rebellion board game from $90 to $25? I'm not quite sure what that would be, but it's so much more than "just a regular sale" that it's reasonable to raise an eyebrow. Especially since one of the sets (Legacies) isn't going to be rotating. (Actually, I do know what this is called: Screwing over the retailers. Probably one of the reasons shops are dropping Destiny.)
    2. Target and Amazon have been selling niche gamer products for years. But at any rate, most of those fire sellers on Amazon were/are game stores, not Amazon itself. Game stores are overloaded with the starter set, because people aren't buying it. I think this is more an issue with the two-player starter set not being a good fit for the game though (and having a poor cover design) rather than a negative against the game though. Plus, FFG and distribion were extremely aggressive with the release, and convinced stores to order way too much.
    3. It's not enough for Destiny to have many thriving, dedicated communities. That fan base also needs to be big enough to justify keeping the game going from a business perspective. The fan base may be large enough, but so many people are reporting the game being dead in their areas it makes one wonder.
    4. Expansion products take a long time to develop and manufacture. For many of FFG's other card games at least, principal development and playtesting of expansions is completed about 9 months prior to release. I wouldn't be surprised if the lead time is longer for Destiny, due to the need to manufacture the dice. Point being, the appearance of Convergence isn't much proof of anything. They could have decided back in the summer to cancel the game, and they would still have to go forward with completing and shipping Convergence. In addition, they may very well be contractually obligated to continue the game in some capacity. While that could mean the game technically exists in some form, they could dramatically scale back the print runs, etc.
    Despite all this, I don't think Destiny is going to die anytime soon. It's just the nature of FFG products to be over-hyped upon release, given an avalanche of expansions and events in the first two years, then to fade for a while before being either dropped or revised into a new edition after 5-7 years from original release.
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    Okay love this! Still they know that rotation is coming and are getting plenty of positive feedback for it. The down side is that if the same 10 characters are in every set then old cards will never be worth much.  Target always picks up popular games then discounts them. They are trying to crash  Competition.  I'm not sure where this game is going,  but I've paid my ticket to ride so I'll be seeing where it goes. General Grievous should always be thematic.  That being said, indirect damage and 9 health is about as far away from hitting that mark as possible. Don't even get me started on Pink Troopers!  
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    toxic newb reacted to Amanal in How strong/weak is Destiny going in your local community? Why?   
    Compared to last year we have had about a 50% cut across the board. Nationals had 50 down from 100, Regionals 20 down from 40 and at a store level we are now getting 5-6 each week.
    The main reason is we get very lackluster support from FFG in Australia.
    Prize kits are late if they come in at all and the whole mess with Store Championship Kits not being ordered hasn't helped. I have given up asking for or even hoping for Galactic Qualifiers and I don't think our distributor has any drive to push.
    For the most part FFG seems to want to treat it like they would a boardgame, and it just doesn't get the effort it needs to grow and get new players.
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    toxic newb reacted to Joelist in How strong/weak is Destiny going in your local community? Why?   
    It’s fine here in Chicago. We have a number of game stores and each runs its own group so the true strength of the local meta is not apparent until a regional occurs, and the most recent one a bit over a week ago was totally mobbed. 
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    toxic newb reacted to Mep in How strong/weak is Destiny going in your local community? Why?   
    Dead here, magic got hot again and sucked the life out of destiny.
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    toxic newb reacted to Atomisk in How to make Destiny better   
    1 - Games need rotation, it's healthy for a game. Have you seen all the Smoke Thrawn nonsense lately? You get that kind of stuff when you have a larger card pool and FFG isn't the strongest at testing. So for their premier format, standard, they need rotation.
    I too invested in Awkenings block cards, but I'm happy. My cards kept their value and playability a lot longer than other games I've played(look at how long your value is kept in Yu-Gi-Oh! Before you judge Destiny). Most importantly, I had fun with my cards when they were new! They announced the rotation a year ago and I got to enjoy my cards a year atop that! That's pretty good imo. And not like they disappeared, I can still whip out my old cards for casual games(like my eLuke1/Rey1 Deck!) And have fun. Sure I'll lose, but that's not the point.
    As for infinite format events, how would you know if you are or aren't going to have events for the format near you? It and Standard are currently one in the same!  Granted, I suspect Standard to be still standard but Infinite will be around too just like trilogy is now. And I wouldn't say your cards are going to be worthless depending on how much you invested, some stuff like The Best Defense, Second Chances, or Force Illusions will definitely still be staples even alongside new cards because of their high power level(which is again why they need a rotation). They might take  hit, but if they keep up Infinite then as those cards become more and more scarce they could rebound or even increase down the line if the game lasts long enough!
    2- Errata is the lesser of 2 evils imo. Continuing with the need to keep a meta healthy sometimes they make cards that simply are way too powerful and Rotation isn't anytime soon. What to do? If you leave the card alone(like Smoke) he'll warp the Meta around him, which you don't want. Your option then is to ban or nerf. I have played a bit of every TCG and I will always prefer an errata(nerf) to a Ban! A ban means that I can still get to play with the card that I spent money on. Look at Snoke, even after a Ban you can still run him with Bitter Rivalry(or in the case of Sabine they just ran calling in favors). But look at a game like Yu-Gi-Oh, they just banned  card called Firewall Dragon, a card that was selling for $90 at one point. Banning a card that expensive is damaging to your player base and NOT something I think any game should do. So instead, errata! Make a cards ability more fair, up their points, etc. Sure it's a pain, but thanks to resources like swdestinydb it's really not even a hassle either(imo).
    Now I agree they could do some reprints with corrected text, but not sure FFG knows where to print them since printing them in the next set again would "eat" slots for other cards in the production of a new set and they would extend their life in a rotating format. But this isn't a big deal to me, just remember the errata. There really isn't that much imo.
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