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    toxic newb reacted to Forgottenlore in Any truth to the rumor that Disney will not renew FFG's Star Wars license?   
    Don't be. FFG just announced a week or two ago that they had renewed the license and were planning on continuing to make Star Wars games for many years to come.
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    toxic newb reacted to Magister_x in Kit fisto   
    I have the same question.  My attention is paid to "equal" and "value" words.  E.g. an opponent takes 3 damage to me.  I have fisto die with only 2 melee,  so I can't use this ability cause my die is less than 3.
    If I want to play this way there must be "up to" phrase,  not "equal" 
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    toxic newb reacted to HoodieDM in Why isn't MagnaGuard a droid?   
    Fix'd for ya
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    toxic newb reacted to TIE wing in Epic ewoks?   
    it is a character as its subtype is character
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    toxic newb reacted to Fromper in Supports into characters   
    Neither version of the droid commandos are unique, so I don't see why not. I expect we'll get a ruling on the character version of R2 when that set is released. And I hope C-3PO will also be a character like R2, presumably with the same ruling.
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    toxic newb reacted to soviet prince in How strong/weak is Destiny going in your local community? Why?   
    The business model is fan it's suffering because ffg does not know how to support a product, with the lack of advertisements and the god awful prize support no wonder this game has not took off.The business model is fan it's suffering because ffg does not know how to support a product, with the lack of advertisements and the god awful prize support no wonder this game has not took off.
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    toxic newb reacted to Zordren in How strong/weak is Destiny going in your local community? Why?   
    Happy to say that the Destiny community here in Wilmington, NC has blossomed over the last several weeks!  
    We went through some “dark times” during the later half of 2018 (with only a handful of active players) but “there has been an AWAKENING!”, and we’ve more than doubled our active player base. 
    Hopefully it will continue!!
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    toxic newb reacted to Fromper in Spark of Hope   
    The most amusing thing about Temporary Truce, to me, is that Kylo from the Two Player Game will love playing against it, due to the mono-color nature of it. Since you don't have to stick to only the new versions of Rey and Kylo, you could play that old version with that plot, and either version of Rey, though you'd have to give up a character die to do it. Not sure if it's worth it, given the potential reroll of the character dice on the new versions.
    Glad to see we're finally getting ewoks, and I kinda like the "no dice" mechanic on the warriors, but why are Chirpa and the warrior both yellow instead of red? If Boss Nass and the generic gungan warriors are red, then shouldn't these guys be red, too? Other than Paploo, of course - the speeder thief is clearly a rogue.
    We're also getting a new C-3PO in this set, based on the box art, with his original look. I hope his subtitle is something like "ewok god", so he can have the ewok subtype along with the droid subtype, to work with the other subtype stuff in this set.
    There's also this post, showing a pic with a character version of R2 (why is he blue?), so I'm hoping the new 3PO is also a character. And they've spoiled a new version of Maul, who is not bad, but I agree with that article about him being not good enough for the cost.
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    toxic newb reacted to dpb1298 in Spark of Hope   
    Not sure we needed another Rey and Kylo, but Ewoks are a welcome addition. Hopefully we'll see more of them soon with red, blue and other yellow options.
    Temporary Truce is a cool mechanic I'd love to see on Asajj-Obi-Wan if the points would work.
    Given the possessed downgrade, I wonder if we'll see Old Daca. I am still hopeful for Pong Krell as a blue villain with the option for two double-bladed lightsabers like Rex's Pistols and Palpatine's Sabers.
    Finally, it's nice to see a good Trawn, though I expect he'll be as annoying as current Jyn.
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    toxic newb reacted to Shwarrz in New Set... No more love from FFG?   
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    toxic newb got a reaction from wahidovic in New Set... No more love from FFG?   
    if only it had more popularity
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    toxic newb reacted to Fromper in Disrupt sides are useful   
    They're still not my favorite thing to see, but they can be useful to mess up your opponent's strategy. Also, don't overlook Partners in Crime and Shakedown as cards to include, if you happen to be playing yellow villain and have a lot of dice with disrupt sides. 
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    toxic newb reacted to Reactor Terminal in Watto's Shop.... A battlefield?   
    Had to laugh when I saw that. I guess Qui Gon and Watto  did 'negotiate' in there,  Jar Jar got kicked in the testicles by a pit droid and Ani got upset when Padme called him a slave... But I'd love to see some battlefield where actual battles took place .
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    toxic newb reacted to JuzFuzz in Best events   
    I was happy to do the events for any new folk that come along looking for similar information.

    Upgrades and supports are dependent on your build and play style, you're best to do that aspect yourself. http://swdestinydb.com/ - Good place to start, check other people's builds.
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    toxic newb reacted to GoldSquadron in How strong/weak is Destiny going in your local community? Why?   
    Our community seems to be a direct ebb and flow based on FFG's overall support of the game. When a new set drops players are very excited and we have weeks of good size events, especially when there is current prize support. Unfortunately, waiting on previous sets and now waiting on convergence it's clear after 4+ months with no new product our community suffers. It also doesn't help that we haven't received any new prize support since quarter 3 of 2018. FFG missed Quarter 4 in 2018 and nothing has dropped for Quarter 1 in 2019 and that quarter is almost over.
    Gamma also just wrapped up and reported Destiny in a downward trend.  No doubt lack of support and communication from FFG is what is driving down interest in the game. I love it personally and we'll continue to do our best to support it and the community but we aren't getting any help and it's frustrating. 
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    toxic newb reacted to ozmodon in Characters you'd like to see...( Before the ones you haven't)..   
    what I would really like is for them to have only one version of a character per rotation cycle.
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    toxic newb reacted to hurricat5 in Best events   
    Easy pickings (hero yellow), bait and switch (villain yellow), friends in low places (neutral yellow), ataru strike (hero blue), feel your anger (villain blue), beguile (neutral blue), hit and run (hero red), probe (villain red), salvo (neutral red), way of the light (hero gray), doubt (villain gray), close quarters assault (neutral gray)
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    toxic newb reacted to JuzFuzz in Best events   
    Due to the upcoming rotation, I've revised the question:
    What are the Top 3 events for each affiliation and colour in the Legacies cycle.
    Please note that I'm a Hero player only, hence the lack of responses for Villains.

    Hero - Yellow
    Easy Pickings
    Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder
    Impulsive/Drop In

    Villain - Yellow
    Take Flight?
    Neutral - Yellow - IMO, it's a tricky one
    Entangle/Well-Connected/Hasty Exit

    Hero - Blue
    Loth-Wolf Bond

    Villain - Blue
    Fear and Dead Men?
    Neutral - Blue
    Hidden Motive
    Hero - Red
    Field Medic
    Attack Run/Aerial Advantage
    Villain - Red
    The Best Defense...
    Tactical Mastery

    Neutral - Red
    Crackdown/Crash Landing
    Hero - Grey
    Into the Garbage Chute
    Way of the Light
    Villain - Grey
    Neutral - Grey
    Sound the Alarm
    Free Fall
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    toxic newb reacted to Mep in Hampered   
    Many of this downgrades look like they do nothing but add negative gameplay experiences to the game. NGE's are always the wrong design choice when making a game. I guess this is the end of Lukas's Destiny.
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    toxic newb reacted to Mep in two players and draft?   
    Fenn Rau is a cartoon......
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    toxic newb reacted to LandoC in Beware the "After" Support Deck   
    Has anyone seen the "After" support deck?  This dangerous deck contains:
    eBiggs, Maz & Rebel Pilot + Armored Reinforcements plot & Weapons Factory Alpha BF; the deck build contains one 4 cost Falcon, some mods, 2 Wingman, 2 Second Chance, maybe a couple or so more supports ... and the rest of the deck (>20) is mitigation & healing cards
    The real danger lies mostly if the battlefield is won. All that is needed in the original hand is Wingman which of course goes on the Reb Pilot.Round 1 looks like this ... Play wingman. Play the Falcon (dont even need to have it in your hand) for 2 using the plot & the BF.  
    Since the battlefield is controlled, resolve simultaneous abilities in any order you choose, therefore:
    Activate Biggs ... "after" ... activate Falcon ... "after" ... activate Reb Pilot ... "after" ... reroll the Falcon TWICE if needed ... "after" ... activate Maz ... "after" ... resolve 2 dice. (no mitigation is able to be used, not even Suppressive Fire) ... then Mitigate, mitigate, mitigate, claim ...
    rince & repeat
    Dirty (vandalize goes in every yellow deck now)
    Am I missing anything on how to combat this brilliant garbage? 
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    toxic newb reacted to ramy in Reprint question   
    If a card gets reprinted, can you still use the old version of it after rotation happens?
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    toxic newb reacted to HoodieDM in Convergence release date?   
    I'm with @Mep on this. It's not the game itself. It's FFG. They work their "slaves" I mean, employees to death for crap pay. Their goals as a business are backwards. They probably have some stupid yearly targets with a mentality of only "new games = $$", so we have to create X # of games or else it was failure of a year and we're all gonna lose our jobs. Rather than, let's just create the most bad *** game (that can be customizable and have an expansive universe) ever and support the crap out of it. But they don't do that. They never meet deadlines. Their logistics and operations program is full of monkeys.
    And I probably can't even blame FFG on some of this, when you have Asmodee and Disney pulling you from twenty different directions each day, they probably have a gazillion stupid conference calls that are a waste of time, rather than actually doing what they should be doing. Sure again, they're great at making games, but you just have to put effort into maintaining it. FFG doesn't do that, nor will they ever. The game has so much lack luster anymore, the only thing that keeps it going, is knowing that in 3-4 months a new expansion is due out. If that doesn't happen, then the game goes silent locally until new stuff comes out.
    That's probably the main problem with the game. There's 2-3 decks that are meta and the rest can't compete. You'll have some weird deck that might do well from time to time, but that's because it's usually piloted by a superb player (not your average joe BUYING the game) or they build it strictly to counter the meta and got lucky that 90% that showed up, were all playing that meta deck. MtG/WotC know how to create a game and keep it running. You just have to follow their blueprints and keep at it. Not just do it #1 time, make a bunch of money, and half *** it the rest of the way.
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    toxic newb reacted to Atomisk in what is mill and aggro!!!   
    Mill is a hold over term from Magic the Gathering(the first big tcg) that refers to effects that discard cards directly from the deck to the discard pile. The term "mill" comes from a card called millstone that was the first(or one of the first) with that effect. There are a lot of cards that mill in Destiny, but one of the premier decks that can mill right now is Jyn(from across the galaxy) & Cassian.
    Aggro is an abbreviation of aggressive for gaming, it refers to an attack centric strategy for card games. In Destiny, a Melee centric deck like Kylo2/Pryce would generally be an aggro deck, since it prioritizes damage on an opponent and it includes cards to bypass removal(Force Speed/Tactical Mastery). Not every deck with Damage sides on die is aggro though, for instance "Naked" Palp was a deck that featured heavy removal over a traditional upgrade suite, so Palpatine's damage was the win condition but each round the primary goal was spamming removal to mitigate damage.
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    toxic newb reacted to tunewalker in what is mill and aggro!!!   
    Atomisk pretty much got it. In his example with palpatine that would be what would be referred to as a "control" deck in Star Wars destiny, which is usually a deck that still wins through damage but focuses more on a steady burn while controlling your opponents actions, either through dice control, hand control or just straight action control.
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