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    toxic newb reacted to Fromper in Age   
    When 900 years old you reach, play Star Wars Destiny, you will not.
    But seriously, not that I know of. We have a couple of kids who play, and sometimes join us for draft events. I don't think I've ever seen them in constructed deck play, but I think that's just because of the timing of which day we do each type of event.
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    toxic newb reacted to Fizz in Supports into characters   
    The character card name is "Commando Droid"
    The support card name is "Droid Commandos"

    These cards do not share the same name, so there is no naming restriction. 

    Neither card is unique.
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    toxic newb reacted to Nytwyng in questions from a curious guy   
    Great points, @whafrog, which I sacrificed on the altar of brevity. Thanks for the follow-up!
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    toxic newb reacted to whafrog in questions from a curious guy   
    #3 is well-answered, but just note that you don't have to use any of those Obligation/Duty/Morality mechanics, or you can use two or all three at once.  I ran a campaign ostensibly with an EotE vibe to it, only used Obligation for character generation and backstory, and completely ignored it after.  Two of the three players chose AoR careers for their PCs, but that's just because they were the best mechanical fit for their concept.  So you can really do with that what you want, which means the game lines are identical mechanically, they just have different career options.
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    toxic newb reacted to Nytwyng in questions from a curious guy   
    Can't help with #1, but...
    2. Sure. It's a pretty simple system. Others here on the forums have told of running the game for kids around that age.
    3. Primarily theme, but each also has a unique mechanic that complements that theme, but can (for the most part) be used in any setting. EotE has Obligation (basically, a narrative tool to indicate the sorts of things that might preoccupy the character and lead to story hooks: debts, a bounty on the character's head, loyalty to their family, etc.). AoR has Duty (the character's role/objective within the Rebellion which, when accomplished in a given mission, contributes to the character's standing in the Alliance and allow access to additional resources). FaD has Morality (a character strength and weakness that informs the character's responses to various situations, and an ever-changing barometer of where the character stands along the light/dark spectrum of the Force).
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    toxic newb got a reaction from FastWalker in philippines   
    any players that currently reside in Metro Manila Philippines?
    and if there are, is there organized play here?
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    toxic newb reacted to Edgehawk in questions from a curious guy   
    Not sure, but I've seen The Force Awakens box set in stock recently, both at a local comic shop and Barnes & Noble.  My eight year old has grasped the dice resolution mechanic, and the idea of gaining experience and improving his character. As for the role playing, he really enjoys it, and acts out scenarios with action figures even when I'm not playing with him. The narrative dice set this system apart. I did not play any of the previous iterations, but coming from a D&D background, I greatly enjoy the flexibility and epic results possible in this system. It encourages player participation and creative problem solving. Good luck, and have fun!
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    toxic newb got a reaction from pobolycwm in Beginner help   
    Intimidate was in both the two player game and kylo starter set. All the other cards that weren't mentioned by others who commented here are different.
    Also, I suggest buying 2 two of the two player game just so you have more elite characters.
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    toxic newb reacted to BigKahuna in Why is guardian so good?   
    One of the best things about Guardian is that when someone rolls a 1 damage for example, you can take that, instead of giving him an opportunity to re-roll or alter that to a higher damage result.  So in addition to protecting your main character, you can deny the opponent opportunities to re-roll and fix weaker results.
    It is also goods in decks you want to stall.  Some decks are intentionally slow, designed around the "you finish your stuff and then I will own you after you have claimed".  Guardian sucks up an action so its really great in these sort of delay decks.
    Its also great when dealing with blue boosters.  Aka someone rolls damage and + damage (blue result) and you remove the damage rendering the blue result useless.  This can really mess up a guys big move.
    Finally they are great in dice removal decks.  Again similar to the above, you use your dice removal mechanics to get rid of dice that can affect you but these mechanics are usually very specific in how they are used.  For example the card will say "remove an ability die" or "remove a character die".  As such sometimes you can't use it because the hit the play needs was rolled on a type of die you don't have removal for in your hand, but with guardian you can still remove it and deny your opponent the blue combo's, later removing those with other removal die mechanics.
    Its a very subtle ability, but many advanced strategies and deck building concepts, but its really great for breaking up combos and denying your opponent the opportunity to re-roll and adjust his dice.
    Guardian decks work really well in combination with shield mechanics as well.  The common play is that you hit characters without shields, but with guardian you can have some control over where the damage goes (on your shielded guardian character).
    Suffice to say, there is more to it than just what is on the surface, its actually one of the more diverse mechanics with a wide range of impact.
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    toxic newb got a reaction from Amanal in Ignore this. Made a mistake   
    I just found the answer to the initial question so just ignore this
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    toxic newb reacted to jedi moose in Returning Player-What to buy   
    Thanks for all the tips guys. We got a box of Way of the Force and Legacies. Scored a Yoda and a Maul and some other stuff that looks like fun. We are going to keep our eyes out for other smoking deals or sales. Probably pick up the starter boxes at some point. I'd like to have some more of the core characters to play with (Luke, Han, Obi, Vader, Boba etc). Even if they aren't the best cards, there is value to me in playing with a team of characters that I actually care about. I'll be floating around here to keep an eye out for tips and deals. Thanks again for all the help.
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    toxic newb reacted to pstalker in Supports into characters   
    Based on the current rules this is incorrect.  You may only have 1 unique card by name in play.  Since the support and character both have the same name and both are unique they CANNOT be both in play at the same time.  
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    toxic newb got a reaction from TIE wing in WOTF: Triple Threat question   
    I think tie wing is correct. If he's not then that means T3 gaming, dice commando, Team Covenant, and more than half of the destiny community is wrong
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    toxic newb reacted to TIE wing in WOTF: Triple Threat question   
    pretty sure you can just reroll 2 out of 3 and then no 'then' effect.
    the 'up to' is just there to say it is optional to do so.
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    toxic newb reacted to DarkFallenAngel in WOTF: Triple Threat question   
    You play Triple Threat. If there are three character dice in play you must re-roll 3. If there are only 1 or 2 then roll as many as you can. THEN (if you re-rolled 3 dice)  you must turn one of them to any side. If you did not reroll 3 dice you cannot turn any dice but you absolutely can reroll less than 3 character dice if there are less than 3 in play. 
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    toxic newb reacted to NetCop in WOTF: Triple Threat question   
    There is no play restriction for that card. You can play it even if there is less than 3 character dice however the second part of the card is "Then" and it will work only if you rerolled 3 character dice. It's "THEN" effect from p.19.
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    toxic newb reacted to Amanal in Set ranks   
    I have a simple ranking system.
    Black Box - Bad.
    White Box - Good.
    Legacies is often touted as being the best of the game, but here in Sydney, we got it a month early and then with the delay in the next set we played it for 8 months. So we over played it. However it introduced plots, indirect damage and the corresponding draft set made for some very nice ways to play. I think too it was the start of playable supports and perhaps the start of mill being more than just a win condition that you couldn't achieve. 
    Even by the time the entire Legacies Trilogy had come out we did see a large number of Vader Decks, or rather Vaders Fists, and that deck worked for the most part because of the black sets rather than the white. Although I am sure we are all looking at Theed out of the corner of our eyes. 
    I think for the moment Across the Galaxy is the weakest set, it introduced mods and then away they went.
    Convergence has sub-types, and so far I am enjoying the changes. The new draft set has been amazingly good, and you now have to be far more careful in what you draft, your choices seem far more relevant. Locally the meta may not be that diverse, but it is early days and that will change perhaps. 
    So at least in some regards, I would go with Legacies, Covergence, Way of the force and Across the Galaxy.
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    toxic newb reacted to JoeyBriefcase in Now this is Podracing!   
    Four misfits, an angry crimelord, and a whole lot of firepower!
    Tuesdays at 8pm
  19. Haha
    toxic newb reacted to Indy_com in Now this is Podracing!   
    Why does this card look like it's a snapshot from a Star Wars sitcom?

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    toxic newb reacted to Impulse411 in Now this is Podracing!   
    I can't say I'm particularly excited by the podracing spoilers, but I'll give it a go.  I didn't really ever explore playing vehicles either so lots of untapped areas to explore still.  I WILL say...I thought that podracing plot would have been an alt-win condition, not just produce money.  Getting resources is great, but thought it would have been "when you have tapped 10 podracers, you win" or something like that.  Or a droid one that is like "Overwhelming Superiority" and you win if you have 8 or more Droid die in the pool.  Neither is great (since made that stuff up in a few minutes), but really drives how you would approach/build a deck.  I don't know - would have been a different design choice.  Who knows - maybe someday. :)  Still great to see more spoilers.  Now to get that official SC info that is already leaking from stores. :) 
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    toxic newb reacted to ImmortalJedi in Now this is Podracing!   
    I always think of the end of Beetlejuice whenever I look at this card...
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    toxic newb reacted to TIE wing in Compulsory focus?   
    When you roll a 2 focus, do you have to change 2 or can you change 1?
    THX 4 answering
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    toxic newb reacted to Fromper in Epic ewoks?   
    My rules question about Chirpa's Hut would be whether it can continue to add new Ewok Warriors if all the unique ewoks on your team are already dead. The warriors say that can't be added to your team without a unique ewok, but does that just apply to team building during the setup phase, or also to those added by the hut? If it doesn't apply to those added later, then you could use the hut even in a non-ewok deck, and add some ewoks on the fly. I'm hoping FFG clarifies that early.
    We were talking at my local store today, and someone came up with an interesting deck combo: Plo Koon + Chief Chirpa + 3 Ewok Warriors (2 at 4 points each + 1 extra Ewok Warrior provided by Chirpa). It's 5 wide, 29 health, and 2 colors, but only 2 character dice.
    So not only do the warriors do 1 indirect damage as soon as you activate them, but Plo Koon copies that ability to do 3 more indirect the first time you activate him. So right from the first round, you're doing 6 indirect damage just by activating your characters, regardless of how your dice roll. I'd say the key is probably just finding lots of defense to stay alive long enough to keep doing that over and over.
    It's too bad Target Acquired is red, so it can't be used in such a deck. I would expect to see that downgrade in red/yellow ewok decks, just like I expect anyone making a new gungan deck to use it today.
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    toxic newb reacted to Reactor Terminal in Why isn't MagnaGuard a droid?   
    Well hopefully they'll add JANITOR next.   😉
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    toxic newb reacted to Blutsteigen in Any Hints at Future Collectible Games?   
    We are loving Destiny so much, I'm a bit curious if there will sometime be a second game added into the Collectible category.
    FFG Staff, can you give us a PR reply hint? :-)
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