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    toxic newb reacted to KingOfOdonata in The future   
    I actually am not interested in new sets or new houses at the moment. There is still plenty to explore in the first two sets. Really, two sets a year is plenty for this game.

    What they really need to focus on is community building and better local organized play support (and perhaps online implementation). They need a program to support community organizers (not just game shops as honestly, this and most of their other games are supported by players not by shops). The work that goes into building a community around their games and keep them thriving is very difficult and many stores do little to help that happen.

    For OP support, they need other aember awarded formats, and of course better ways to redeem aember shards. There is no reason at all they cannot have an online store in the App to redeem shards through. Between the current useless of shards for players who can't travel and the mediocre OP kits (that are both super late), OP support is horrendous and making people lose interest in playing. Fortunately, I have a great local community where we run our on events and make up our own prizes (Which is why FFG needs to recognize the community organizers). FFG should slow down on big events like Vault Tours and do more to support the majority of its players-the ones that play often in their local community and hep bring in more players.
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    toxic newb reacted to Revert in Keyforge Vending Machine   
    At Gen Con they had a keyforge vending machine (I have an image for a similar machine below). All you could buy was sealed decks. I don't know how well it actually did, but I definitely had some friends who bought decks purely for the novelty of getting them out of a vending machine. I was think it would have been even more exciting for me if they had opened decks in the machine, but all you could see was the archon (and the houses). 

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    toxic newb reacted to gokubb in Marvel champions   
    Pretty excited, but a little disappointed too. The cards’ design layout doesn’t look that great to me. I get they were trying to go with a minimalist comic panel style, but it’s nowhere near as appealing as LotR or Arkham in my opinion. Also, doesn’t look like they’re incorporating experience like Arkham does. Even though I much prefer the LotR setting, I end up playing Arkham far more due to the experience and character growth aspect.
    Was also wishing for a competitive game, especially since it’s the Marvel license. Marvel Destiny, a remake of Vs System or something brand new would have been really cool. I do really like their coop games, but Marvel needs to be on something competitive.
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    toxic newb reacted to KandyKidZero in The future   
    GenCon seems like a decent time to announce something new in the works. A new set could be out by next holiday season, but it would be nice if they would implement something better for store events and an online prize wall shop to spend aember shards on. I would even be fine paying for shipping.
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    toxic newb reacted to Hobbyist in The future   
    All I'm betting on is that the boxes will be yellow
    A new house could maybe be something watery- sea ish?
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    toxic newb reacted to Admiral Deathrain in Balancing Shadows in AoA   
    Bait & Switch will not be in the new set, along with other power cards. Other houses will get new power cards. Balance is likely to be different, but not 'perfect'.
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    toxic newb reacted to Fromper in Spark of Hope: New deck ideas?   
    So all the cards from the new set were spoiled a few days ago here, so what deck ideas are people coming up with? I mostly play standard tournaments, so that's mostly what I'm interested in, though I'd like to hear trilogy ideas, too.
    Here are a few of my ideas:
    Maul is 20 points elite, so I'm thinking he'd go well with a 9 point focus/money character like Sly Moore, Wat Tambor, or Watto, and the 1 point Retribution plot. I really like the idea of R2 and 3PO together. At 8 points each for one die, I'd pair them with a 14 point elite aggro character like K2SO or Padme. I'm not sure why I didn't think of this a month or two ago, but red villain got such a boost from Convergence that it may be a good time to bring back my Way of the Force era deck of elite Piett with two Mando Commandos. There are a couple of red and yellow cards in Spark of Hope that would help with this one, such as the return of Armor Plating and Armed to the Teeth, both of which were in my old version of this, and the new Desperate Measures card to eliminate enemy supports. I think the Youngling is my favorite of the diceless characters. Plo Koon's a good pairing, since he can copy the power action, so you can use the PA on both of them every round, and it's the equivalent of having two of It Binds All Things on the table at the start of the game. Just make sure you only put redeploy upgrades on the Youngling, since it'll be so easy to kill. I'm thinking elite Aayla Secura, elite Plo Koon, with a single Youngling. What decks are the rest of you looking forward to making?
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    toxic newb reacted to KandyKidZero in 1 Million Decks Milestone   
    Only 990 more to go for an office chair. Don't remember how much the table was.

    And you can only spend them at Vault Tours, there is no current online store to use them on.

    Now if they will only talk about what the keys are going to be used for.
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    toxic newb reacted to KandyKidZero in 1 Million Decks Milestone   
    Looks like everyone got 10 aembershards to celebrate the milestone:

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    toxic newb reacted to TIE wing in Tournament near you apps?   
    is there like a website or an app that tells you where they have destiny tournaments or casuals near you?
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    toxic newb reacted to SgtScales in Plo Koon and Younglings   
    Will Plo Koon receive the Power Action of the Younglings?
    If so, would he:
    1) Receive a single PA that reduces an upgrade played by X (where X = number of Younglings), or
    2) Receive multiple PAs that can each be used individually to reduce an upgrade by 1
    And if option #2, could he only use one PA, as PA can only be used once per round, per card that has said PA.

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    toxic newb reacted to Lokekar in Headroth's wall   
    Yes. Increases to power only "stick" if it explicitly states that the creature gets "power tokens".
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    toxic newb reacted to KandyKidZero in 1 Million Decks Milestone   
    Looks like as of today there are over 1 million discovered now.
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    toxic newb reacted to KandyKidZero in 1 Million Decks Milestone   
    According to the Master Vault, over 803,000+ have been "discovered" and registered. What kind of neat thing do you think Fantasy Flight should do to commemorate 1 million decks, should we ever get there?

    I for one think it would be neat if there was a way to track it and offer the person who discovered it a way to send it in for an all foil version.

    On a more wide scale, they could offer to let stores run a special event for different premium prizes. I am a huge fan of the pins and metal keys/damage counters.
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    toxic newb reacted to Simplegarak in Three Fates only opponent or all createres on board   
    It can, so be sure you read things closely and don't make assumptions about how stuff works. 
    It can even work in your favor. Once I used a canon ("deal 2 damage to a creature") to hit my own grenade squib just to make my opponent lose 2 aember and deny them a key for a turn.
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    toxic newb reacted to Admiral Deathrain in Teirs   
    How fast it generates Æmber, how well it denies Æmber, how well it deals with large boards, how well it builds boards, in that order of priority.
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    toxic newb reacted to SupaGerm in Teirs   
    If it's fun, it's good. If it's not fun, it's bad.
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    toxic newb reacted to gokubb in WOTF: Triple Threat question   
    Anytime a card reference just character dice, without prefacing with yours or opponent's, then it can affect either players' character dice.
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    toxic newb reacted to Brekekekiwi in If Keyforge got official card sleeves, what art would you want?   
    What if they were opaque, except for an area that showed your archon symbol and/or name?
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    toxic newb reacted to Whiz Canmaj in If Keyforge got official card sleeves, what art would you want?   
    A company named Gamegenic is apparently making Keyforge material, including card sleeves! 😁
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    toxic newb reacted to MediatorJ in If Keyforge got official card sleeves, what art would you want?   
    I know it's impractical, but I would love to have custom card sleeves with my Archon on the back (or maybe a multi-colored Archon) for the deck I'm playing. Otherwise, Bumblebird...
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    toxic newb reacted to SupaGerm in If Keyforge got official card sleeves, what art would you want?   
    I'd rather house icons or the KF logo. It's weird to me when the backs of cards have artwork that can also be on the front of cards.
    But your list is a good one. I'd use Wild Wormhole for Logos and Blinding Light for Sanctum.
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    toxic newb reacted to Reactor Terminal in Order 66 will make the new R2D2 a Jedi?   
    Kind of weird if R2D2 can become a Jedi.... but can't have blue abilities played on him that would allow him to use the force. 
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    toxic newb reacted to Fizz in Roll in FOST dice. Are they character dice?   
    These extra FOST dice are great for using Fighting Pit's power action. Free reroll of one of your FOST die, with a chance to do damage, and no damage coming your way.

    "Power Action - Reroll an opponent's character die. Reroll one of your character dice. Then deal damage to those characters equal to the value showing on the other character's die."
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    toxic newb reacted to Zordren in Age   
    Have a few kids aged 8-10 that play at a couple spots in NC in local store tourneys and even our Regional last year. Great to see kids of all ages playing!  As long as they know how to play (both in terms of game mechanics and “etiquette”) then I don’t think there are any age restrictions necessary.
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