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    toxic newb reacted to Fromper in Covert Missions: What decks to plan for?   
    So now that they've spoiled the whole set, any new ideas?
    There's a couple of things I'd be curious to try, but wouldn't take to a top tournament without serious testing first.
    It looks like they're trying to make neutral mill with jawas into a thing, but I'm just not buying it. Also, there's no counter to Desperate Measures to make piloting work with a small number of ships, but a ship swarm could still work, just like Aphra still works in the current meta by putting out lots of little supports instead of one big, important one.
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    toxic newb got a reaction from Zuldan in Replacement character tokens   
    You can always buy the old star wars miniatures and use those. It'll be nice to have a 3d aspect to the game. Some stormtroopers go for 2 dollars and you can get an assortment of rebels for less than 1 dollar each
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    toxic newb reacted to Admiral Deathrain in Funny Keyforge stories and incidents   
    The entirety of the 2-deck sealed AoA survival side event at the Vault Tour in Nürnberg last year. Everyone was super-tired from a day of travel and gaming and the decks were very AoA-typical with lots of reap-hate and very little Æmber-generation. Games went long and frustrating, but somehow most people just started laughing about it and we had a great time sharing our misery.
    Close second was going 4-0 in the sealed team event of that same vault tour. Team is such a great format, I rooting for the next German VT to be sealed team.
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    toxic newb reacted to Simplegarak in Funny Keyforge stories and incidents   
    I've got a double epic quest deck I like to play when I want a challenge. 
    Anyway, one of the most epic turnaround I pulled was I had 2 creatures in play and one of those was a Titan Mechanic. My opponent had a substantial board, like close to a dozen creatures. He was set to reap for a check next turn and I had no real way to slow him down after that. IIRC, he may have even had 5 aember and so would forge thanks to my own Mechanic. Here was the solution:
    Pick Mars house.
    Reap with V. Thinkdrone, and put the Titan Mechanic into my archives. Activate my own Mothergun and target my own Thinkdrone. Reveal 3 Mars cards from hand which kills it. 2 of those 3 cards revealed? Carpet Phloxem. I no longer have any creatures in play so his entire board is nuked. Can't remember the 3rd card, I think it was largely useless. At any rate, the plays put me in check and with his entire board gone, my opponent had no way to stop my forging the next turn.
    It was the only win this deck had that day.
    Oh and on the night we were playing a World's Collide sealed tournament? I had an opponent play a Senator Shrix or Senator Bracchus and just dumped a ton of aember onto his creatures, it was massive. I think maybe even played a tribute to capture 4 from me. Had a Ludo or the Imperial shield thing on one of his to dump it all into the supply if need be.
    My next turn I choose "Dis" and played Hysteria.
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    toxic newb reacted to TheSpitfired in Funny Keyforge stories and incidents   
    We were tied 2 keys each in a chain-bound tournament when my opponent got to pull off their OHKO combo. I sat there and watched him work through the entire process - he wanted to make sure he was doing it correctly and honest which I appreciated. It took what felt like 10 minutes. He ended his turn and called check with the biggest smile on his face. I had no aember.
    I picked up my archive, called Sanctum, played seven creatures and activated the omni-action on a previously played Epic Quest for the win.  The look on his face...
    People used to pay ridiculous amounts of money for those decks. That's the real humor of this story.
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    toxic newb reacted to Fromper in star wars destinydb problem   
    It seems to be fixed now. That site occasionally has problems, but they seem to be pretty good at fixing them quickly.
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    toxic newb reacted to JediAutobot in Star Wars Sleeves, New Art?   
    Anyone else hoping FFG has plans to produce sleeves with art beyond what is currently available? Or bringing back some old designs? I love X-Wing Assault, for example. With Second Edition having full size cards for upgrades, I find myself short on sleeves. Would love to get some of those older styles, or some new ones to pick from.
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    toxic newb reacted to gokubb in Time for me to Move on to other FFG Games   
    Shocker! I agree though, from what I have heard the new movie is a mess. The Mandolorian is really the only hope for any Star Wars fan at this point. Hopefully space horses gets everyone involved with RoS fired and we get Favreau and Filoni providing more of the overall direction going forward.
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    toxic newb reacted to gokubb in Time for me to Move on to other FFG Games   
    My point is based on the three main characters of the franchise, which are Luke, Leia and Han. You can add in Obi-Wan and Anakin/Vader, but none of the other characters are the main characters of the franchise. Rey and Kylo lead a terrible trilogy. The Rebels are probably closest being that they headlined a pretty solid TV show for so long. 
    So, having staple characters like Watto, Wat and Talzin when none of the above have ever been a complete cycle's staple (aside from maybe Vader) is just a loss from a thematic design standpoint. Regardless though, the original argument isn't necessarily around the character names. It's around the discrepancy in card power. Legendaries, for at least while they follow that stupid release structure, should be powerful cards. Releasing this new Anakin is an example of them not getting it. Did you see the Hera and Ghost spoilers today? Two legendaries. Two pieces of junk. Hera is a Cienna clone and while an OK character shouldn't be a legendary at all. That new Ghost is trash. If it did what they say in the article and ready a Spectre character when it comes into play, then it would see play for sure. But it doesn't. Their article is wrong. It says it only activates a character. Give trash ambush and it's just ambushed trash. That's the reason to jump ship. Why spend so much money to get a full set of a collectible game where only six to ten cards each set are playable?
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    toxic newb reacted to Mep in Time for me to Move on to other FFG Games   
    This is a fun game, too bad they went with the collectable card game model. If they made it more like a standard board game with a few decks and a few expansions now and then with a small but well tested card pool it would have been a good game. As it is, it just gets silly broken with a few combos and overly redundant with most cards, as games do with large card pools. Most people have already checked out. I would have like this game to have been successful but it just isn't and is completely dead in my area. It's very understandable why this happened.
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    toxic newb reacted to gokubb in Time for me to Move on to other FFG Games   
    To the OP, you're moving on at the right time. I think I'll be there with you. Has anyone seen the spoiler for the hero version of Anakin Skywalker from the next set? He's just another legendary 19 cost hero that is absolute trash. FFG has zero idea how to make cards for this game. The power level for low cost characters is insane compared to most of the higher cost. It's a Star Wars game and there's barely been a playable Luke, Han or Leia. FFG just does not have a hand on the cost-curve for the game and fails in design so often that the successful cards feel like a mistake.
    I've already decided that I'm only going to play draft for Covert Missions. This will be the first set that I won't have a complete play set for after the first weekend. The bones of the game are still fun, but the balance for constructed is not at all.
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    toxic newb reacted to IceHot42 in Time for me to Move on to other FFG Games   
    I have been playing Star Wars Destiny since it came out, but it is now time to move on and enjoy some of the other FFG products.
    I do not mind the delay in product, but I am deeply concerned about the most recent Holocron and the explanation behind it. I am left with no confidence in the design team.  The venue I play at is a great venue and the players are all very nice albeit uber-competitive.  We are one of the stores that is scheduled for a 2020 Prime Championship.
    I am baffled by how they can have:
    A card called Fateful Companions that you cannot play with C-3PO An errata that prevented C-3PO (by points) and R2-D2  from being played with fun figures like Biggs, but didnt do anything about the team they were concerned about. An explanation on the Holocron that begins by saying that there were all kinds of valid and interesting decks at Worlds but they were going to target only one of them (perhaps to make less deck options) An explanation that says they will power up some underused cards but not in a way that will bring them up to competitive standards (Can you believe they actually said that).  Furthermore they arbitrarily adjusted some characters making sure that there were an equal representation of colors adjusted (it had nothing to do with power levels of cards that needed it). No other adjustment for all of the other Legendary intensive abusive decks such as Palpatine, Maul, and Kylo-Ren. Those decks may not be World Class decks but they are not fun to play against. The problem isnt that Fateful Companions was broken and needed fixing, the problem is the design team isnt smart enough to know it before they printed it.  Nor were they smart enough to fix it with their first attempt.
    For me personally the way in which they are expanding the game does not resonate with me.  I get that that is a personal thing, but I dont have a connection with the disney cartoons that is driving design.
    I feel bad for my venue because despite hosting a Prime Championship they will be down to 3 players.  The 3 players remaining are all world class players, nice, great guys, but all of the non-uber-competitive players have left.  There is something wrong with the design of the game that it doesnt promote the most important and largest group of players.  A collectible game cannot survive if semi-competitive and casual players do not have hopes of winning games.
    If you dont focus the majority of your efforts on the majority of your players your game will not last. 
    Finally the obvious power creep is indication that the game design is past its apex and either does not have a set of rules to keep things in balance or that they are struggling  with ways to make relevant cards.
    Luckily for me though I have discovered several other great FFG games including LotR LCG and Marvel Champions.  These games have made me a believer in fun Co-Op experiences (a type of game  the board-game snob in me usually runs from).
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    toxic newb reacted to TheSpitfired in VaultWarrior Tournament Series Questions   
    What are the risks and threats to the game in going this direction and how does FFG believe the positives cancel these negatives to make the endeavor worthwhile?
    ((Genuine question from someone who initially dislikes this announcement but attempting to see it from all sides before making final judgment))
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    toxic newb reacted to pocketroid in VaultWarrior Tournament Series Questions   
    Does FFG have OP plans which speak to the largest audience for KeyForge, the casual audience? This would also apply to international players.

    A lot of people live in small towns with no local KeyForge community, but are able to play unofficially online, or if they're lucky, with 1 or 2 friends. Even if somebody lives in a town with a store which actually participates in Organized Play, "tournament" is still a very intimidating word which turns off the casual crowd who enjoys the game otherwise. I thought KeyForge was going to pave new paths as a casual game, but so far it is focusing too hard on the competitive aspect and already is pushing people away.
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    toxic newb reacted to yath in VaultWarrior Tournament Series Questions   
    Hello there! I would like to ask if, since the game has garnered a worldwide audience, there is some consideration being put into the geographical distribution of VaultWarrior Qualifiers.
    I ask this because in the announcement video there was only European and North American spots shown during this bit (and one Australian spot). South American and Asian players won't have their own VaultWarrior Qualifier? Could this situation change in face of more data about these markets?
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    toxic newb reacted to peterfaith in VaultWarrior Tournament Series Questions   
    Thanks for taking questions. This looks like a very exciting series of tournaments. My question is this:
    Since the VaultWarrior series (and the Championship) is intended to be the peak of competitive play, it makes sense to use one of the most competitive formats: Fast Adaptive. 
    In Fast Adaptive, each player reads through the opponent's deck list for two minutes, and then secretly chooses whether they prefer their own deck or their opponent's deck. If the players choose different decks, then they each play the deck they chose and the game becomes either Archon or Reversal. If they choose the same deck, they then begin bidding chains to play the deck, as in Adaptive. Fast Adaptive stresses play skill and matchup evaluation skill above all else, and can accommodate Bo3 matches, without going over time the way Adaptive would if the number of games tripled. This format has been tried and tested across Keyforge communities despite the lack of official support, and it's been shown to be highly skill-testing and a whole lot of fun on top of that.
    Has the FFG team considered supporting this highly competitive format? In either case, what do you think about adding it to the Vault Warrior tournament series?
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    toxic newb reacted to MedowsGomes in One of my favorites parts of the Mandalorian so far: Old aliens   
    One of my gripes with TFA (which I like a lot overall) is that there were almost NONE of the existing alien species represented and a bunch of new species. I don’t think that the time jump of just thirty years would cause the extinction of alien species...
    But so far in the Mandalorian we have gotten lots of classic Star Wars species represented already! Quarren, Trandoshans, Jawas, Ugnaughts, etc. It actually feels like the same world as the original trilogy. Maybe I’m just a KOTOR fanboy but I would love to see some of the other existing species too as the series goes on, Ithorians, Mon Calamari, Twileks, etc.
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    toxic newb reacted to elecash in Constructive Criticism: How to make the game better   
    This is an open letter to the game designers and the community to make the game better. Star Wars Destiny is a great game, with an elegant design and easy to learn and play. I've been playing and enjoying this game since its release in Awakenings and I'm still a very active, playing at local stores and Prime Championships.
    At our local store we have hot discussions about how to make the game better and how to have a more diverse game. So here's a list of problems that we have detected in the game design and some suggestions to make it better to make this game live forever.
    Note: I think that this suggestions would be better in a post rotation meta.

    Problem: To build three-color teams is too easy and there's no penalty if you compare with two-color or monocolor teams. This make easier for three-color teams to win than monocolor teams. Why would you create a team with one or two colors if you can put three characters and have access to the best cards of each color?
    It's easy to confirm this when you see in tops and finals that all teams are three-color or Reylo (which gives you access to all the best blue cards in the game).
    Suggestion: Add penalty points to multicolor teams.
    30 Points for monocolor decks
    29 Points for two-color decks
    27 Points for three-color decks
    This will limit three-color decks and will give some advantage to decks with one or two colors that have less cards to pick.

    Problem: Current meta abuses of the same cards over and over. Multicolor decks just pick the best cost-effect cards which results in a less diverse meta. You can predict accurately which cards a deck has just by seeing the colors of the team, no matter which characters are in that team.
    For example Multicolor villain decks will always play Hidden Motive, Desperate Measures, Probe and Forsaken. Probably two copies of each in a 30 cards deck.
    Suggestion: To create more subtype tech cards like Automated Defense, Droid Mods and Reassemble. Some changes to cards too good that would make the game more interesting:
    - Hidden Motive (spot Jedi or Sith)
    - Desperate Measures (spot Scoundrel)
    - Probe (spot Leader or Trooper)
    - Forsaken (spot Advisor or Sith)
    - Riot Shield (play only on a Trooper)
    - Armor Plating (play only on a Bounty Hunter)
    This will force players to play other cards in the set that are never played and be more creative with the deck building.

    Problem: The addition of subtypes created a lot of new archetypes that are amazing but not being used because players just prefer to play highly cost-effect cards like Fist and Megablasters that can win a game in just a couple of rounds.
    Suggestion: Encourage archetypes by releasing more cards that required subtypes and less generic cards. A set of at least 8-10 cards for each subtype would be probably very good:
    - Leader
    - Trooper
    - Scoundrel
    - Scavenger
    - Jedi
    - Sith
    - Apprentice
    - Pilot
    - Wookie
    - Witch
    - Advisor
    This will create a set of around 100 tech cards for each archetype that you can mix by having in your teams characters like 4-LOM (Droid and Bounty Hunter) and Palpatine (Sith and Leader). In my opinion Ewoks, Droids and Bounty Hunters already have a good set of cards, although a couple more would not hurt.
    The other 60 cards could be neutral cards, upgrades, supports, downgrades, plots and battlefields.

    Problem: Testing a CCG is hard and sometimes it feels like Star Wars Destiny has not been tested properly. Nerfs like C3PO and Snoke were too obvious and other cards interactions resulted in infinite loops like Kes and LAAT, released in the same set. BTW, can we add Kes and LAAT to the restricted list and remove the nerf to the LAAT?
    Also it's interesting how a card like Desperate Measures has been released before Covert Missions that seems to be encouraging the use of supports and plots like the Destroy the Death Star. Who's going to play a deck with Destroy the Death Star plot if you know that your opponent will destroy your Vehicles by 0 resources? In current meta and spoilers I think that nobody will.
    Suggestion: Contact with some big communities to test under an NDA. They will probably test it for free and will provide valuable feedback very happy.
    I hope the design team like this suggestions and consider this letter as an honest and constructive feedback.
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    toxic newb reacted to blinkingline in Keyforge: skip the core set?   
    For those that are interested in what the different products contain, there's a table here:  https://archonarcana.com/index.php?title=Sets#Products_3
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    toxic newb reacted to kmanweiss in Funny Age of Rebellion Stories   
    Instead of going back to confront a backstabbing Hutt crime lord face to face by fighting through his palace...they packed a freighter full of explosives and auto-piloted it into the palace while they watched from the escape pod.  This has become a theme now.  Speeder bikes, freighters, etc.  They've blown up a fortune in vehicles but are constantly complaining about how poor they are.
    They set up their own little rebel cell.  They recruited a few ne'er-do-wells from a nearby village.  They weren't recruited to be rebels, just to occupy the base, keep things running, kill any varmints, etc.  In exchange they'd have shelter, food, and pay.  They were reluctant, but agreed as it was an upgrade to their lifestyle.  First time the party returns to the base, they are sitting in the mess playing cards.  The party flips out and threatens to kill them for being lazy (they'd been doing their job, but the party assumed they'd be on duty 24/7 or something).  After threatening to kill them, and being reminded that wasn't their job, the party then apologized and sought counseling for rage issues.
    They were delivering goods as part of a job.  They had no skin in the game so to speak, they were just middlemen.  When they show up, one of the party members asks the crime boss they were selling stuff to if anything odd has happened recently.  Like, had they been attacked or anything.  The crime boss took it as a threat, and almost attacked them.  The party talked them down and explained that when they show up, stuff just happens, fights break out, people attack, he was just trying to warn them.  Before the conversation could wrap up, mandalorians with jetpacks descended from the sky to attack the gangster.
    They attacked an occupied a small Imperial Base.  The Imperial in charge of that sector was mounting a small military force to covertly reacquire the base (didn't want the Empire to know about his weakness and his failure in holding the base).  Before he attacked, he sent a small scout team to investigate.  The players captured one of the scouts, dressed up as Imperials, convinced the spy that they were Imperial intelligence, and that they had occupied the base for their purposes, then escorted the prisoner to the spaceport to head back to his commanding officer.  They had people in stormtrooper armor, imperial officer uniforms, they painted droids to appear to be Imperial...they really sold the whole thing.  They not only convinced the guy to tell this story, but they also convinced him to act as a spy for Imperial Intelligence by sending them info on their boss.
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    toxic newb reacted to Spartancfos in Clone Wars Session Ideas   
    I am running an AoR Clone Wars campaign based on a personal non-canon storyline. The general premise is that Mace Windu is sent to investigate the Clone Army when Obi Wan uncovered its existence. In my opinion Mace Windu is more pragmatic and practical than Yoda ever would be, so the general idea is he properly reviewed the general orders and agreed they were all necessary, and came up with the idea of dedicating a unit to putting a stop to Dark Side force users.
    So that's my custom canon setup - from there I intend to run a Clone Wars campaign that goes in a totally different direction from the series or movies. My intention is for the players to more aggressively hunt out Palpatine, uncover him and force him to switch to genuinely backing the CIS and ultimately turning it into a proto-Empire. During that time I intend for Clones to be something both sides will use, as a number of Kaminoans will be escorted off world by the CIS during their invasion, as I am a big fan of Clones being a scary concept where you don't know who you can trust.
    So I am looking for Clone Wars encounter ideas - like session long adventures that I can run episodically like the Clone Wars TV series. I am going to run episodically and run it with a cast of characters with each core player making 2 characters, and a supplementary cast of guest players (my player group was bigger than I wanted running each week).
    Currently my characters include:
    Primary Cast
    Jedi Knight "Colonel" Not quite a general Jedi who is a little brash having been trained by Mace Windu and not really having nailed the whole "mindfulness of the Jedi" idea. He is actually considering his character development to be the Knight that goes back to be a Padawan as he trains his own. Clone Officer "Regs" - Squad leader who has a personal quest to hunt the Sith. Basically a specialist Clone training program that was low key preparing for Order 66. ARC Trooper - A Trooper from the original ARC program who was specially re-awoken for the task of hunting Jedi, and he is something of an Anarchist. Has a codiefied code of honor, probably going to become Mandalorian. Clone Trooper - Dorf - A short brawny Clone who isn't good at shooting but is smart and Strong. He can punch and use bombs. Secondary Cast
    Jedi Padawan - Very Ashoka style Pantoran who sees flaws in the Jedi Order, possibly due to her Master being kind of an idiot - the above Jedi Knight. Clone Pilot - He gets people in, he gets them out. Melee Assassin Droid - Designed to counter a Dark Side Force User, or at least hired to. Ranged Assassin Droid - The players decided that at one point they just want to send a dedicated kill team. He is a smart cunning Marksman. Senatorial Representative - An Advocate who specialises in negoitation and complex treaty negotiation. The players have submitted the following themes they want to see:
    Jedi being feared by regular people  Seeking out Traitors within our Cause  Abuses of Authority  In Depth Legal Disputes Base Building / Force Composition  / Star Destroyer Customisation Identity and Sense of Self  Explosives  Any contributions appreciated.😀
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    toxic newb reacted to gokubb in This game is great but getting new players is hard...   
    Affordable or not it really comes down to game balance and how much fun the game is. Sit a new player down for a match against Droids and see if they come back. They won't. Same with FN-2199 before the overwrite rule change. Same with Sabine. We probably lost more players in our area over Sabine than anything else. FFG just doesn't know how to balance this game. If they don't figure that out, then new players are going to leave as soon as they realize that 90% of their collection is crap because the power disparity in cards means only 10% of them will ever be used. And, those 10% are expensive because they are all anyone is using.
    Getting a new player isn't difficult. Keeping them is. Those that try it aren't sticking around because there are too many negative play experiences in the game. And, there isn't an OP that will turn the competitive Magic-type players that overlook things like game balance over to SWD.
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    toxic newb reacted to gokubb in This game is great but getting new players is hard...   
    Something definitely has to give, but I don't know if fixed distribution is the answer. You pinpointed one of the main problems with this sentence:
    Regardless of being a blind buy or fixed distro model, there is a disproportionate number of useless cards in Destiny. The rare/legendary disparity in playability is downright awful. The competitive game is too fast for over half the cards that they print. It happens in every game, but Destiny is among the worst at it. I don't think the design team has a handle on card balance and because of that, there are really very few deck archtypes that are viable in any given meta. I feel they then overcompensate in the next set and it swings an entirely different way. There's never a healthy balance between support, aggro, mill, control and combo. The closest they came was right after Snoke errata.
    The other big issue is the organized play support. If you're going blind buy, you need to support the game in a way that drives a secondary market. Secondary markets drive the primary market. Without strong organized play and that value it creates for good rares and uncommons, then the game isn't ever going to be worth (as in card value, not the value of the fun it brings you) what you put into it. Add in that there's no format anyone plays that really supports an infinite card pool and that gets even worse. In Magic, a player can realistically cash out at any point for about 75% what they put into it. More, if they bought low/sold high or were lucky with pulls and won some tourney prizes. If they sit on the cards for a decade, that would even get better. I have a friend who wants to cash out of Destiny (don't we all, which I think is the point of this thread) and he'd be lucky to get 50%.
    To me, it all boils down to FFG's inability to run a truly large scale competitive game. They can't balance it for a competitive meta. They can't run an OP that makes people want to show up and play every Friday night. Somewhere they either lost the game or just gave up. The game is about the imperfection of the dice and the back and forth decisions around what the dice show. Yet, it's routinely dominated by action cheating and now the consistency of characters that don't even have dice. I think they'd get that wrong regardless of which purchasing format they push.
    I like the game, still buy it - still play it, but if I were hard up on money, it would be one I'd drop for sure. It's great casual, but it's just not worth the investment I put into it.
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    toxic newb reacted to BrobaFett in The Big Destiny trade Thread   
    I think with this game being collectible and thus incredibly trade-centric FFG would be wise to have a trade subforum. In X-Wing or Armada trading is a small aspect of the game so a single thread works.
    Here, however, I forsee keeping trading to a single thread impossible when someone will log on, look at the trade mega thread, say "Heck no, I don't want to go to page 387032, I want my trade on the front" and just create a new topic. This will flood the main board with trades, unless there is somewhere else for those posts to go.
    Just my 2 cents. That said, if you are gonna save the first post, I might as well dibs the second
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    toxic newb reacted to bjmorrissey in This game is great but getting new players is hard...   
    For me it's the cost is the biggest issue.
    I love the game.
    I love competitive games, I know that there is always in one way or another power issues within any game. I like exploring what others don't and beating the unbeatable decks all the time because people are narrow in their views and game exploration.
    But I'm leaving this game I feel. It's too expensive and that's the issue people have.
    Is the game fun. Yes. Is it challenging diverse and technical competitively. Yes.
    But the op support sucks and there is no reimbursement on investment there. The secondary market is languishing and it is hard to sell things so there is little to no reimbursement there. The communities are small and harp hazard as is the op so actually getting games and tournaments in is challenging and again patchy so there are even less opportunities to utilise the money spent on actually playing the game and this is made worse when the op is so bad also.
    So you get to this point. Yes I love the game but it costs thousands to play each year and what do I get for that. A fun game experience, on the rate occasion I get to play a tournament and there are enough players there to make it challenging and enjoyable. I get some crappy op support if we're lucky enough to have it.
    So why spend all of that money to deal with all those issues. Well I love the game and the IP etc etc. But this only lasts do long at some point, which is sooner for new players than old that have invested so much they feel trapped into their commitment like a bad marriage or simply have so much free cash it doesn't matter at all. You go well why should I do this over just playing a boardgame that is fun and deep, of which there are many many available. Or what about another competitive game that I can easily play in store multiple times every week, that there is strong reimbursement for, that I can come and go at any point and the community isn't dependant on me. That I can recoup some of the investment of I decide to move on. Why go against all those things that are easy to deal with at a higher cost to me the player.
    That's what it comes down to. Is the game amazing. Yes. Is the community great yes. But op sucks, the community is still too small for regular events and op structure to get enough play out of each set in most areas. Is the game expensive yes. Can I get a similar competitive or casual experience out of a boardgame or other competitive game such as X wing, game of thrones, magic, etc. Yes, in fact there are more games more regularly of all of those with bigger communities so you get more value for you money if it costs the same and actually all of those games are cheaper except for a couple which have very high return on investment so they cost more to play but you get it back to a way higher degree and this they are cheaper.
    Ok so why pay more to have more difficulties and issues and less play opportunities and diversity. That's the issue that faces the community. I don't know how we overcome that or if we can to be honest
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