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    toxic newb reacted to Simplegarak in Announcing Mass Mutation! The fourth set!   
    Really? I thought Sanctum had the most in common with Saurion. (both run heavy armor, frequently have aember piled on their people, etc)
    Well I guess the ambassadors allowed out of house interaction which StAl does, but then Logos is more like StAl since it had phase shift and other cards to allow play/use.
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    toxic newb got a reaction from Simplegarak in Announcing Mass Mutation! The fourth set!   
    Maybe lets you combine the two cards to make the giant dino thingy? Or maybe to unforge an opponent's key
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    toxic newb reacted to Simplegarak in Announcing Mass Mutation! The fourth set!   
    My body is ready! 
    (really wanting a Sanc/Dino/whatever - probably star alliance so I can have my Dino Knights in Star Trek deck)
    We taking bets on what dark aember does?
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    toxic newb reacted to Mep in Star Wars Destiny: The Mandalorian Themed Expansion   
    So is Netrunner yet people are still doing something similar to this. If people want to knock themselves out, good for them.
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    toxic newb reacted to Jiron in Destiny has now met its destiny, FFG has just killed the game off   
    I will also state my feelings about killing off the game. I have expected that a lot sooner. That's why I avoided the game for some time. The idea of license, dice and booster pack cheaper then the one of Magic was obviously not very profitable.
    I got in the game after all. I have bought the Rey/Finn starter pack and added some more cards. My wife went for Han/Chewie deck and we play casually quite often. I got my brother, his wife and some other friends in the game. Tommorow we have a game, actually.
    The support is over. I suppose we will still play casually until it will cease to be fun. It will be second discontinued Star Wars card game I maintain a deck for. I have played WotC SW CCG. It was a lot better, by the way.
    One thing I can't really understand. There are angry players who claims FFG doesn't communicate. I understand you are angry for different reasons. FFG communicated very well. They have announced that they are closing the game 3 months in advance. They will give you closure with Covert Missions and everything is on their website including rules and holocrons. You can still buy the products until sold-out. That doesn't sound like a big deal but remember there are other big companies in gaming industry, which set the standard for communication very low. For example, I have once had hard time getting money for one certain game. When I finally got the money and wanted to order, not only that the product was gone. The website was disconnected and only through hard googling, I have found out that Games Workshop decided to cut off Specialist Games and Warhammer History. No communication whatsoever. Just the website goes 404ed. FFG is very kind in their communication (also, want their money).
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    toxic newb reacted to gokubb in What do I need to play Star Wars Destiny casually like a contained board game?   
    You can't play full games with any individual starter unless you have two of each, but you can mix and match them to build full decks. Playing with the latest set will be the only way to experience the full rule set. FFG has made a new keyword or game mechanic pretty much every set. A new mechanic called Piloting appears in the upcoming Covert Missions that has not appeared before.
    It really comes down to what you and your friends want to play. If it's just to play the card game, then what you have should be fine. If they want specific characters, then I'd hunt down singles or buy starters for those. If you're somehow a JJ Abrams SW Sequel Trilogy fan, purchase two two-player starters and you have good Kylo/Phasma vs Rey/Poe options. If you're a Clone Wars fan, purchase two Obi and Grievous Starters. 
    For my money, the best way to play Destiny with a limited card pool is Draft. I would really recommend having a Draft Kit for all your friends and stocking up on Legacies booster boxes (they are only $19.99 on Amazon right now). Draft is really fun and Legacies was a pretty good set, containing the first Yoda and the best Luke.
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    toxic newb reacted to Devizz in Star Wars Destiny: The Mandalorian Themed Expansion   
    Also, here is some additional design concept that I pursued, exploring a new design space:

    Just playing around with the idea, obviously, there could be multiple triggers for transform such as take X damage, etc. (I can think of some very interesting ones, potentially unique but the thing is, to keep the mechanism UX friendly, the triggers need to be easily trackable by the players).
    Just to clarify, transformed characters start with the amount of damage on them that is equal to the amount that their pre-transform counterpart had. Could also experiment with health reset of sorts, so no damage is transferred but with lower health variables for both variants.
    The obvious design issue here to further explore and resolve if necessary is as follows: if the trigger does not have a 100% guarantee, how much does a player lose in comparison to potential gain? This can also be implemented the other way around with initial power spike which is an even bigger issue actually. What if the character of player A is so strong that player B can never trigger the weaker, alternate game state of the said character.
    Back in the day with FFG support, such a concept would probably never see the light of day, since for such a type of character to be playable instead of 1-2 copies of the card you'd need 2-4 or even 3-6. Now, this could be a thing, if the design space proves interesting and fun during playtesting that is.
    I can also see the possibility of allowing the player to alternate between different states of a character instead of designing something with a clear exponential increase in power, perhaps one state could be good at playing more defensively while the other offensively, etc.

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    toxic newb reacted to Danhop92 in Question about wards and the golden rule   
    Hi new player to keyforge snd have a question about wards in regards to the golden rule
    The golden rule states; 'if a card text contradicts the rules of the game, then the card text takes precedence'
    So if I play an action card that let's me archive a creature and I choose a warded creature. Does the creature get archived as the card says or just lose its ward.
    Thanks for the help
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    toxic newb reacted to MrGoodKat88 in Cheaper Age of Acension decks   
    I have noticed Age of Acension decks being significantly cheaper than both COA and WC decks.
    Are the age of acension decks not very good?
    What is the reasoning behind this?
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    toxic newb reacted to KandyKidZero in Ready and fight a creature   
    I remember when KeyForge was first announced and I saw the line "Ready and fight with a friendly creature", I thought it meant that the creature with that ability would fight another one of my creatures. Coming from Magic: The Gathering and seeing that this was a game designed by Richard Garfield, I was ready to look for those corner cases where this would be useful. But then the actual rules came out and saw that it meant you pick one of your creatures (the friendly part) and you use it to fight.

    Where this is useful is if you have a creature that is not your current house, but you play a card from the current house that says "Ready and fight with a friendly creature" or "Ready and fight with a neighboring creature", then you can use those cards not in your current house.

    Example: The previous turn I named Logos and played Quixo the "Adventurer" and maybe a couple other Logos cards. After drawing my cards for the turn, I see there is an Anger action, a Ganger Chieftain creature, and aGauntlet of Command artifact. I really want to get the Gauntlet out, but that means I wouldn't be able to use my Logos cards. BUT!!! I can use the Anger on Quixo to ready and fight. It should already be ready from the end of my previous turn, so I do as much as I can and I use Quixo to fight. He has skirmish, so he doesn't take any damage from the combat and I get to draw a card from his fight ability resolving. I can then play my Ganger Chieftain next to Quixo (if there is a space) and his play ability lets me ready and fight with Quixo, which will get me another fight trigger and a card. I play the Gauntlet afterwards, but since it enters exhausted I can't use it this turn, but in future turns where I call House Brobnar, I can use the Gauntlet to ready and fight with Quixo should I want to even though it is a Logos creature.

    One of the biggest things you can learn in this game is what cards let you "break the rules". Being able to use cards out of house is one of the biggest forms of card advantage since you are breaking the main rule of the game.
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    toxic newb reacted to TheSpitfired in Ready and fight a creature   
    There are several ways to utilize it. I most commonly used it in House Brobnar, where I would play a creature with a fight ability (like Fight: Gain 1 aember), then play a creature next to that one that enabled it to immediately ready and fight. In those instances I essentially got to use the creature's fight ability a turn earlier than usual, thus getting an aember out of using the creature instead of giving my opponent a turn to kill it before I could utilize that ability. Plus the old ready a Brobnar creature, the opponent has no creatures on the board so the card is resolved, then that Brobnar creature could reap and generate an aember that way. Unless it's a creature that could only be used to fight, but I digress.
    Hope that makes sense. 
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    toxic newb reacted to Devizz in Star Wars Destiny: The Mandalorian Themed Expansion   
    Read the artist name on the templates I use. Or you could type in google 'custom star wars destiny card maker' or something along those lines.
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    toxic newb reacted to Devizz in Star Wars Destiny: The Mandalorian Themed Expansion   
    What about 'From the Ashes'?

    I guess you can't get 4 value from Darksaber on Gideon since hes 14/18 tho.
    I guess I should make him 15/20 or something huh.
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    toxic newb got a reaction from Devizz in Star Wars Destiny: The Mandalorian Themed Expansion   
    The mechanics are really cool and are fun (printed the cards out and played mando/child and had so much fun). Only issue I had is that Moff Gideon didn't have much synergy with the dark saber.
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    toxic newb reacted to Devizz in Star Wars Destiny: The Mandalorian Themed Expansion   
    My pleasure. Still looking for playtesters! At the very least I'd be interested to hear some of your feedback or anyone else on this forum for that matter.
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    toxic newb reacted to Paladin Ignatius in Destiny has now met its destiny, FFG has just killed the game off   
    True, fan formats can be awesome to play because they are made by and for the casual gamer, not the meta-heads. Still, it is by all official standards a dead game in terms of both official support and official championships. That doesn't mean you can't find players for it, it just means you will have to dig to find them. Look at Warhammer Ancient Battles; for a dead game, it still has a very large player following.
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    toxic newb reacted to Devizz in Star Wars Destiny: The Mandalorian Themed Expansion   
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    toxic newb reacted to Devizz in Star Wars Destiny: The Mandalorian Themed Expansion   
    What is stopping me from taking matters into my own hands and designing new sets? Nothing.
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    toxic newb got a reaction from Luner_Eclipse in Star Wars Destiny: The Mandalorian Themed Expansion   
    just because it was discontinued doesn't mean it's illegal play anymore
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    toxic newb reacted to Fromper in Star Wars Destiny: The Mandalorian Themed Expansion   
    Did all of your cards spontaneously combust?
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    toxic newb reacted to The Grand Falloon in What are the chances we get a Co-Op LCG?   
    There are a lot of vile people in the Galaxy who want nothing to do with the Empire. You could do an entire expansion about Dathomir Witches and other dark siders trying to avoid being conscripted or killed.
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    toxic newb got a reaction from Zordren in What are the chances we get a Co-Op LCG?   
    FFG could do a heroes version and if that goes well, a villain version could happen 
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    toxic newb reacted to Pericles in What are the chances we get a Co-Op LCG?   
    There was a lot of theory-crafting going on about a co-op game prior to the competitive LCG coming out. The biggest hurdle was defining the role of the players vs. the AI. The easiest way to do it would be to make the players light-side characters (Rebels, Republic, Jedi, etc.) conflicting with dark-side forces (Empire, Sith, etc.). However, there are a lot of SW fans (myself included) that want to play as our favorite dark-side characters. Assembling your friends to beat-down on a scrappy resistance force doesn't seem very "heroic", though.
    If FFG can figure out a way to make it work, they would find a customer in me (even though they should have went this route in the first place!).
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    toxic newb reacted to Amanal in Set 10   
    Not having product in the quantity and time for players also starves them out. 

    I can't believe that we couldn't use technology to solve this problem, something that could include the store in the process. 
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    toxic newb got a reaction from Luner_Eclipse in Set 10   
    I would appreciate this since I live in asia and there's no way I'll be able to go wherever it's gonna be held. If the issue on why ffg is dropping the game is because of money then they should sell some to get as much juice out of destiny as possible.
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