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  1.  hey guys! is there gonna be another two player game and draft set? cause i've enjoyed both a lot. and if there will be, what characters do you think they will be?

    i personally think two player game will have a luke/leia light side and boba/bossk  or boba ig-88. for draft i have no idea

  2. Eratta hurts lots of new/relatively new players. specialy when they buy the awakenings starters when convergence is coming out in a few months. FFG could atleast make a printable version of eratta'd rare cards so players won't get confused. they wouldn't even lose money cause we need to pay for the dice anyway.

    still sad bout my phasma2 tho

  3. I love destiny, but the only place i can find it in the Philippines is in the gaming library branch in shangri-la and they only have ways of the force. where else can i buy except online?

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