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  1. Do as much as possible is a crucial rule. So what hurricat said about not caring about the melee is correct
  2. You can't really blame ffg for wanting as much money they can get before they cancelled the game. It's just business as usual. It reminds me of one of the many unused cards in the game... Instead of removing yellow dice, it removes covert operations boxes from their storehouses and they gain money for it without caring where the money comes from
  3. Maybe lets you combine the two cards to make the giant dino thingy? Or maybe to unforge an opponent's key
  4. Hopefully Snap Weslex, rebel pilot, and Wedge Antillese gets the pilot keyword aswell
  5. For me, I would just get singles online. I don't like buying boosters for casual play because it often makes decks so unbalanced.
  6. I don't think ffg will spoil all the cards in the set right after but you can take a look at the spoiled cards in the article by tapping on the card name
  7. now that I think of it, it seems too OP to make him 15/20 question though: where do you get the outline? I have so many ideas (separatist droids specifically) but don't know where to get the border
  8. The mechanics are really cool and are fun (printed the cards out and played mando/child and had so much fun). Only issue I had is that Moff Gideon didn't have much synergy with the dark saber.
  9. a creature reads ready fight with a friendly creature. What is the use of this mechanic?
  10. You can still play the game normally. I think the game is at its best in terms of fun because of all the fan-made formats like dice commandos 40-40-40
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