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  1. Go for fun, I post a minor clan that I created. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17XYhIbqATWzzxzOiXb4VUCJ5F4BcyPQOHWW-XFounIE/edit?usp=sharing The Octopus clan whose samurai are freak, also called "the yokai people" The Sekushi family was an old part of the Unicorn, but during their journey they assimilated some tradition to modify their bodies, and thus to create "Body Art". The purpose of the clan is to make people accept differences in an ultra-conservative society. I had a lot of fun imaging and writing this clan. I started from the idea: "if the unicorn was to go further than Burning Sand". So I was inspired by many people and tribes around the world (mainly Africa and Asia), their tradition, and Body Art. I wanted to give them a deliberately sensual and exaggerated side. Ps: My English is of a relatively average level (it's not my original language) so I think there will be a lot of fault. Otherwise, do not hesitate to comment.
  2. Thanks I change Water ring by Air Ring. I also change the Unbreakable quality. Only the Tsi can use this, (and only weapon). Finally i suppressed black powder for Oriole history. Maybe i wll use it to create a unique and original clan.
  3. #MinorClan #OrioleClan I posted my own version of the Oriole Clan. (It's not finish, but it's playable) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A_i1UvIr9KPmpcykkXbldmxBKIZuaUmQSF7lRZnfiHM I use Ikiry0's post and the layout of Tonbo Karasu. Do not hesitate to tell me what you think, and if I have to change things.
  4. Crane and deer clan have a mon description. Why did not the Crab Clan (and other minor clan) have any?
  5. Bushi, Courtier or both ? Thank you for your work.
  6. Crane wih Politics, Dwelling Dragon with Monk, Religion, and North Border Lion with Battle Phoenix with inovacation, Kami, Shugenja Scorpion with geisha, ninja, crimes Unicorn with gaijin, exotic arm And minor clans ? Like mantis (yes we are the pdf, but...)
  7. #Title #LionClan #MinorClan #FoxClan #Distinction Matsu Lion Pride Brawler (Bushi/Courtier) The Matsu Berserker are the main force of the Lion's army, but the Lion Prides are the most feared, the most prestigious and the most renowned of all the units of the Empire, Formed only by the strongest women warriors of Lion Army. On the battlefield, the Lion's Pride tried to seek out the enemy generals and kill them, destroying the enemy’s battlefield efficiency. Their reputation and their outspokenness is also used during the court, dares to oppose these samurai-ko. Status Award: +0 XP to Complete: 24 Fury of the Lion (Title Ability): During a skirmish, you need to locate the enemy leader. If you run to the leader ennemy you can make a Fitness (Fire) check, every success add +2 to your armor and every opportunity add +1 to dommage adds 1 point of damage to the target. Martial Skills Courtesy Fitness Tactics Rank 1-2 Kata ♦ Battle in the Mind (Kata) Lightning Raid (Shuji) Fox Clan Ring Increase: +1 Fire Skill Increase: +1 Survival Status: 29 The Fox Clan is the first and perhaps oldest Minor Clan. The Fox Clan is located next to one of the largest forests in Rokugan, where they were befriended by fox spirits and developed a powerful love for the beauty of nature. Originally, the Fox Clan had a duty to watch and watch the Unicorn Clan (due to their trip to the Burning Sands). Though the Minor Clan is small and has limited resources, the Fox had been forced to hunt for food, an unclean act in Rokugan's society, like the Fox Spirit: Kitsune (shapechangers native to the haunted forests within their lands). Which explains their close relationship with these spirits Kitsune Family Rings: +1 Air or +1 Fire Skill Increases: +1 Theology, +1 Meditation Glory: 47 Starting Wealth: 4 Koku The Kitsune family of the Fox Clan was noted for its scholarship, its knowledge of the medicinal properties of plants, and the subtle magic of its shugenja. The Kitsune family also had an alliance of sorts with the kitsune fox-spirits of their homeland, and some said that the samurai have intermarried with the spirits many times over the generations. What does your character know? All Fox Clan characters have a greater awareness of the following topics: You have a general awareness of the politics of the Crane Clan and other Minor Clans, especially your fellow Fox Clan members. You Know many basic facts about the forest (particularly that are near), and the respect of the nature (les plantes, champignons comestibles,animals, how to make fire, the paths, etc). You know many basic facts about the Chikusudo and the spirits who live there, especially the Kitsune. You know the basic knowledge in medicine, injuries, poisoning and plants commonly used to treat them. What does Bushido mean to your character? For the Fox clan, Compassion (Yu) is by far the most important, for example healing or assisting someone who is hurt, lost or hungry especially with regard to spirits or animals. Kitsune Spirit Guide School (Shugenja) Kitsune Shugenja who had a dangerously strong connection to Chikushudo. With their relationship to nature, shugenja helps those in need. Rings: +1 Air, +1 Void Starting Skills (Choose 5): +1 Composition, +1 Courtesy, +1 Games, +1 Labor, +1 Martial Art (Ranged), +1 Medicine, +1 Meditation, +1 Survival, +1 Theology Honor: 48 Techniques Available: Invocations, Rituals, Shuji Starting Techniques: Invocation: Nature’s Touch Invocation (Choose 1): Call Upon the Wind, Cloak of Night, ♦ Mask of Wind Rituals: Commune with the Spirits Essence of Chikushudo (School Ability): When you use the Rituals: "Commune with the Spirits", each opportinity count as a success. Same for actions towards a Chikushodo spirit. Starting Outfit: Starting Outfit: Sanctified robes, wakizashi (short sword), knife, divination kit, scroll satchel, calligraphy set or tea set, traveling pack. Rank 1 Artisan Skills Theology Medicine Survival Rank 1 Fire Invocation Matsu's Battlecry (Invocation) Summon Fog (Invocation) Rank 2 Scholar Skills Labor Composure Meditation Rank 1-2 Air Invocation Divination (Rituals) Artisan’s Appraisal (Shuji) Rank 3 Trade Skills Martial Art (Ranged Sentiment Courtesy Rank 1-3 Air Shuji Vapor of Nightmares (Invocation) Fury of Osano-wo (Invocation) Rank 4 Social Skills Fitness Theology Meditation Rank 1-4 Fire Invocation All Arts Are One (Shuji) False Realm of the Fox Spirits (Invocation) Rank 5 Scholar Skills Survival Composition Medicine Rank 1-5 Air Invocation Sensational Distraction (Shuji) Rouse the Soul (Shuji) Rank 6 (Mastery Ability): (Don't Know, Any Idea?) Child of Chikusudo (Fire) [Distinction] Types: Physical, Spiritual Effects: The following apply to you: You can use the Shapeshifter Ability. Because of your dual nature, your human form is imperfect. These flaws will be discussed with the GM.
  8. Asako Inquisitor (Shugenja/Courtier) The Asako Inquisitors were founded to combat maho wherever it might arise. Their symbol was an open eye representing their eternal vigilance. The Inquisitors answered only to the Council of Five or the Emperor, The goal of the Inquisitors was to find and destroy relics, users, and cells of maho and maho-tsukai, or anyone who abuse the power of kamis Status Award: +0 XP to Complete: 24 Seekers of the Truth (Title Ability): The Inquisitor has a mystical eye tattoos of each hand. Once per scene, when you target see your tattoos and you make a Sentiment check, you can use a Void Point to reroll 2 dice. Schoolar Skills / Skills Group Medicine / Skill Sentiment / Skill Theology / Skill Rank 1-2 Fire Invocation / Technique Group The Cleansing Fire (Invocation) / Technique Truth Burns through Lies (Shuji) / Technique
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