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    Way of 2.0

    Crane wih Politics, Dwelling Dragon with Monk, Religion, and North Border Lion with Battle Phoenix with inovacation, Kami, Shugenja Scorpion with geisha, ninja, crimes Unicorn with gaijin, exotic arm And minor clans ? Like mantis (yes we are the pdf, but...)
  2. ludo199

    The Big Bad Thread of Homebrews

    #Title #LionClan #MinorClan #FoxClan #Distinction Matsu Lion Pride Brawler (Bushi/Courtier) The Matsu Berserker are the main force of the Lion's army, but the Lion Prides are the most feared, the most prestigious and the most renowned of all the units of the Empire, Formed only by the strongest women warriors of Lion Army. On the battlefield, the Lion's Pride tried to seek out the enemy generals and kill them, destroying the enemy’s battlefield efficiency. Their reputation and their outspokenness is also used during the court, dares to oppose these samurai-ko. Status Award: +0 XP to Complete: 24 Fury of the Lion (Title Ability): During a skirmish, you need to locate the enemy leader. If you run to the leader ennemy you can make a Fitness (Fire) check, every success add +2 to your armor and every opportunity add +1 to dommage adds 1 point of damage to the target. Martial Skills Courtesy Fitness Tactics Rank 1-2 Kata ♦ Battle in the Mind (Kata) Lightning Raid (Shuji) Fox Clan Ring Increase: +1 Fire Skill Increase: +1 Survival Status: 29 The Fox Clan is the first and perhaps oldest Minor Clan. The Fox Clan is located next to one of the largest forests in Rokugan, where they were befriended by fox spirits and developed a powerful love for the beauty of nature. Originally, the Fox Clan had a duty to watch and watch the Unicorn Clan (due to their trip to the Burning Sands). Though the Minor Clan is small and has limited resources, the Fox had been forced to hunt for food, an unclean act in Rokugan's society, like the Fox Spirit: Kitsune (shapechangers native to the haunted forests within their lands). Which explains their close relationship with these spirits Kitsune Family Rings: +1 Air or +1 Fire Skill Increases: +1 Theology, +1 Meditation Glory: 47 Starting Wealth: 4 Koku The Kitsune family of the Fox Clan was noted for its scholarship, its knowledge of the medicinal properties of plants, and the subtle magic of its shugenja. The Kitsune family also had an alliance of sorts with the kitsune fox-spirits of their homeland, and some said that the samurai have intermarried with the spirits many times over the generations. What does your character know? All Fox Clan characters have a greater awareness of the following topics: You have a general awareness of the politics of the Crane Clan and other Minor Clans, especially your fellow Fox Clan members. You Know many basic facts about the forest (particularly that are near), and the respect of the nature (les plantes, champignons comestibles,animals, how to make fire, the paths, etc). You know many basic facts about the Chikusudo and the spirits who live there, especially the Kitsune. You know the basic knowledge in medicine, injuries, poisoning and plants commonly used to treat them. What does Bushido mean to your character? For the Fox clan, Compassion (Yu) is by far the most important, for example healing or assisting someone who is hurt, lost or hungry especially with regard to spirits or animals. Kitsune Spirit Guide School (Shugenja) Kitsune Shugenja who had a dangerously strong connection to Chikushudo. With their relationship to nature, shugenja helps those in need. Rings: +1 Air, +1 Void Starting Skills (Choose 5): +1 Composition, +1 Courtesy, +1 Games, +1 Labor, +1 Martial Art (Ranged), +1 Medicine, +1 Meditation, +1 Survival, +1 Theology Honor: 48 Techniques Available: Invocations, Rituals, Shuji Starting Techniques: Invocation: Nature’s Touch Invocation (Choose 1): Call Upon the Wind, Cloak of Night, ♦ Mask of Wind Rituals: Commune with the Spirits Essence of Chikushudo (School Ability): When you use the Rituals: "Commune with the Spirits", each opportinity count as a success. Same for actions towards a Chikushodo spirit. Starting Outfit: Starting Outfit: Sanctified robes, wakizashi (short sword), knife, divination kit, scroll satchel, calligraphy set or tea set, traveling pack. Rank 1 Artisan Skills Theology Medicine Survival Rank 1 Fire Invocation Matsu's Battlecry (Invocation) Summon Fog (Invocation) Rank 2 Scholar Skills Labor Composure Meditation Rank 1-2 Air Invocation Divination (Rituals) Artisan’s Appraisal (Shuji) Rank 3 Trade Skills Martial Art (Ranged Sentiment Courtesy Rank 1-3 Air Shuji Vapor of Nightmares (Invocation) Fury of Osano-wo (Invocation) Rank 4 Social Skills Fitness Theology Meditation Rank 1-4 Fire Invocation All Arts Are One (Shuji) False Realm of the Fox Spirits (Invocation) Rank 5 Scholar Skills Survival Composition Medicine Rank 1-5 Air Invocation Sensational Distraction (Shuji) Rouse the Soul (Shuji) Rank 6 (Mastery Ability): (Don't Know, Any Idea?) Child of Chikusudo (Fire) [Distinction] Types: Physical, Spiritual Effects: The following apply to you: You can use the Shapeshifter Ability. Because of your dual nature, your human form is imperfect. These flaws will be discussed with the GM.
  3. ludo199

    The Big Bad Thread of Homebrews

    Asako Inquisitor (Shugenja/Courtier) The Asako Inquisitors were founded to combat maho wherever it might arise. Their symbol was an open eye representing their eternal vigilance. The Inquisitors answered only to the Council of Five or the Emperor, The goal of the Inquisitors was to find and destroy relics, users, and cells of maho and maho-tsukai, or anyone who abuse the power of kamis Status Award: +0 XP to Complete: 24 Seekers of the Truth (Title Ability): The Inquisitor has a mystical eye tattoos of each hand. Once per scene, when you target see your tattoos and you make a Sentiment check, you can use a Void Point to reroll 2 dice. Schoolar Skills / Skills Group Medicine / Skill Sentiment / Skill Theology / Skill Rank 1-2 Fire Invocation / Technique Group The Cleansing Fire (Invocation) / Technique Truth Burns through Lies (Shuji) / Technique
  4. ludo199

    Multiple Attempts at a Daidoji Harrier

    We can make a Title: Status Award: +0 XP to Complete: 24 Vengeful Ghost (Title Ability): Once per scene, as a downtime activity, you may sacrifice a number of points of honor up to your school rank to sabotage an object, trap an area, or entrench a landscape. During the next combat scene each opponent present receives strife equal to twice the honor points sacrificed. Rank 2 Martial Skills / Skills Group Fitness / Skill Skulduggery / Skill Tactics / Skill Rank 1-2 Kata / Technique Group ♦ Skulk (Ninjustu) / Technique Lighting Raid (Shuji) / Technique
  5. List updated. But I think that for Lion (Beastmaster and Lion Pride), it would be necessary to make a same school, or maybe that later there will be advanced schools. For Phoenix, I had not much idea, maybe Kaito Protector Temple (Monk)https://l5r.gamepedia.com/Kaito_Temple_Protector and Shiba Peamaker (Bushi, Courtier, Artisan) https://l5r.gamepedia.com/Shiba_Peacemaker (For the armor smithing) For Crab and Dragon no idea. For the unicorns, whose brokers were mostly emissaries send on the burning sand to negotiate. http://l5r.wikia.com/wiki/Ide_Emissary To see
  6. ludo199

    Multiple Attempts at a Daidoji Harrier

    I really like what you with the first attempt. (but i think your school ability should be in rank 6). Thank you.
  7. I realized the badger clan and the wasp clan. For the daidoji I started to write it (if it can serve you as a basis): Daidoji Harrier School (Bushi/Courtier/Ninja) The Daidoji Harriers were a highly secretive, small group of elite warriors of the Crane Clan. The Harriers mainly served as scouts, saboteurs, surveillance experts, and yojimbo and were expected to be able negate the advantage of fifty or more enemy soldiers. They were also used as spies and bodyguards off of the battle field. They were sometimes thought of as "the ninja of the Crane", although they acted in a more honourable way, they did not use poison for instance and targeted only military objectives or intruders. heir techniques were utilized only in battle, and they did not target innocents or bystanders. With the relation with gaijin, the Harrier can use Tanegashima weapon and study the Black Powder and explosif. Rings: +1 Water, +1 Air Starting Skills (Choose 5): +1 Command, +1 Courtesy, +1 Fitness, +1 Martial Arts (Melee), +1 Tactics, +1 Skulduggery, +1 Survival Honor: 45 Techniques Available: Kata, Rituals, Shuji Starting Techniques: Kata: Striking as Air, Striking as Water As discreet as a Feather (School Ability): When you use a Skulduggery check against a target, every opportunity can be use to augment TN of you opponent. Starting Outfit: Concealed armor, traveling clothes, daishō (katana and wakizashi), yari, knife, yumi (bow), quiver of arrows, traveling pack. Rank 1: Trade Skills / Skill Group Courtesy / Skill Martial Arts (Melee) / Skill Fitness / Skill Rank 1 ... / Technique Group Skulk (Ninjustu) / Technique ... / Technique Rank 2: Martial Skills / Skill Group Skulduggery / Skill Survival / Skill Command / Skill Rank 1-2 ... / Technique Group ... / Technique ... / Technique Rank 3: Schoolar Skills / Skill Group Martial Art (Melee) / Skill Martial Art (Ranged) / Skill Tactics / Skill Rank 1-3 ... / Technique Group ... / Technique ... / Technique Rank 4: Martial Skills / Skill Group Smithing / Skill Courtesy / Skill Command / Skill Rank 1-4 ... / Technique Group ... / Technique ... / Technique Rank 5: Artisan Skills / Skill Group Skulduggery / Skill Martial Art (Melee) / Skill Sentiment / Skill Rank 1-5 ... / Technique Group ... / Technique ... / Technique Rank 6: ... (Mastery Ability): (Maybe remove Courtier ?)
  8. ludo199

    The Big Bad Thread of Homebrews

    Thank you for your answer. I was MJ on the 4th edition and changing edition is a little disturbing. But I followed your advice and thought of something like this: Power of the Mountain (School Ability): When the character take damage due to a environment (fall, temperature, crush, etc.) and make a Fitness check, all Opportunities result count as a Success. Here I wanted to use the mountain survival side of badgers. Badger's Claw (Mastery Ability): Once per scene, during the Initiative rollat the start of a Skirmish, you can use a Void Point and play at last. During the first turn, your opponent can't defend against the damage and take a critical strike. For this one, I used your advice, while staying on my basic idea (a powerful attack in a left or double). What do you think ? I also work on the Wasp Clan, and I took what you said #MinorClan #WaspClan #School Wasp Clan Ring Increase: +1 Air Skill Increase: +1 Martial Art (Ranged) Status: 22 The Wasp Clan has the greatest archers in the Empire, and feared by all the criminals of Rokugan. Originally, Tsuruchi betrayed, retook the castle that had been his birthright slaughtering all within. In the ensuing uproar, Tsuruchi presented his case to Emerald Champion. was declared innocent of any wrong doing and was given leave to create his own minor clan. Tsuruchi's followers had long since given him the nickname "Little Wasp", so there was little debate over the name for their new clan. Tsuruchi Family Rings: +1 Air or +1 Fire Skill Increases: +1 Martial Art (Ranged), +1 Fitness Glory: 37 Starting Wealth: 5 Koku The Tsuruchi family, dedicated its existence to hunt down the criminals of all the empire, thanks to the bow. They even defined their own code of bushido (because their actions were not in agreement with the bushido). The family's holdings were almost exclusively nestled within the Spine of the World Mountains, slightly north of the Sparrow and Kitsune lands. They were generally infertile, being either the barren rock of the mountains and their foothills, or dry sandy flatlands. What does your character know? All Wasp Clan characters have a greater awareness of the following topics: You have a strong grasp of the politics within Wasp lands, as well as general information of the clan's major cities. You have solid knowledge of Rokugan's judicial system, the best-known criminals, and how to track them. You know everything about bow and arrow. What does Bushido mean to your character? The tsuruchi have developed their own code of honor, which was not entirely in accord with the code of Bushido. Its main precepts are Duty and Loyalty (Chugi), and Justice. But Compassion (Jin) is the least used, especially towards criminals. Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter School (Bushi) Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter School taught the way of the bow to the exclusion of all else (including the sword). Tsuruchi snapped his own blade in half with his foot, and his followers were bid to do the same. saying it was a symbol of an impossibly limiting code of conduct. Students of Tsuruchi's technique were capable of amazing feats with a bow, the least of which included firing multiple shots at once or even firing several shots in the space of time it would take a lesser archer to ready a single attack. A Bounty Hunter took on any bounty from any legal authority, to be paid only on completion of their task. They did not question whether or not the people they hunt down deserved to die. Rings: + Air, +1 Void Starting Skills (Choose 5): +1 Fitness, +1 Governement, +1 Martial Art (Ranged), +1 Meditation, +1 Sentiment, +1 Skulduggery, +1 Survival Honor: 27 Techniques Available: Kata, Rituals, Shuji Starting Techniques: Kata: Hawk’s Precision, Striking as Air Way of the Wasp (School Ability): You can increase or decrease the Deadliness of an attack you make with a yumi or daikyu by up to your School Rank. Additionally, Yumi and Daikyu have a Range of 1 to 5 while you wield them. Starting Outfit: Concealed armor, wakizashi (short sword), yumi (bow), quiver of arrows, calligraphy set, knife, club, Traveling pack. Rank 1 Schoolar Skills / Skill Group +1 Martial Art (Ranged) / Skill +1 Survival / Skill +1 Tactic / Skill Rank 1 Kata / Technique Group ♦ Pelting Hail Style (Kata) / Technique Whispers of Court (Shuji) / Technique Rank 2 Martial Skills/ Skill Group Governement/ Skill Skulduggery / Skill Smithing / Skill Rank 1-2 Kata / Technique Group Disappearing World Style (Kata) / Technique Feigned Opening (Shuji) / Technique Rank 3 Trade Skills/ Skill Group Martial Art (Ranged) / Skill Commerce / Skill Governement / Skill Rank 1-3 Air Shuji / Technique Group ♦ Pin the Fan (Kata) / Technique ♦ Breath of Wind Style (Kata) / Technique Rank 4 Artisan Skills / Skill Group Skulduggery / Skill Fitness / Skill Survival / Skill Ranks 1-4 Kata / Technique Group ♦ Soul Sunder (Kata) / Technique Eye of Wasp* / Technique Rank 5 Martial Skills / Skill Group Martial Art (Ranged) / Skill Smithing / Skill Tactic / Skill Ranks 1-5 Kata / Technique Group Prey on the Weak (Shuji) / Technique ♦ Skulk (Ninjustu) / Technique Rank 6 Wasp's Sting (Mastery Ability): You can use 1 Void point to use one effect: If the target does not move (and if it is in range), the arrow will hit it for sure. The Martial Arts (Ranged) check determines the damage bonus. If the target hides behind a simple protection (thin wooden board for example), the arrow can pass through and reach its target without reducing the damage. Or Ignore up to 2 points of the target’s physical resistance. You can shoot 3 arrows maximum at the same time(like you shoot 1). Each arrow shoot requires a roll, and even Opportunity give a bonus for the next. You reload your bow immediately after shooting. This allows you to withdraw on the next turn. * Eye of Wasp (Wasp Only) Rank 4 -Activation: Once per scene as a Support action, if you know a ennemi is near but you do not know its position. You may make a TN 2 Air Ring check to reper the location of a hidden target. -Effect: If you succeed, you can detect the location a possible target. The more successful you are, the more accurate your analysis is. I know there is a ninjutsu technique, but I think it's a good match for the wasp and the fact that they have their own code of honor. For the Mastery Abilitie: I especially wanted the wasps to be fun with their bow and can make hallucinating stuff. But I think there are things to improve on the rule. So, what do you think ?
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    The Big Bad Thread of Homebrews

    #MinorClan #BadgerClan #School Badger Clan Ring Increase: +1 Earth Skill Increase: +1 Fitness Status: 25 The founder of the Badger Clan was a powerful Crab warrior who proved his worth in a contest of strength in front of the Emperor. The descendents of the fi rst Badger live on the northern border of Rokugan, and are tasked with guarding the Empire from foreign invasion. The Badger take after their Great Clan cousins, embracing strength at the expense of refinement, and do not accept defeat even in the face of insurmountable odds. Ichiro Family Rings: +1 Earth or +1 Void Skill Increases: +1 Martial Arts (Unarmed), +1 Games Glory: 33 Starting Wealth: 4 Koku The Ichiro are rude and coarse in their interactions with the rest of the Empire. They believe in action over words and pragmatics over societal norms. The Ichiro are stocky by nature, and their mountainous lifestyle ensures a heavily muscular frame. What does your character know? All Badger Clan characters have a greater awareness of the following topics: You have a general awareness of the politics of the Crab Clan, Dragon Clan and the minor Clan. You know many basic facts about the Great Wall of the North and the Path of Woe, including how to find food, find shelter. You know the rule of Sumai. What does Bushido mean to your character? Badger were self-reliant and individualistic people, who did not ask for help and tended to be extremely stubborn. They placed a lot of value on the individual and his personal achievements. The Badger were very competitive and could make contests out of almost anything, usually based upon strength. Two rules of the Bushido are Important for the Badger: Yu (Courage), to face all the dangers that are presented to him, and especially the Chugi, these samurai take responsibility for defending their areas against the invaders and have never failed. For the badger, which is a very closed clan, the Rei (Courtesy) is quite rare and is considered less important than the rest. Ichiro Pass Warden School (Bushi) The founder of the Ichiro Bushi School was a Hida. It is no surprise, then, that the School remains similar to its Crab roots. The school’s philosophy is simple: hit the enemy so hard that he has no time to engage in any fancy tactics. The Ichiro Bushi School focuses on their love of wrestling and unarmed combat. It emphasizes the power of pure strength in defeating enemies. The Ichiro Bushi uses strength as the answer to almost any problems that may arise. Others may move faster or strike with more precision, but the Ichiro will answer with overwhelming damage. Rings: +1 Earth, +1 Fire Starting Skills (Choose 😞 +1 Fitness +1 Games, +1 Labor, +1 Martial Arts (Melee), +1 Martial Arts (Unarmed), +1 Meditation, +1 Medicine, +1 Survival Honor: 41 Techniques Available Kata, Rituals, Shuji Starting Techniques: Kata (choose 2): ♦ Lord Hida’s Grip, ♦ Open-Hand Style, Striking as Earth, Striking as Fire Trancend the Mountain (School Ability): Starting Outfit: Ashigaru armor, traveling clothes, daishō (katana and wakizashi), 1 blunt weapon, knife, traveling pack. Rank 1: Martial Skills / Skill Group Fitness / Skill Commerce /Skill Survival / Skill Rank 1 Kata / Technique Group ♦ Crescent Moon Style (Kata) / Technique Stonewall Tactics (Shuji) / Technique Rank 2: Trade Skills / Skill Group Command / Skill Labor / Skill Games / Skill Rank 1-2 Kata / Technique Group ♦ Iron in the Mountains Style (Kata) / Technique Rushing Avalanche Style (Kata) / Technique Rank 3: Martial Skills / Skill Group Fitness / Skill Meditation / Skill Tactics / Skill Rank 1-3 Kata / Technique Group Touchstone of Courage (Shuji) / Technique Weight of Duty (Shuji) / Technique Rank 4: Scholar Skills / Skill Group Martial Arts (Unarmed) / Skill Martial Arts (Melee) / Skill Perfomance / Skill Rank 1-4 Earth Shugi / Technique Group Crashing Wave Style (Kata) / Technique Ebb and Flow (Shuji) / Technique Rank 5: Martial Skills / Skill Group Fitness / Skill Theology / Skill Survival / Skill Rank 1-5 Kata / Technique Group Strinking as Void / Technique Wolf's Proposal / Technique Rank 6: Way of Badger (Mastery Ability): At the start of a skirmish, before Initiative is rolled, you may choose to lower your Initiative total by 20 for the duration of the skirmish. In exchange, you add your Earth Rings to both your attack and your damage rolls for the first two rounds of that skirmish. That's it, feel free to tell me what you think or make corrections if necessary. (sorry for my level of English, it's not my native language). I'll post some more.
  10. I post this thread for those wishing to post their wish for future or hypothetical schools that could see the light of day in the future supplement of the game or for fans who wish to create their own schools / clans. And to regroup those who already had realized. (Or to discuss it). Already Written: Major Clans -Crane Clan Daidoji Harrier School (Bushi/Ninja) : https://l5r.gamepedia.com/Young_Harrier -Scorpion Clan Bayushi Enforcer School (Bushi) : https://l5r.gamepedia.com/Ignoble_Enforcers Minor Clans: -Badger Clan Ichiro Pass Warden School (Bushi) -Centipede Clan Moshi Priestress School (Shugenja/Courtier): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B4e64gtbQ4Q-0cOn4stJHybmGjwanzm2Q1-4kPK69y0/edit?usp=sharing -Falcon Clan Toritaka Phantom Hunter School (Bushi): -Hare Clan Usagi Scout School (Bushi) -Wasp Clan Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter School (Bushi) Some ideas: -Crab Clans: no idea -Dragon Clan no idea -Lion Clan Ikoma Shadows School (Courtier/Ninja) Inspired by http://l5r.wikia.com/wiki/Ikoma_Lion's_Shadow Matsu LionTrainer School (Bushi) Inspired by Matsu Lion Pride School (Bushi/Courtier) Inspired by -Phoenix Clan Inquisitor ? http://l5r.wikia.com/wiki/Asako_Inquisitor -Scorpion Clan ... -Unicorn Clan Moto War Dog Master School (Bushi) Inspired by Ide Mediator School (School) Inspired by Minor Clans: -Cat Clan Nekoma Acrobat School (Courtier/Ninja) -Dragonfly Clan Tonbo ... (any idea ?) School () -Fox Clan Kitsune Spirit Guide School (Shugenja) -Sparrow Clan Suzume Storyteller School (Bushi/Courtier) There are another minor clan: Bat Clan, Moth Clan, Monkey Clan, Ox Clan, Oriole Clan, Boar Clan, Snake Clan (but no further information on the minor clans so it's still just a guess.). So what do you think, do you have ideas to complete this list?