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  1. Try setting timers to limit Planning to 5 minutes and Resolution to 10 minutes. This works up to round 5/6, afterwards you’ll have to either stop timing or increase the length. It’s a good motivator
  2. Tully as a neutral force could be interesting. Perhaps with the other houses competing for their allegiance for the first four rounds of the game. For example, one point for being on top of each of the tracks, one point for being top of the supply track, one for the Victory track, one for the most Power Tokens, perhaps a bidding can take place for additional points. Most points wins, obviously. House Tully allies with the most powerful player, and the winner of their allegiance can spawn units in Riverrun immediately. That could add an interesting dynamic to the early game, players competing to be top of the tracks, then the newly spawned units would really mess with the Riverlands area right iron the middle of the game. Could be an interesting addition
  3. This is a perfect example of how Tully can be effectively integrated. I see so many alternative maps with Black uncrossable lines, instead of Rivers. Using the other three rivers from the Trident can split up the centre of the map easily. Moving the Lannister home from Lannisport down to Casterly Rock, splitting up a few of the larger centre spaces. It’s not actually that difficult. Unfortunately I can’t see FFG integrating this in the second edition, perhaps an updated map in the Third Edition in like 10 years when Dream Of Spring comes out. I can’t see the benefit of adding Tully to the current game, I’m not sure it’s necessary for balance at the moment. Although, moving the Lannister’s down gives Greyjoy some extra room to manoeuvre and it puts pressure on Tyrell (the house with the most space to move around, it creates a stronger conflict). House Tully probably wouldn’t be able to win, but as a Vassal house they’d put pressure on the central houses from different angles. It’d probably make the games even more diverse, due to the multitude of new/different options.
  4. I would assume that it can be placed, but the Raid option is unavailable. So it’s effectively just a Support Order
  5. Now that the show has ended (and reasonable predictions can be made as to the outcome of the books), which scenarios do you anticipate will be coming with the next two novels? Obviously, spoilers for those that have not finished the show. I can see: 1.) A three player variant with Stark, Targaryen and Lannister. (Maybe even a two player variant, Stark VS Lannister) 2.) Perhaps, if we ever see an expansion capitalising on the White Walker’s popularity, a three player scenario with Targaryen/Stark, Lannister and The Others. Perhaps, the White Walker player cannot enter the map until the wall is overcome. E.g. A Card based battle between that player and the other two for control of the wall. The vassal system could be used to control neutral Free Folk. The Targaryen/Stark players could be able to freely cross the Wall to prematurely attack the White Walker player (as in Season 7 Episode 6, Beyond The Wall). This could simply be an expansion in the Wildling Deck, with harsher consequences and more difficult challenges to overcome. I don’t see an expansion to Essos, as the Lore is either not as clear or doesn’t suit the mechanics. But... 3.) With the prequel shows, perhaps Prequel scenarios are inbound
  6. I like the idea of having small improvements and terrain effects, but I fear that’d over complicate the game. I think that the second edition’s design is great, perhaps I can see a “Complete Edition” containing the MoD board and FFC/DwD. I think a rerelease of the Second Edition is more plausible within the next 5 years. Third Edition, I would think, would come with A Dream Of Spring. Before then we can have card scenarios for Robert’s Rebellion, Aegon’s Conquest, Winds of Winter, Dream of Spring e.t.c. I’m really starting to lean towards a two player White Walker scenario with the release of DoS
  7. I would’ve assumed FF would wait to release another expansion until WoW finally came out, but with the final season of the show coming out next year I think it would be foolish to not drop an expansion then. In fact, they should’ve dropped Mother of Dragons with the premiere, after it ends there’s going to be a lot of people thirsty for more and this game is probably the best source of entertainment (imo). Whether they wait for the books or the show, what do you actually expect from the next expansion? For me: - definitely a White Walker expansion. That’s the only big thing we’re missing now that we’ve got MoD. Even if it’s simply a big Wildling Threat revamp, which would be less game breaking, I think this will come with the final book. (They could do a two player scenario, one is the Westerosi houses and the other is the Whites. It could be objective based (like hold King’s Landing on turn 7, like the FFC expansion). Perhaps simply a map expansion that takes you beyond the wall, and the Wildlings or Whites as a vassal style house for Targaryen (in my group, Targaryen got screwed over Everytime they moved and they didn’t touch the North, so this might encourage them to move up). Maybe a Night’s watch system. This is the only large expansion that I can see ever coming - another DwD or FFC style card expansion - House Tully, I’ve been looking at the board a lot and I think (with a sizeable overlay) that splitting Lannisport, Riverrun and Stoney Sept and adding a new sea border (from the top right hand corner of Lannisport to the centre of Seagard) is definitely enough to balance it. As long as the castles and tokens are in the right place. Interestingly, Lannister always has a huge advantage in my group because my players aren’t as aggressive in the early game as myself, so this would balance my group’s games. Even if they’re introduced as a neutral force (like a vassal, but perhaps controlled by Targaryen? Or just an immobile force that holds Riverrun down permanently (until they’re taken by Greyjoy or Lannister). Either way, it’s possible - a second version of FFC, that doesn’t require four players, it can be played with 3-7 due to the Vassals, but the objectives would need updating. - A Third Edition, I don’t expect this until at least A Dream Of Spring drops. But, when it does come, I think th standard board needs to be the yet to be released Deluxe Mother Of Dragons gamemat. And there should (instead of overlays) be spaces in the board to slot in either the original Vale or the MoD Vale, and the same with the Riverlands if they ever do Tully. But those expansions are rather minor in comparison to MoD, so do you think FF is going to miss the ideal release times? (With the finale of the show and the final few books) What would you want? What do you expect? When do you expect it?
  8. My concept for a White Walker expansion was that, if no one got seven castles by round 10, then the player with the least castles becomes the controller of the White Walkers (like the Vassal system with Mother of Dragons). They would function as a horde, with no tile limit to troop number. There’d be three White Walkers and they would need to be present to “turn” the troops they kill. It would speed the end of the game up and the player that controls them would gain an advantage. Alternatively, the expansion pack includes a set of cards for each place on the board. Everytime a troop is killed on that tile they are placed on the card at the side of the board. So that every time the walkers move into a new space their army grows. To balance this, perhaps when cards with a Valyrian steel blade defeat an army, they can choose to either send the defeated troops to the wall or to kill them. This could increase the “hit points” of the wall, which could slow down the inevitable Walker assault. Perhaps the number on the wildling threat track is also equal to the hitpoints required, making it really uncertain whether or not the wall can hold the walkers or it will fall. This could be really cool, but I suspect such a mechanic would be game breaking
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