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  1. I’ve been enjoying a super light build: (76) Kylo Ren (3) Hate Points 79 (45) "Quickdraw" (10) Special Forces Gunner (2) Fanatical (2) Fire-Control System Points 59 (62) Lieutenant Tavson Points 62 Total points: 200 I have just decided to completely forgo a bid and just fly what I can. I was playing proton torps on Kylo with QD and MD but found that list a little too squishy. The shuttle really rounds out this list in my opinion. Furthermore, I’ve found my self using Kylo’s pilot ability much more frequently now that I don’t have SNR. All in all the list has made me fly more conservatively and be a lot more patient about when to engage. I was iffy about Kylo but I feel like he’s probably where he should be. Has anyone been playing some other builds? Has anyone actually gone for SNR Kylo after points change?
  2. Yeah. You have to dodge arcs well. He’s very squishy. I just played a game where he died to a range 3 shot through a rock. Always be focused and dodge as many arcs as possible. Patience is key in playing him. You don’t joust. His high initiative combined with autothrusters and his pilot ability allows you to always make sure you are out of their arc.
  3. Predator is favored over marksmanship because it can make a bad roll good where marsksmanship can only make a good roll better. If you’re not playing predator (usually because you want a bid) crackshot is preferable.
  4. I mean, legends never die. (52) "Redline" (12) Proton Torpedoes (10) Advanced Sensors Points 74 (54) "Whisper" (9) Fifth Brother (5) Juke Points 68 (52) Soontir Fel (1) Crack Shot Points 53 Total points: 195
  5. Yes and no. Certainly gimped by the focus only but I still find it useful for keeping aces alive on defense. Not playing two defenders either, my current list is: OGP-Palp 54 Rexlar-Juke-Jamming Beam 87 Soontir-Predator 54 or Whisper-Juke 59 playing Soontir leaves room for a bid at 195 and Whiper would bring the list to 200. I haven’t decided if I like whisper or Soontir more.
  6. I’m of the opinion that Primed Thrusters is actually the last thing you should remove from Kylo before just playing something else. After playing Kylo a lot in 2.0 and trying multiple builds, SNR+Primed is really the only way to build him that’s competitive. Being able to boost/barrel roll after talon rolls alone is a big factor. Being able to double reposition while stressed is what makes him good. In my opinion, 102 is a little much for that build compared to loaded out Poe (Heroic, R4, Black one, Proton torps, s-foils, ferrosphere paint) that has a higher initiative. It’s pretty crazy that 2 force tokens are valued at that much. I also find myself less likely to be using Kylo’s ability in 2.0 to hold my force tokens. I don’t like going to only 1 in a phase where I may need to SNR.
  7. Does anyone know when this kit is supposed to be released? I’m so confused by it. Is it something we are supposed to be getting after the Wave 3 deluxe kit or...? My LGS has been able to preorder wave 3 kits since December but there’s still nothing about the attack run kit from his distributor.
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