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  1. I’m trying to figure out clarification for the rules because one of my players likes to min max heavy. We’re about 680 XP and one of my players have a force rating of 4 and saw the ebb and flow tree and wanted to use it. The player has the basic and the range and 1st middle control along with the Strength advantage upgrade. (I should also add that the player is currently a dark side user) Now from my understanding of this the user is allowed to roll flow with any skill check and can use the force pips with a 1:1 ratio of getting advantages since the player has a FR of 4 he’s routinely getting a minimum of 4 pips which would translate to an extra 4 advantages on top of what he rolls for the skill, am I interpreting this correctly? And does the skill check also work for combat checks as well? and for future note when he gets the one that allows you to get success it’s the same idea right?