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  1. https://www.feldherr.net/en/for/the-lord-of-the-rings-board-game/feldherr-foam-set-for-the-lord-of-the-rings-journeys-in-middle-earth-board-game-box/a-58789
  2. You can find a couple on Etsy and Feldherr released one as well.
  3. So it seems that you have to count around the wall.
  4. I think it doesn't means you can shoot "through" the wall, but "around" it, so you can't shoot if you are 4 spaces away. Ranged attack allows to attack a target that is adjacent, keen eyes increase the range so you can attack someone who is 2 adjacent spaces away. Rules for walls say that spaces separated by them are not adjecent, so you don't count directly through the wall, but around it.
  5. It's very likely, IA had only generic tiles at first as well, then expansions took us to more specific places. Core game need to have mostly generic stuff so that it can work with more focused expansions.
  6. I really like the aesthetic of easterlings and haradrim warriors so hopefully something of that sort, maybe we could even get olifant, although unlikely due to it's size.
  7. Because all those cards go in the same deck, if their back was different you could tell what you are going to draw. You don't need to sort those cards out every game so it's not a big problem.
  8. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2189401/journeys-middle-earth-models-vs-gw-lotr-models-siz
  9. If i am not mistaken it spawns at starting location.
  10. That's true, however go7 shows cards without sleeves in photos whereas the pictures of foam core one are with sleeves. I am not a fan of loose map tile tray as well, though that could be easily fixed.
  11. To those looking for storage solution i can recommend foam core organizer i found on ebay. I won't give the link because i am not sure of forum rules, but you can easily search for it. While not as fancy as laser cut ones, it's quite cheaper, shipping alone for the one from go7gaming costs 70$+ to EU.
  12. Do you think there still is a chance we will see an expansion? Or it means that if we haven't seen it until now the game didn't do well enough?
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