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  1. They do have templates that you can buy and faction damage decks that are coming out soon, if you get both of those you would only need the conversion kit to be good to go!
  2. If you look behind C3-P0 there is a battle droid!
  3. I really love BB-8 charging in with the space horses.
  4. I kept forgetting snap shot was all of range 2 and not bullseye and was so confused on the scaling haha
  5. Sun Fac plus ensnare is 78 points, so at I6 it's 24 for I5 it is 16 and for everyone else it is 10
  6. If it does have two talents does Treacherous get any use? Obviously depends on the costing of the two new ones, but I think having both of those on one of these would eat up quite a bit of points.
  7. If they did add this to the game the points would have to be 130 minimum right?
  8. To me it looks like the card packs only have pilots for already released ships, which I can understand want to make sure they have utility for new players. So maybe that means we can expect new packs every few waves or so?
  9. For sure! With or without it that ability on that ship is pretty fantastic!
  10. Do you think he'll have an elite pilot slot to let him run that? I could see it going either way
  11. Plus beyond what it can do it looks like the beautiful baby of the Advanced v1 and the Interceptor!!!
  12. It looks like the only ships that are getting new pilots are ships that have been re-released so far, so maybe we can expect more as more ships come into 2nd edition.
  13. They had the Saw's renegades spread under the Hound's tooth expansion as well lol
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