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  1. My understanding is that Archimedes is destroyed at the same time as all the other creatures. Therefore his ability does not trigger. For me the situation is similar to Tolas and something like Gateway to Dis - and here it was ruled that no amber is gained for destroying creatures because Tolas is destroyed simultaneously with all other creatures.
  2. Thank you very much for your thoughts! Until somebody explains why the analogy to the phase shift ruling does not apply in this case I will follow Spitfire's interpretation.
  3. Helper Bot says: Wild Wormhole says: Here is the situation: 1. Play Helper Bot 2. Play Wild Wormhole 3. Wild Workmhole plays a non-logos card (in my game: Brobnar) Can you still play another non-logos card? Or is this slot filled with the card played by Wild Wormhole? We were unsure. My opponent allowed me to play another non-logos card. How would you judge this?
  4. I can imagine that Dis does this. Actually I lost against strong Dis control decks often. Unfortunately I lack one myself.
  5. My best decks either have nice steal with Shadows or amber burst and key cheating with untamed. Logos, Brobnar and Dis are not winning me games but are excellent in supporting my strategy, for example by giving me more control, more cards, or a superior board.
  6. Short answer: it is your deck. I made an overview with the 30 decks I played most with (at least ten times each). Mars is the worst house for me, and Sanctum comes in second worst. And in your Untamed pool you are missing some of the best Untamed cards (like Hunting Witch, Dust Pixie, or Chota Hazri to name just a few). At least I would have a hard time with your Mister Liliza.
  7. Gaukli

    Card Languages

    I know for sure that there is German.
  8. Gaukli

    Surprise Combos

    Yesterday I encountered the interaction between Ether Spider and Bait and Switch for the first time. My Ether Spider captured every amber that my opponent stole with Bait and Switch. I was at 8 amber, my opponent had two. Once Bait and Switch was resolved I had only 2 left. So, be careful when you play with Ether Spider against Shadows - your loss might be even increased. (Eventually that cost me the game because I was one amber short after my next turn, couldn't forge the key the turn afterwards ...)
  9. Excellent - thank you very much!
  10. I am a little bit confused how to handle the interaction between pitlord and control the weak. Pitlord forces me to choose Dis as my active house. What happens when my opponent plays control the weak and forces me to play another house (i.e. Shadows) as my active house? I thought the situation is similar to the Pitlord-Restringuntus one (I cannot choose a house). However, somebody explained to me that I can choose between Dis and Shadows (or whatever house my opponent did choose). The explanation goes like this: I have to choose Dis (because of the Pitlord) I have to choose Shadwos (because of Control the Weak) As the active player I decide which of two contradicting "musts" I adhere to. How are you playing this? Is there anything (semi)official on this?
  11. I am doing something very similar to this. My son is six years old and not yet able to read. But he loves the game (the pictures, the action ...) although he is not really able to play it on his own. So when we play against each other it is basically me playing against myself because I have to take care of all the rules, the card texts ... Thereby I see how my decks work, what synergies there are ... However, it is way more fun than just sitting there alone.
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