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  1. Are the swarm controls coming back, or have they changed from the old controls? IE, hold ctrl during setup for spacing/crtl+a to select similar movements.
  2. I was just about to report this as well
  3. 100% this. In addition, do not be afraid of playing the long game and disengaging for one or two rounds. Try to recognize when your opponent will slip up and you might be able to get all 3 of your arcs on one ship.
  4. Fantastic trade with @Helias de Nappo.
  5. I'd love to be able to fill my left over conversion kits with these models. Can't find a way to purchase though 🤔
  6. HAVE: 2.0 Conversions: Scum: M12-L Kimogila Fighter (x1) Quadjumper (x3) YV-666 (x1) M3-A Interceptor (x1) HWK-290 (x1) Scurrg (x1) Kihraxz Fighter (x1) G-1A Starfighter (x1) Firespray (x1) Z-95 (x1) Imperial: Decimator (x2) TIE Striker (x1) TIE Bomber (x1) Alpha Class Starwing (x2) TIE Adv V1 (x2) TIE Punisher (x1) TIE Aggressor (x2) Lambda (x2) First Order: Upsilon (x2) TIE/FO (x2) TIE Silencer (x2) TIE/SF (x3) Extras: Pre-Order Damage Deck (T-65 Deck) First Edition Alt Art: Kylo Ren - pilot Ello Asty IG-88 C Soontir Fel Quickdraw Shadowport Hunter (x2) Poe Dameron – PS 8 Luke Skywalker Scimitar Squad Bomber WANT: 2.0 Conversions: Defender (x1) TIE Interceptor (x3) Will also trade for models of any of the listed ships in the “have” section. Extras: Any special dice Any acrylic focus/evade/TL tokens Second edition acrylic movement templates Any Empire/Scum/FO Alt Art
  7. I've taken both the Wave 1 Thematic and extended events, undefeated, with mini crack swarms + Advanced. Thematic Advanced was Vader obviously, extended was Marek. Crack (mini)swarms are thriving where I am.
  8. Building swarms and mini swarms are a nuisance because I can't figure out how to copy or clone a ship, Is there a way to do it?
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