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  1. Sad to see there is still no offcial answer on this. We decided to role play the solution by not giving the 'faction' reward to anyone, as it is the game mecanics that trigers it. It makes the game longer, which is fine for us :) What have you guys done to deal with it ?
  2. Anyone has bumped into this yet ?
  3. Still no one from the staff about this ? :)
  4. Just finished mine this week :)
  5. We had exactly the same questions yesterday night playing Far Harbor. Would love an official feed back from FFG on that :)
  6. I agree, this scenario is a bit misleading when it comes to the rules. The rules of the main quest and the way to resolve it are very unclear. The four of us spent time to read and read and read the cards yesterday, couldnt find a logical way to handle the action/rewards when a new Star of Shield is placed on the board. Couldnt decide if we should get the reward when it was placed by the NPC activation or not, and especially if so, who should get the reward. The next player in line ? Even if he is not working whith the faction mentionned. That was mind confusing. Shall we handle this as a Quest action ? Very unclear, would love to hear about this from someone from FFG. Also, i dont have the rule book under hand as of now, but i am reading a lot of comments stating this, about missing tokens: ' Under “component limitations” in the R.R., you can’t run out of faction tokens. If you do, you’re supposed to use a substitute. '
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