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  1. I was able to register the deck with no issue. I did speak with a friend who said he had seen people talking about two different packagings: the Chinese printing is the one I have (loose plastic wrap minus the red stripe), and a German printing which has the red stripe. I haven't looked for this online, so take that with a grain of salt. But I thought someone here might know, and if it was a repack, everyone should know. I was able to register the deck with no issue. I did speak with a friend who said he had seen people talking about two different packagings: the Chinese printing is the one I have (loose plastic wrap minus the red stripe), and a German printing which has the red stripe. I haven't looked for this online, so take that with a grain of salt. But I thought someone here might know, and if it was a repack, everyone should know.
  2. Hi everyone! I found a good deal on an age of ascension box on amazon: Fantasy Flight Games KeyForge: Age of Ascension Deck Display (12) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RJTN884/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_tWY9CbBK1Z76A 90 isn't a bad price at all! I got the package today, and now I'm not sure I got a factory sealed box. The biggest clue for this was the packaging on the deck I opened. It's missing the red line easy open strip, and it is somewhat loose. Possible keyforge repack https://imgur.com/gallery/2wGkdL0 Is this an actual confirmation of a repack, or does FFG pack in different ways in different regions? If it is a repack, do I have any recourse, or am I just boned? Thanks everyone!
  3. Yeah...that's not really a useful thing to do. "Let me put this card out in front of me that says which house I picked." It's just the name they gave the card so that's what I refer to them as. ๐Ÿ˜ That's a good question. I never got any of the pins, but I would looooooove to get them. No idea! I'm going to go to an event this Saturday that's supposed to have a prize wall, so I might have a chance to check.
  4. If I remember correctly, the double sided "active house" cards have a chain tracker on the back side. Maybe the amber cards have some kind of unrelated opposite side?
  5. I was just recently invited to a facebook group called "Keyforge - Phoenix." It is indeed closed. ๐Ÿ˜ I'm not a hugely social person (work schedule plus my personality yay introverts), so I haven't really dived into the scene here in Phoenix. I live in the Avondale area, but to my knowledge, the biggest scene is at Desert Sky Games. I personally am not a fan of DSG and prefer Game Depot, but they're a good bit of distance from me. I suppose a Discord server could be created. I'm not sure if DSG or Game Depot have any kind of a directory of players or anything. ๐Ÿ˜ I'm assuming you'd rather not start up a Discord? I've never done it, but the administration and moderation of it doesn't sound all that appealing. Did a quick google search for options. This post is like...the third result lol. A few things that might be helpful? Keyforge LFG - Looks like just a user driven listing of where events are happening. Unsure on how accurate/useful it is, but if everyone agrees to use it...could be useful. https://www.keyforgelfg.com/venues/all There's always Reddit, but I've never had much success there. I only ever went to one meetup with someone I didn't know...and that's not an experience I'd like to repeat.
  6. I'm not going to put all of the images here, but there is a specific bit of text I think makes things confusing with nexus: "as if it were your own." That text is missing from a chunk of the cards you gave as examples. Just for comparison, here's Nexus: https://keyforge-compendium.com/cards/305-nexus (sorry, I hit the upload limit apparently) I think we might want to discuss the text "as if it were your own" compared to situations without it. "As if it were your own," only means its effects would benefit you instead of the owner. Effectively "you are the owner of the artifact this turn." The rub comes in at "as if it were your own," though, because if I had a Brobnar artifact, I could only use it if I called Brobnar. I would agree with you on how this works (and I want to agree with you), but after the Biomatrix Backup ruling, I'm not sure how FFG would rule it. I can't imagine them ruling it works contrary to how you've described (because then it's much less likely to be useful), but they didn't walk back after BB became less useful soooo...
  7. My understanding of "interrupt" was a bit off. I was understanding it to mean "interrupts" effects, which off the top of my head I can't cite a situation in Magic that happens? They use the stack, so things just get added and then resolved instead of "interrupting" a card's effects while they're resolving, but I wasn't all that clear in that explanation. It's easy to think others know what you mean when you know what you mean! In any event, the clarification explains how they (destroyed effects) work, so that's pretty much just how it goes. Agree or not, FFG has spoken. I think this thread has more or less run its course. No need to keep arguing about something that's not changeable by me. I'm still iffy on the distinction between "stunned creature, no creatures to fight, anger" and "un-stunned creature, no creature to fight," but I can see how Brad's ruling can be considered valid from the rules we have. Thanks everyone for the discussion!
  8. That last bit is what I would argue prevents the unstun ruling. Anger doesn't say "ready and use a creature" it says ready and fight. If you can't fight, you can't move up to the generic "use" instead. For example, if I played a card that let me use a friendly sanctum creature, then I can do any of those subsets of use (fight, reap, action). If I play a card that says fight with a friendly creature, then I can only do that subset of fight. I don't use and then fight with it. ....and then I did some more reading of the rulebook to try and prove my point and...well I can't quite rationalize it the way I want to see it. I want to argue there's a "replacement effect" for use to any of the subset of actions, but that's just kinda...not a thing I think would stand up to rules readings. Ah well, them's the breaks. I thought of Keyforge as a less complicated game that should have a lot less complicated interactions, but I think Poposhka had it right with "Its all going to boil down to corner case rulings that youโ€™re going to have to remember." I was hoping this wouldn't be the case, but ah well. Thanks for clarifying! Sidenote: I'm not even mad about it because it would make anger "too good" or anything like that (same thing for the foggify example given). It's just that I was sold on Keyforge as being simpler and less "requires an official judge to clarify things" than it is. Seems like there's always a question or clarification needed in some weird edge case, and I'm not a huge fan of trying to remember all the weird situations I won't run into often. Grumble grumble grumble. I guess it just boils down to the same complaint everyone else seems to have: write a clearer rulebook.
  9. Hi everyone! First post, please forgive me if I missed this topic being discussed. I didn't see it when I searched for it. There's a new youtube video up with some rules clarifications! Watch it here (relevant portion to this post starts at 14:10: We all caught up? Cool. I have HUGE issues with the clarifications made about anger interacting with stun, and one small bit of confusion about Bad Penny and the bolter. Let's start with the bolter. What in the world is meant by "new object?" This is not referenced anywhere in the rulebook. What does this actually mean for other potential interactions? I can't think of anything off the top of my head, but I assume it has effects in other understandings of the rules. On the same topic, my understanding of "interrupts/instants" is that they don't exist in this game. This explanation would seem to contradict that. In the middle of resolving ANYTHING, if a creature is destroyed with a destroy effect, you stop resolving effects and resolve the destroyed effect. That's...the definition of an interrupt is it not? Does THAT have any long reaching impacts on our understanding of the rules? Alright, here's the meat of the issues I have: anger and stuns. I have an exhausted creature. My opponent has no creatures. I play anger. This is where we invoke the "do as much as you can" rule. Anger says "ready and fight." So I ready the creature, and when I go to fight, I can't. At this point, anger is done and I have a readied creature. Cool. I can now interact with that Brobnar creature as the rules dictate (I can use it if I picked Brobnar as my active house). If it's not Brobnar, I have readied it, but cannot use it. Now, I have a stunned creature. How does anger interact with that? Well, *if* there's an enemy creature to fight, it plays out like this: Ready->attempt to fight->remove stun instead of fight. We remove the stun because in order to remove a stun, you have to use (fight, reap, or action) the creature. Instead of the effect you'd get from using the creature, you remove the stun instead. So far so good, this all makes sense. I think we'd all agree that's how the rules work. Where you lose me is "Does this change if your opponent has no creatures in play?" and Brad says "No." I would say "Yes, it changes." Brad disagrees. He says that you get to remove your stun because you're not even checking if your opponent has any creatures, you're just immediately removing the stun. In our previous examples, it was even stated by Brad that you can then use the creature as long as it was from the declared house (example of fighting with no enemy creatures): the "do as much as you can rule." So, from my reading and understanding of the rules, this is what I would argue happens: My mars creature is stunned. I pick Brobnar as my house. I play anger to ready and fight with my mars creature. I ready my mars creature. If there are enemy creatures to fight, I then attempt to fight, but remove the stun instead. If there are *no* enemy creatures, after readying, I have done "as much as I can." Since my active house was not mars, I cannot use that creature in order to remove the stun. I don't understand/follow where we went from (and I'm direct quoting here) "You play anger on one of your creatures, let's say an exhausted one, uh maybe one even not of the active house, and your opponent doesn't have any creatures in play, you're just going to ready that creature. You won't continue to resolve it, you're going to do as much as you can. Because there are no creatures on the other side of the table, you can't fight, so you don't." to the exact same situation except your creature is stunned and then get "In this case, because stun is effectively replacing that use, you will get to do this even if your opponent doesn't have creatures, because you're replacing that - you're not even checking if your opponent, you're not even trying to fight - you immediately go to remove that stun instead. " Brad seems to have created some kind of "replacement effect" for stuns to justify this ruling? That not referenced in the rules anywhere. How do those two explanations not contradict each other? The only difference between the two is that your creature is stunned. Am I the only one not seeing how these two scenarios don't make sense, or am I just entirely off base?
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