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  1. People collect decks. They're made of cards. I would say that makes the cards collectible. I think there's a game you can play with them too.
  2. I miss the first version of the rulebook, when destroyed effects happened when a creature was destroyed. This is what happens when they make a sweeping rules change rather than have proper playtesters read the cards to make sure they work as intended.
  3. SupaGerm


    If it's fun, it's good. If it's not fun, it's bad.
  4. I bought a starter set and two individual decks. Two of the decks had the red strip and the other two were more loosely wrapped. I can't remember which was which, but they all seemed ok.
  5. I've always though purging Nepenthe Seed after using it would make sense. Omni makes it super strong.
  6. I'd rather house icons or the KF logo. It's weird to me when the backs of cards have artwork that can also be on the front of cards. But your list is a good one. I'd use Wild Wormhole for Logos and Blinding Light for Sanctum.
  7. Glad they followed the rules and card text when making the ruling.
  8. Someone was complaining about the collar in another thread: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/291193-vollar-of-subordination-and-upgrades/
  9. SupaGerm

    Wild Wormhole

    It's ok. I never get excited when I see it in my decklist, but I can usually make it do something useful. Nice to pull Dextre off the top of your deck if he's in the way. Definitely better the deeper you get into the deck, as you can narrow down the possibilities.
  10. And you thought FFG was the right place to look for that?
  11. Quick question, just to make sure... Did you hit the "More results" button to see more than ten decks?
  12. is the deck fun to play? If so, go get 'em!
  13. There's a guy on Boardgamegeek carrying on with this same argument in 2 or 3 threads. Maybe you guys should form a club.
  14. Did you just lose a game to a vollar?
  15. SupaGerm


    I also wouldn't mind raucous 90's comedy-style factions named House Party and House Party 2. They would add a new mechanism called "Kid" and also heavily feature "Play" effects. Would probably wait a while before adding a House Party 3 faction.
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