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  1. Show your list and a copy of your cards at the beginning of the game to your opponent. Clearly ask them if they are happy with your pilot, ship, and upgrade card abilities. Especially if you have a non-meta card ("I have dengar gunner on Boba, are you happy with how it works?"). If you have any non-standard tokens, explain to your opponent what they are for. Always have spare official tokens if theres an issue. Anytime you reach towards your cards to do something, declare it. ("Anakin regens one force" "I lose 1 shield"). I'm never going to be able to keep track of the mess of tokens and cards on your side of the board, but if you're constantly fiddling with them, I'm going to get suspicious. If you want to make a non-standard move, like the hard turns on the outside of a base or eyeball a bump, then ask for your opponents permission. When measuring a debatable range, hold your ship and ask your opponent to do the same. If you have to call a judge, remain holding the ships. If you make a mistake, declare it. Mistakes happen, especially with 6+ rounds, just be honest about it. And don't whine about being diced when you made a string of poor decisions and never modded. Fly better.
  2. He is probably undercosted, but I also suspect his high include % is also due to the resistance having only 4 ships.
  3. Two 5A lists made the UK SO cut at the weekend. One went 6-0 and the other 5-1. Unfortunately out of the 62 in the cut they got matched against each other. Very few 5A lists on the tables on both days. But Lulo is pretty much an auto-include for Resistance. I'd hate to see a harsh nerf that removes the viability of 5As. Its great fun to fly, but can be incredibly unforgiving and most games are very close. The only players I have found that really complain about my 5A list are those who have let themselves be kited around the board all game.
  4. I'm genuinely interested to hear what your meta lists are. Lists aside, both events have some very good players. Coruscant, EU, UK, and Italian Champs are all in there.
  5. I started with 2.0. I looked at the cost of buying a few individual cards, extra tokens, etc from ebay initially, but quickly realised it would be cheaper to buy a conversion kit. I went for the Scum kit and bought a few 1.0 ships (Starviper, HWK, Misthunter, Quads) then recovered most of the cost by selling off the parts and cards for ships I didn't need. I also bought a moldy crow title.
  6. I'm really struggling to understand Quickdraw's ability. Does it mean: 1. Every round that I'm not at 3 shields, I get to flip the charge token once and perform a bonus primary attack? 2. When a shield is lost in an attack, I can flip the charge token and then perform a bonus primary attack? (but only once total in that round) Any clarity would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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