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  1. So ... uh ... you found that the maps don't quite line up. 😝😝😝 I would like to think that something like the following response goes out with some regularity... Most Honorable Samurai, The Imperial Government of Rokugan under the "Most Heaven Blessed" Emperor, wants you to know that your concerns over alleged cartographic inaccuracies and discrepancies have been noted. Please. If you would state for the record if these are Imperial maps that you are criticizing? Also, as you must surely know, your honor and status are currently being reviewed and compared against Miya cartographers. Just in case. We want you to know that we are considering your letter, and will arrange a full, proper and formal response ... in due course. Respectfully, A Very Important Imperial Functionary
  2. "...the ground...." Yoshi looks on in awe, "Right. Lets wrap this up." The big ronin stands up in the stirrups, aims, and shoots down into the boar. ::Air (3)/Ranged (1) produces: a success, an option, and option with strife, and an explosion with strife. I keep: the success, the explosion (w/strife) & the option. Explosion produces an option . For a total of 2 success, 2 options & 1 strife (Becomes 3 strife). I would normally turn this into a critical hit with my two options, but the boar is already out of fatigue and already takes a severity 3 critical strike. So I want to use them to assist the next person who attacks the boar:: "Gah...that squealing is unbearable! One should die silently. Kenshin? Hekasu? Put it down!"
  3. ::I don't know that backing away really makes at the moment ... and it is potentially a bad habit for a samurai to ever start. I'll stay put and see what happens next turn.::
  4. Yoshi finally gets his act together and manages to get his bow out, and ready. With one breath in and out, he's knocking an arrow and looking down its shaft towards the boar. "Someone keep half an eye out on the trail eh? It wasn't us who first shot this beast..." ::In air stance. I take a support action and prepare an item. Can I also use my movement to get off the horse? We're supposed to bring them safely to the festival to be sold. I want to keep my body between it and the boar of possible.::
  5. Looks promising! I have always had the thought that even though "ronin" is one word that there are several different "things" encapsulated in it. You have Great Clan samurai who are "taking a Gap Year" and seeing the world before settling down into their duties, you have outcasts who have lost their Clan, you have guys who are essentially crooks and bandits, & finally you have a hereditary class of people who don't quite fir in to the official structure of the world. I would love to see more clearly how each clan makes use (or doesn't) of ronin. Scorpions can obviously use them as cut outs for their more nefarious and deniable activities. The Crab always need more soldiers on the Wall. I can imagine that the large Matsu family resists any other Bushi (of questionable provenance!) taking their work and or glory. And the Crane looking down long noses at the uncultured and poorly educated. But how do Ronin and the Phoenix interact? Are there things that they use ronin for? The Dragon? The Unicorn? Crossing my fingers! I have hopes this is going to be good!
  6. ::Yes. yes. Vigilence 3. Stupid (fast) pig...::
  7. "Really? I didn't know that meat could be "ground." I don't think I am a fussy eater, but I confess that I ... BOAR!" Yoshi points with one hand "There! A Boar! Right there!" Yoshi fumbled for his bow... ::Focus is 4. Air 3, Tactics 1. I roll ... 3 options and an option with strife. I keep ... 3 options. Well. We're on a trail in the forrest. I think. I spend an option to learn a disadvantage of the boar (if it has one beyond bleeding). And use the other two options to provide assistance to the next person to roll for initiative. On the Water/Survival Check i was going to use one option from "Water" and one from "Any" to drop three strife. But I am happy to use the second option instead to add an interesting detail if you have an fun idea....::
  8. ... the Imperial Cartographers will get to your request - eventually ...
  9. "So...uh...anyone? I do not like to admit ignorance. But since its just us on the road... Can someone tell me what hikiniku is? I'm pretty sure its bad. But is it like a place. Like Yumi-do or Jigoku? Or is just a village that's far away?" Yoshi looked self absorbed and concerned about the answer. ::water (2)Survival(1). That would be a blank. And two options. I keep the two options. I guess I remove some strain from myself as I consider the last encounter, and let go of worrying over Hekasu & the border. And totally miss whatever i should be paying attention too::
  10. This is true ... and the last sentence is the larger point that I am making. The introduction of guns starts changes that cause adaptations and ultimately societal change. You are right that it (the transition of power from elite knights to common soldiers) happened over centuries, but in Europe the line is pretty linear. We go from the 11-12thC when the feudal knight enjoys his heyday, to the renaissance where town militias behind a wall can largely tell armies of knights to take a hike (but are at the mercy of mounted knights when they venture into the countryside), to Aginscourt where massed archery wipes out the French knights "in the field," to the 100 Years War where improved cannons regularly start knocking down castles, to the Religious Wars where the armored knight finally is gone. Japan follows a different path of control and suppression, but it's a regard action against the same tide. At each step along the way the local aristocracy and the style of war changed (or didn't... and got swept aside) from one thing into something else. In Rokugan I believe you could introduce "a few" "primitive style" guns and not change much of anything else ... and if that floats your boat then I wish you happiness running that in your campaign. But I don't know that I would make that choice. If I was going to introduce guns, my first thought is go big ... where the role of the Bushi was disappearing. What would that mean for the Great Clans? Especially the Lion & the Crab? What does a Kakita duelist (who tries to live the teachings of the Sword) think about guns? Or the Kolat who gain access to "terror weapons" that do the kind of mass damage that previously only belonged to the mightiest shugenja? I don't have immediate answers, but those are the areas I would want to dive into.
  11. I don't have my books in front of me. As I remember it Daidoji came out of the Shadowlands with his hair turned white as a result of the horrors he saw and experienced. Almost all Daidoji now dye their hair white to honor their founder. I believe many Doji and Kakita also do the same. I am less clear on this but believe its a combination of (1) honoring a great hero of the clan and (2) stylish. The Asahina are much less "militant" than the Daidoji. To put it mildly. I don't think they usually dye their hair. Certainly the core book illustration shows them as black. Given the rivalry between the Yasuki and the Daidoji I would guess that the Yasuki do not generally dye their hair. ...Unless one is under cover pretending to be a Crane. My thoughts and guesses. I am sure there are people on this forum who have a deeper well of knowledge on the topic than I.
  12. There are no rules in the current edition of the game. They may produce some later. If you wanted to home-brew, pulling stuff out of thin air, I would guesstimate something in the ball park of 5/6 (damage and severity). With at least the prepare quality, & ignores physical armor at range band 3 or less. Probably something jams/breaks if you don't get at least 1 success. Off of the top of my head that seems like a decent combination of moderate simplicity & utility. IMO the introduction of gunpowder weapons beyond the most primitive forms has the potential to radically change the nature of the setting...in history masses of "peasant" soldiers with firearms have always made the feudal system of armored warrior obsolete. I personally don't like the idea of a Rokugan with firearms and no real change to having Great Clans sunning as they do in the normal setting. Is that the campaign you want to run? I think there could be lots of exciting drama in something based more on the Meji era. But again, I don't think it would look a lot like a "normal" Rokugan campaign. In the 4th Edition there were some detailed firearm rules present in Imperial Histories 2 which presented numerous alternative settings. That might make a good jumping off point for someone who was interested. As I understand it: There are major cultural taboos following the Battle of White Stag against the Gaijin gunpowder weapons. And there are alleged metaphysical "problems" with gunpowder (aka gaijin pepper) and that the creation of it is incompatible with Rokugan's kamis/knowledge base. So I personally would not immediately connect Rokugani Fireworks with Gunpowder. That makes sense to me. If you assume that an Akodo (or other) war master could read the tea leaves about making Ashigaru gunner dominant on the battlefield, and cannons crushing Rokugani castles, then there is good reason NOT to allow those weapons in Rokugan if you have the means to suppress them. They threaten the way of Bushido. As I understand it that was the reason why gunpowder weapons were restricted in real world Japan. We know from the Kasuga that at least some amounts of gunpowder do get smuggled into Rokugan. It's not really clear to me what they get used for. I am sure some gets used for sabotage by the black pajamas crowd. But given how loud and unsubtle they are, I see problems with explosives that can be traced in any way. I would guess experimentation by (Imperial?) alchemests is also a component. Those are my thoughts.
  13. "You give me much to consider. Thank you Shishi-sama. My older brother is Nobuyuki ... no-Ikebana. I have not seen him in a little more than a year. But he was well last time we spoke. Perhaps I will get a chance to tell him about you someday. And maybe warn him that we can be recognized by our bows." Yoshi bows one last time.
  14. The Horse is a horse and not a unicorn. But the Unicorn steeds are markedly superior to anything "home grown" in Rokugan which are generally called ponies. There is a little side bar by unicorn ponies in the back of the core book that shows the adjustments for transforming them into a unicorn steed. Yes. Tainted horses are bad. In a worse case scenario, after your group kills your horse ... all that gear you don't think about in the saddle bags? You now get to haul that out on your own two legs. Come to think of it the saddle isn't walking home either. If you still have you saddle and saddlebags. Maybe if your horse goes bad just rides away with your supplies?
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