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  1. Yoshi bows deeply. “Thank you for welcoming us to your wonderful festival. Some of us were hoping to compete tomorrow. I know I am hoping to compete with the sword Yasuki-Sama.” Yoshi bows again.
  2. Yoshi bows deeply at the departing samurai. "Well, there is still the matter of the Crab merchant. I think we all owe Hiruma-sama a visit. I had the thought that I might turn up around diner time...are you interested in going there as a group to investigate his new find? We could meet up the sun gets low on the horizon." Yoshi looks up at the cloudy sky "Though maybe that might be difficult..." "I do need to sign up for the tournament tomorrow. Since it is going to be open to what contestants agree to I was wondering, if you truly are not competing, if you might agree to represent me in negotiations?..." Yoshi trails off hopefully.
  3. It depends! 😀 Travel papers are a technicality they could nail you on. But if you are status 60 I would think you could get someone (an Emerald Magistrate?) to issue papers to you under your real identity and your false identity. How discrete are/were you? Being a spy for a clan is not the same as being a shinobi. Its not honorable, but no one is going to have an existential crisis thinking about the celestial order and of how Rokugan is supposed to work because a Scorpion got caught sneaking around. It might be different if you got caught "in black pajamas" sneaking into somewhere you weren't supposed to (and...OMG someone died by poison!). Your honor definitely takes some kind of a hit by spying in the first place and your glory takes a hit for being caught. Is it illegal? Not exactly ... I'm sure some buerrecrats try to nail you on something! But that's because a lot of people have become ticked off at you. And now want a pound of your flesh. That's not necessarily because of what it says on a moldy imperial scroll. I personally would claim to have been seeking a romantic liaison with someone, and then swear you'd rather fight a hundred duels than share her name. At least that sounds like something a little north of disgraceful. Good luck! I hope it worked out!
  4. ::I'll toss the other option into social subtlety. Yoshi is being mindful around a surprisingly stressed out VIP:: Yoshi falls back on basic courtesy. "Ide-sama you have not indicated if you would accept the antler from Ito-sama. Again we offer it to you..." and then a third time, "I hope you will consider accepting it. I believe Ito-sama would view it as a great courtesy..." If Hekasu isn't interested in checking out Bakin's response. Yoshi will make an attempt... Meanwhile ... Sorachi? ::Earth3/Survival 0. I roll a success, a success with strife and a blank. failure. I confess I don't remember who this person is. ::
  5. "I do not believe I had the opportunity to meet Sorachi-san. But if you mean the tack and saddles Ide-sama, then yes. They are also from Flint Quay village and should be sold for the benefit of the village. Ito-sama was hoping to buy or trade for ashigaru armor to better outfit the village defenders in case of additional future attacks." Yoshi bows to the Unicorn samurai. ::Air3/Courtesy1. 2 successes, an explosion with strife, and an option. I keep the a success, the explosion and the option. The explosion comes up with another option. Courtesy is my WR skill at Tier 1 so I ignore a point of strife. That results in 2 success and 2 options. I'll use the two air options to "take the pulse" of Ide-sama & Bakin by learning their demeanor and strife::
  6. "Yes Ide-sama. These are the horses." "The leader of the ronin, the so called Jaw-cracker, had a reputation as a very dangerous man. Ito-sama believes the wounds he inflicted on him were mortal. I regret that we do not bring you happier tidings."
  7. ::done! Happy to help if Hekasu has strife to dump. Hekasu can remove 2 strife... ::
  8. :Earth 3/Courtesy 1. a blank, two successes & an option. I keep the 2 successes. Pass. I use option to minimize danger. If there is a safer way of multiple options I lock on that. ... and maybe keep an eye out for a certain Yasuki.:: "I heard once that..." Yoshi starts in at about the same time as Hekasu-san
  9. I haven't mentioned anything about the jaw-cracker ... yet. Since Ito-samas health is directly tied to his fight with Kazama I am (currently) planning to share that knowledge with Ide-sama first. I kinda like these guys but I don't know that Ito-sama would want that information shared with the ronin guard first...
  10. "Maybe more than half." Yoshi murmurs. He looks out over the field. "Oh, fairness. You are overrated. I like my odds of glorious victory with that group..." Yoshi's on softens as he gives a small laugh and looks back at Hayai with twinkle in his eye. "Thank you for the information on registering. I will have to prepare for tomorrow."
  11. "Hayai-san do you know when the sword fighting competitions are being held? I had thought I might enter. Either in performing forms or facing opponents. If the later I want to make sure i have time to change armor." Yoshi finishes washing up and dons his grey ceremonial robes. Guess I now get to see what goes on at the big Pavilion.
  12. "I would certainly appreciate a chance to refresh myself. Thank you" ::water2/courtesy1. I roll a success w/strife, a success with option(!) and an option with strife. I keep the successes & spend the option to keep a die set to an option on a later social check in the scene. Courtesy is my worldly ronin skill so ignore the 1 strife.:: While washing Yoshi strikes up conversation with a Unicorn. Maybe Bakin-san. While trading chit chat about conditions on the Wall, the roads 7 the price of spices he eventually slips in, "I am unfamiliar with the honorable Ito Satake-sama. I gather he has powerful allies.... " Yoshi goes digging into Satake with the spirit of a "scouting expedition" looking for possible hazards ahead. ::Air3/Government0 I get a success, an explosion and a success with option(!). The explosion turns into an option. I keep 3 successes and 2 options. I the options to be subtle in my questioning....
  13. Yoshi turns and looks mildly concerned at Hekasu. "Was he a governor Hekasu-san? I though Ito no-Asahina-sama was just in charge of Flint Quay village. Though I am only a ronin as my father before me...I could be wrong." Yoshi's voice goes droll, "Alas, a humble ronin must be prepared to be wrong about complicated politics." "It seems you are well familiar with Ito-sama." Yoshi turns back to Suio Baunkin-sama. "I only met him recently, but was favorably impressed by him. For what one ronin's humble opinion is worth sir. I regret that I must report that he is in ... poor health. And hoped that Ide-sama, who travelled with him in his youth, might help him in what might be a final - modest - transaction to help his successor find success." "We were hoping to arrange an audience with the powerful samurai here at the festival. At a time convenient to her." Finished speaking, Yoshi bows.
  14. Yoshi thinks as he takes in the surroundings. Hmmm.... not what I was expecting. And disappointing if I am going to live here serving in the unicorn's guards. I don't want to serve under a drunkard or belligerent samurai... "Would I be correct in guessing that the archery completion is bows and arrows only?" Yoshi ventures. ::Air 3/Labor(or Smithing) 0. I roll a success, an explosion with strife, and a blank. Going to go conservative here and just keep the Success to "save room" for possible future strife. I succeed, but not wildly.::
  15. Yoshi blinks. The tries again. "Well. As one of the Great samurai she is probably in the Grand Pavillion. We could just go over there and hope she's there. And that she remembers Ito no Asahina-sama as fondly as Ito-sama remembers her. And hope she is interested enough in dealing with our modest four-horses-and-a-sword to to welcome our interruption in whatever Ide-sama is currently doing. Or instead of just barging in we could be Courteous and take a softer approach. Set up a meeting at a time convenient to the samurai we are essentially seeking help from on behalf of Ito-sama. Make sure she's where we know her to be so we don't look like presumptive fools if in fact she is not there..."
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