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  1. Guess from now on I'm going to assume if something says discard I'm just going to assume it's from the opponents hand or archives. I mean it doesn't say it doesn't work that way right?
  2. If I want to loan a friend one of my decks to use in a chainbound tournament will that work or does it have to be registered to them?
  3. I'd say they start with their chains as normal. It also influences on your choices as to play any cards that grant chains as well.
  4. It did seem weird that we didn't have to login when first opening the app
  5. I think technically you say "I'm going to use this creature to fight"
  6. Thanks. I was hoping it was something simpler.
  7. Where can one find image files for their Archons like that?
  8. Maybe the guys at the Crucible should just as a new type of game so you can choose from "Beginner" "Casual" "Competitive" and "I'm Just Testing Decks and Will Totally Ghost on You Bros" depending on what you want to do.
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