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  1. Question Asked by Domingo: When modifying attachments, does the difficulty increase with each subsequent modification (i.e. Hard for the first mod, Daunting, for the second mod, Formidable for the third mod)? Answered by Sam Stewart: Yes. Followup Question Asked by Domingo: Assuming that the difficulty increase is cumulative, what is the procedure for the fourth mod? Are more difficulty dice added beyond five, are difficulty dice upgraded to challenge dice, or is the Impossible task sidebar followed? Answered By Sam Stewart: The GM is the final arbitrator as to which procedure to use, but generally I recommend that the GM allow the player to make the check, upgrading the check once for each increase beyond Formidable. I just want to make sure I understand which color dice to use. When I see "upgrading the check once for each increase beyond formidable" I'm not clear on how that would look. Trying to install the 3rd mod uses 5 purple dice. What does trying to install the 4th mod use? 6 purple? 4 purple, 1 red? or 5 purple, 1 red? I think it should probably be 4 purple, 1 red as keeping the 5 purple and adding a red seems like a double jump, but if it's supposed to be 6 purple, that'd be even better. While we are on the topic, what's the dice pool for trying to install a 5th mod? (are there any attachments that have 5 mod options? I'm not sure)
  2. Did this one move somewhere else, or did you all just stop? I was reading through some PbP as a spectator and this one sounded interesting.... then I get to page three and it's... ?
  3. I thought I understood the dice pretty well but I'm unsure of this one. The roll was 1 Triumph, 1 Failure, 1 threat, 4 advantage in a combat check. Since there were no actual success symbols this is a failed attack? If I'm reading that right, no damage would result, but you would still get to use the Triumph and 3 net advantages for something, just not damage or crits? At first I was wondering if the Triumph could make the attack successful since I don't see where a failure cancels a Triumph and a Triumph equals a success. (but as I was thinking more about it typing this up, I think the triumph doesn't get canceled, just can't be used for damage or crits, but since there was no actual success symbol the damage attack was not successful?)
  4. With respect, I don't need to read it again. I understand those are special attachments just for that fighter. I was just disappointed that none of the special attachments were weapons and that was compounded by the fact the fighter started weaponless. It seems odd you have to go thumbing through other books to find weapons for a fighter when it's benefit is all this custom switchable gear. Whatever weapons you add won't be part of the custom load out so even if it had standard weapons you would have been able to use the upgraded weapons section of other books to switch them. /shrug 😐 Thanks for the responses.
  5. Great explanation! This is pretty close to what I had in mind when I made the OP. (I was thinking there needed to be a set of "shield hit points" of a to be determined amount that took damage before getting into the armor soak and hull trauma part. I just always thought of shields working that way, and later in my life it seemed to be reinforced by the way Star Wars video games did shields. /shrug) (and I'm still not a trekkie so I've not been influenced by shields in that IP, but I saw people mention that's how Trek shields work) Anyway, nice explanation and a system worthy of thought. Thanks for sharing.
  6. This is in Special Modifications and has Magnetic Module Rails and a bunch of custom attachments you can add on and change out in a few minutes with an Average Mechanics check. Sounded really good. Except there are no weapons listed in any of the attachments and the fighter starts with no weapons. Has anyone used this fighter and come up with a reasonable way to put weapons on it?
  7. That's actually not bad. Do you just disregard what's supposed to happen in Edge when a ship's system strain is exceeded if you are using those as shield hit points? (I'm not familiar with Genesys, other than I know it's a generic gaming system also by FFG) If you wouldn't mind, could you elaborate on how that would work? Take a random hit from a ship weapon of say 10 points and show how that might get distributed to HT/SS? (or however you want to explain it. I'd just like a graphic example of what you mean so I could see how it would work.)
  8. Yes, I know it can happen. I've been in situations where my character had no wounds but had strain damage from using reflect. Can you use this to just heal strain, or does there have to be wounds to be healed? Further, if you have say only 2 wounds, but three strain and your roll would have allowed up to four wounds/strain to be healed... are you limited to healing only 2 strain because that's all the wounds you had to heal?
  9. Do you get to heal strain even if you have no wounds to heal? Specifically I'm thinking of my Soresu Guardian when he's used strain to Reflect or Parry and ended up with no wounds but several strain after an encounter.
  10. If I'm reading it right Guarded stance also gives you a black die to any combat check you make until the end of your turn. So it hurts you as much as it helps you if you were going to attack. I've never felt it was a worth it. Is it used a lot in your games?
  11. The core rule books (I've checked two) say to recover strain at the end of an encounter you roll a simple discipline or cool check and for each success, recover one strain. In the beginner games (again, checked two) it says each PC recovers strain equal to their Presence or ranks in Cool skill. (whichever is greater) No rolling just straight recovery based on stats or ranks. Is it either/or, or is one the actual right way to do it?
  12. When a lightsaber form has a box that changes the characteristic from Brawn to anything else, the wording says the character may use the other characteristic instead of Brawn. Does this mean you have a choice to still use Brawn if you want, or do you have to switch to the new characteristic once you purchase that box?
  13. I got my Force and Destiny core rulebook last Tuesday and have been going through it to start a new F&D based game (I've had EotE since 2015) I was trying to find out which game powers matched up with things we see in movies or read in the books. Lightning turned out to be easy to find, it was mentioned for Protect/Unleash. Force Push - is that Move, or would that also be Unleash? (to be specific I'm talking about the ability Obi-Wan uses to push back and knock down a cluster of battle droids at the end of the first battle in Episode 1, and when Maul pushes Obi-Wan over the edge also in Episode 1) Force Choke - would that be Heal/Harm? If not, then what would the effect of Harm be like? Force Run - I thought this would be in Enhance, but I didn't see anything regarding increasing run speed. Do you use it to boost an athletics check and narratively increase the run speed, or is there another power better suited to this? Thanks for any insight on this!
  14. Thanks! I see the boost shields in that table on 237. I'd read it before but by the time we ran that encounter I had forgotten that part and we didn't use any of those things from that table except manual repairs. I don't have either of the books with the gungan shield or Droideka's. Are those Force and Destiny books? I hit the link real quick, didn't realize we were talking about personal energy shields, I thought we were talking about the giant energy dome from the Battle of Naboo.
  15. Good catch on that damage. I forgot to do the soak for each hit. :/ I guess it's hard to get away from old habits of looking at things like HT points as a finite thing equaling destroyed. (I did know that exceeding hull trauma wouldn't necessarily blow us to smithereens, but floating there disabled seems like destroyed. I liked the ideas you had for either boarding or crashing softly or various other ways out. Good food for thought. While we're on the subject of things we probably did wrong in that scenario, we had the Ties represented as 4 individual ships rather than 2 groups of 2 minions. Going back and re-reading things it sounds like maybe we were supposed to use the Tie fighters as two 2 group minions. It said: Tie figher pilots are minions and use the same minion group rules as stormtroopers. Note that some of the fighter pilot's statistics aren't relevant for this encounter - he's flying a Tie Fighter! Then we looked below that at the stats for a Tie Fighter where there's no mention of minion rules and ended up just having 4 separate ships attacking. (we thought minions on the ground like stormtroopers but individual ships while flying) Later we re-read the Tie fighter pilot stats and saw under skills Pilot (both vary; 2 green, one yellow for a wing of 2, three green for a single pilot and realized a probable mistake in how we ran that encounter. Edit: I wanted to ask where do you find the info on the hike up the deflector shields? (is that boost shields? I've seen others mention it, but not sure what book its in. I see angle deflector shields in E:CRB page 233.
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