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  1. Typherian

    Is Heal/Harm the Best Force Talent?

    Yes, I know it can happen. I've been in situations where my character had no wounds but had strain damage from using reflect. Can you use this to just heal strain, or does there have to be wounds to be healed? Further, if you have say only 2 wounds, but three strain and your roll would have allowed up to four wounds/strain to be healed... are you limited to healing only 2 strain because that's all the wounds you had to heal?
  2. Typherian

    Is Heal/Harm the Best Force Talent?

    Do you get to heal strain even if you have no wounds to heal? Specifically I'm thinking of my Soresu Guardian when he's used strain to Reflect or Parry and ended up with no wounds but several strain after an encounter.
  3. Typherian

    Is Heal/Harm the Best Force Talent?

    If I'm reading it right Guarded stance also gives you a black die to any combat check you make until the end of your turn. So it hurts you as much as it helps you if you were going to attack. I've never felt it was a worth it. Is it used a lot in your games?
  4. The core rule books (I've checked two) say to recover strain at the end of an encounter you roll a simple discipline or cool check and for each success, recover one strain. In the beginner games (again, checked two) it says each PC recovers strain equal to their Presence or ranks in Cool skill. (whichever is greater) No rolling just straight recovery based on stats or ranks. Is it either/or, or is one the actual right way to do it?
  5. When a lightsaber form has a box that changes the characteristic from Brawn to anything else, the wording says the character may use the other characteristic instead of Brawn. Does this mean you have a choice to still use Brawn if you want, or do you have to switch to the new characteristic once you purchase that box?
  6. I got my Force and Destiny core rulebook last Tuesday and have been going through it to start a new F&D based game (I've had EotE since 2015) I was trying to find out which game powers matched up with things we see in movies or read in the books. Lightning turned out to be easy to find, it was mentioned for Protect/Unleash. Force Push - is that Move, or would that also be Unleash? (to be specific I'm talking about the ability Obi-Wan uses to push back and knock down a cluster of battle droids at the end of the first battle in Episode 1, and when Maul pushes Obi-Wan over the edge also in Episode 1) Force Choke - would that be Heal/Harm? If not, then what would the effect of Harm be like? Force Run - I thought this would be in Enhance, but I didn't see anything regarding increasing run speed. Do you use it to boost an athletics check and narratively increase the run speed, or is there another power better suited to this? Thanks for any insight on this!
  7. Thanks! I see the boost shields in that table on 237. I'd read it before but by the time we ran that encounter I had forgotten that part and we didn't use any of those things from that table except manual repairs. I don't have either of the books with the gungan shield or Droideka's. Are those Force and Destiny books? I hit the link real quick, didn't realize we were talking about personal energy shields, I thought we were talking about the giant energy dome from the Battle of Naboo.
  8. Good catch on that damage. I forgot to do the soak for each hit. :/ I guess it's hard to get away from old habits of looking at things like HT points as a finite thing equaling destroyed. (I did know that exceeding hull trauma wouldn't necessarily blow us to smithereens, but floating there disabled seems like destroyed. I liked the ideas you had for either boarding or crashing softly or various other ways out. Good food for thought. While we're on the subject of things we probably did wrong in that scenario, we had the Ties represented as 4 individual ships rather than 2 groups of 2 minions. Going back and re-reading things it sounds like maybe we were supposed to use the Tie fighters as two 2 group minions. It said: Tie figher pilots are minions and use the same minion group rules as stormtroopers. Note that some of the fighter pilot's statistics aren't relevant for this encounter - he's flying a Tie Fighter! Then we looked below that at the stats for a Tie Fighter where there's no mention of minion rules and ended up just having 4 separate ships attacking. (we thought minions on the ground like stormtroopers but individual ships while flying) Later we re-read the Tie fighter pilot stats and saw under skills Pilot (both vary; 2 green, one yellow for a wing of 2, three green for a single pilot and realized a probable mistake in how we ran that encounter. Edit: I wanted to ask where do you find the info on the hike up the deflector shields? (is that boost shields? I've seen others mention it, but not sure what book its in. I see angle deflector shields in E:CRB page 233.
  9. What books have the Gungan and Droideka info? I'd like to see, but as you say it just adds a second black die. We can do the same thing to ships by adding Reinforced Shield Generator E:CRB page 270. /shrug I'm sure that's better than 1 black die, but still not really what I'm looking for. Where do you find Boost shields? I haven't been able to see that yet. Sorry to keep referencing SWG but that's the only game where I flew ships and used shields before this. There were droid commands that moved shields around such as Double Front. This did double the front shield hit points while minimizing rear shields to a tiny amount. If I recall correctly there were other commands to equalize shields back to normal and to move them to the rear as well. So yes, I am used to having a system that allows doubling shields at one end, the trade off being minimal shields and the vulnerability that comes with that at the opposite end. I'm also used to having shields be the primary point of defense and once they are gone you can be fairly easily destroyed. As has been suggested, in the end I'm going to take the advice to "you do you". I feel like having substantial shields doesn't take away from any RP and in fact felt like RPing that the ship could withstand a good amount of Tie fighter hits without significant hull damage while trying to fight them off and wait for the calculations to make the jump to lightspeed and the safety therein was very much how I envision Star Wars stories going.
  10. I'm aware of what armor does. I'm not advocating for another soak mechanic, what I think works best is rather like another set of "hull trauma" points. Soak takes damage away from each hit and doesn't deplete from taking damage. My personal understanding of how shields work is that they deflect or absorb damage but are depleted with each hit until you hear things like "what's that flashing? We're losing the shields! I think there have been plenty of references to shields working that way throughout the Star Wars movies and books. This theory was borne out in SWG where shields depleted from hits and when they were gone the armor took hits, and when that was gone the ship itself could only take a few hits and the ship was destroyed. That being said, I think using the armor value for soak here in Edge works fine. Ok, here's what prompted this. I played through the Escape from Mos Shuuta, and when the Tie fighters attacked one ended up with a single success for 7 points of damage plus advantages to activate the linked quality for 14 points of damage. 14-3 soak = 11 points of hull trauma from a 22 point ship in one hit. :| In the whole history of Star Wars I've never seen or read about a single Tie fighter hit being able to half destroy the Falcon. While I understand the Krayt Fang is not the Falcon, it still felt like something was wrong with how that mechanic worked. I guess the best thing is we all don't play at the same table and we can have various house rules.
  11. This is pretty much how I see things too. I was thinking somewhere around 12-16 points of "shielding" for a YT-1300 type ship would be about right, so we are in agreement there. As a general point of reference, I don't know a **** thing about Star Trek shields, I'm not a Trekkie. My thoughts on this subject come strictly from things I've seen in the movies or read in the books or played in other Star Wars games over the many years since 1977. For instance: From ANH when escaping Mos Eisley; Han tells Chewie to "angle the deflector shields, try to hold them off while I make the calculations for the jump to light speed; they've been taking fire from a capital ship for a bit and then Luke says "what's that flashing?" Han's answer: we're losing the deflector shield... Just from that bit in the first Star Wars movie we ever saw we can assimilate that shields prevent damage while they are active, but taking damage causes them to dissipate over time until they no longer work. (to be fair, later in ANH while escaping the Death Star, the Falcon does appear to take some damage. There's no specific mention of shields or angling them or anything, but they "lose the lateral controls", and R2 has to put out a small electrical fire, while Han tells everyone not to worry, "she'll hold together" and then proceeds to talk to the Falcon encouraging "her" to hold together.) (spoiler alert: she does, in fact, hold together.) In Ep. 1, Droideka shields and Gungan shields seem to deflect or absorb large quantities of blaster fire while not letting any damage through. In some of the dozen's of star wars books there have been references to shields preventing damage. I don't have those all memorized, but if anyone wants to point some out, have at it. And finally in Star Wars Galaxies Jump to Lightspeed expansion which I'm guessing had to be based on a general understanding of how shields worked in Star Wars, you had to completely defeat shields from the direction of attack before you could do damage to the ship or ship components. And they regenerated over time. To reiterate something I said in my OP that may or may not have been taken the wrong way: the game mechanic that lets a character with a set of armor that adds +1 defense roll a single black die to reflect that defense; then lets a starship with shield generators roll that same single black die to reflect the existence of the shields just seems off to me. I did not mean that a character could wear their +1 defense armor into space and resist starship weapons. I'm aware of the different scale of damage between personal weapons and starship weapons. :|
  12. It seems like just having a defense zone to equal shields on starships is not adequately portraying what we know from our knowledge of star wars. (did Disney change that too??) For instance, one attack comes in and is successful so all the damage applies to the ship HT threshold (shields did nothing apparently), next attack comes in and is unsuccessful possibly because of a black die roll so no damage does through. (oh, look shields are back...) This can go back and forth all during the fight... or if you're unlucky every attack can just go straight through so it's like you never had shields at all. It doesn't make sense. (and even when no damage goes through it's just a miss, not the shields actually doing anything unless you want to RP that the black die was the thing that deflected the damage that time) Plus, as a player you can actually have the same amount of "defense" as a starship with a shield generator by getting some armor that adds +1 defense. :| I would have thought there would be an actual amount of "hit points" labeled shields that would have to be reduced to zero before damage could be applied to the hull. (and it should probably regenerate X amount per round or something similar) Has anyone house ruled something to make shields more.... you know, shieldy?
  13. I was looking at it like the navicomputer calculated the minor course corrections in the initial calculation and once you jumped you just followed the course that was plotted. But, the navicomputer couldn't calculate tight turns so if one was required the first course would only be to the junction where'd you'd have to revert to real space and make a new calculation. /shrug To your point in the 2nd paragraph, I too, think it would take longer to calculate a long route with some variations in direction. But less time than dropping in and out of hyperspace and doing other calculations. You just wouldn't plot one of those long courses when you are dodging turbo laser fire or Tie Fighters because you'd want to leave to anywhere in a hurry.
  14. Something I just found about hyperspace travel in general. In the E:CRB page 361 about Ord Mantell there is a descriptive paragraph that says: A thousand other star systems offer the same temptations, though few are blessed with Ord Mantell's location. Situated at the end of the Entralla Route, Ord Mantell serves as the turn onto the Celanon Spur. Only the fastest navicomputers can make the course correction without leaving hyperspace, making Ord Mantell an obvious stop over. So, that one line means that you don't have to drop out of hyperspace for gradual changes of direction, but only for the "sharp" turns. (and with a really fast navicomputer, not even for sharp turns?) So it would be possible to navigate between some places with one jump rather than multiple jumps with the navicomputer making course corrections while still in hyperspace. Note, I said some and not all. Some routes or destinations would still require multiple jumps. Obviously GM's and their groups can play it anyway they want, but there is information to warrant some direct hyperspace flights. (it seemed worth pointing out because I got the impression that a lot of people feel like hyperspace is only straight lines that require a drop out of hyperspace at "hubs" to change direction.)
  15. I probably sound pretty dumb, asking all these questions.... but I did know the obvious stuff you posted here. To be clearer I was hoping someone had a smuggling run (modular encounter?) that they had used and wouldn't mind posting so we could see obvious steps 1 through 5 up there written out in gamespeak. If these are trade secrets, or someone's intellectual property, then I apologize for asking to see them. :| I'll eventually figure something out and write one, but I'm not a great writer and am having a hard time getting started, so was hoping for a catalyst like that. Thanks.