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  1. But isn't it better for me to have more ships playing for second?
  2. What you think about this? 500/500. For agreements taken previously, i will be the second player in this 500 pt.s match and for this reason i insert Pryce and StrAdv. Arquitens CL (54+6) -DTT -Skilled First Officer Arquitens CL (54+5) -DTT ISD-II (120+45) -Moff Jerjerrod -Strategic Adviser -Gunnery Team -Electronic C. -Leading Shot VSD-I (73+23) -Gov.Pryce -Ordnance Expert -ACM -Quad Battery Turrets Gozanti Cruiser (23+2) -Comms Net Squadrons (95) -Boba -Major Rhymer -TIE Bomber -Zertik Strom -Sontir Fel -TIE Interceptor
  3. In practice he lent me his imperial upgrades since he only plays as a rebel, if one day he wants to play again imperial i will give them back to him! For the moment we agree in this way.
  4. Where is the problems? He have some imperial ship but he don't use them. 😅
  5. I exchanged them with a friend who plays only rebels!
  6. 1. I don't have those ships but i have, separately, the upgrades that belong to it! 2. Wow, i've never played without squadrons! How should i move the fleet? VIC, lane, echelon, row? Is the two arquitens better if they fight in pairs or on the sides of the SD? Off Topic: are the rebels commander, title or unique squadrons often better than the empire?
  7. Hi guys! I need help, i want to build a 500 points fleet with the empire but i don't have any idea... Consider that today i lost the fifth battle in a row! 😒 ....my morale is very low.... I have: -Interdictor - 2 x Arquitens - Victory - ISD - Gozanti - Fighter Expansion My friend usually deploy a Liberty, mc30, nebulon and CR.
  8. Thanks @RobertK , i will read this post! Thanks at all
  9. Thanks for the precise and complete answer jabbawokie Can you advice me some post where i can find a build with devastator title?
  10. Hi guys, how are you? I'm here another time to ask you how this title works, without misunderstanding. ISD Avenger = does not work with the defense tokens targeted by acc, only against "red" exhausted Devastator = very expensive. i don't know how to use this ability ... Relentless = i play a ISD as an arquitens? NEBULON Salvation = if i change the red dice with blacks (using sato) can i count on the HIT CRIT icons as 3 damage for each die? CR-90 Jaina's Light = if i overlap with an obstacle, do i suffer any damage? MC80 Liberty Mon Karren = is there a way to elude this restriction? That's all, thanks forward!
  11. You can use a victory (-I- if you want to use ordnance pods) with Warlord, rhutless strategist and H9, or kallus as officer... (cit. Eric Taylor from cannotgetyourshipout. blogspot. com) The combat refit interdictor have a good anti artillery and the title interdicotr and targeting scrambler can help you against strong bomber strike (not medium or long range indeed)!
  12. 😅 my playmate won't be happy with this misunderstanding of the TS... 🤣🤣
  13. I usually use the II + III combination and add an arquitens or a gozanti ... In the VSD, however, i prefer ECs over RS because the shields that i lose with the title, i prefer to repair them with a dial. Having brace always available exponentially increases the survival of the "vic", in my opinion! And if you want an even more badass interdictor, use Targeting Scrambler! In the last match i save my heavy damaged "diktor" against a "Liberty" fire at medium range.
  14. So the point is to make the interdictor an aircraft carrier and use the red dice to do damage from afar? But isn't there a risk that the opponent will engage all your squadrons?
  15. @Akhrin Can you explain me the "standoff range"?
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