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  1. Thanks to everybody! 4x threat level is a smart, clever and elegant solution, and it covers all the possibilities of a double qb card! Have a nice day
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply. I think we can calculate points accordingly to the threat level; playing till someone is tabled could take too much. Full ships = points equal to the threat Half ships = threat rounded up Lothal+Sheathipede = 3+1 seems reasonable Using the real score of the squad builded in the app could cause some problems: most of the lists exceed 200, generating issues in the MoV, and some ships are equipped with illegal upgrades, so you cannot know their real value. Lastly, the veteran tail gunner is not available in the app, if you plan to use an Arc for example.
  3. Hi everybody! I would like to ask how to calculate the final score of a quick build match: 1. How many points do I get for taking down half of a ship? Half threat level, rounded up? 2. I would like to run the Lothal Rebel with a Sheathipede docked (see Rebel Quick Build pdf), which has an aggregate threat level of 4, but the single threat levels are not specified. How many points does my opponent get if he/she destroys only one of the two ships? How many if only half of one of those ships? Thanks Regards
  4. Thanks for the replies. My doubts were on how to interpret "effects that trigger after a ship is destoyed", because Tavson's trigger is after suffering damage, not after destruction. I thought the rules were referencing exactly to abilities like Resistance Chewbacca's. Additionally, since I'm italian, I use italian cards, in which Tavson says "after you suffer damages", plural. Which is the correct version? Damage or damages? And.. can I trigger after each single point of damage, potentially taking 2 extra actions from a single attack? However, I think we all want an updated FAQ (Tavson+Baffle is an example)!
  5. Because the killer ship has higher ps, so the initiative bracket could close before Tavson triggers. The rules reference states that the ship is removed from the game immediately after being destroyed. Being destroyed is not an ability that goes into the queue. Additionally, the rules ref states that if an event triggers after a ship is destroyed, the effect takes place. Tavson doesn't have abilities regarding being destroyed, but only taking damage. Is it the same in this case? Thanks for the replies
  6. What if Tavson is destroyed by a higher ps ship: does he get the chance to spend a charge for an extra action? Coordinate or jam before dying could help
  7. Web-app 1.1.0 italian: doesn't list the veteran tail gunner, at least for the Arc-170 gunner slot. Additionally, the veteran turrett gunner shows the veteran tail gunner image instead.
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