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    wildcrdj reacted to Talonbane Cobra in Final Rise of Skywalker Trailer‼️   
    No one did anything of the sort. Ignoring TLJ which had no bearing on this, all those ships tightly packed together would make a real easy target for any sort or weapon. If it was real life. And if it was real life giant worms couldn't live on asteroids, and even if they could people wouldn't be able to walk around inside their digestive tract, surely it would be a vacuum?
    People also wouldn't be able to move stuff with their minds, or fly space ships like WW2 aeroplanes, or be digested over 1000 years me know about it....
    Star Wars is all pretend, they never cared about physics or logic in the OT so why are you expecting the new ones too? Seems to be impossing a really odd standard on something that's never had it before.
    Well I know why. It's cos you're upset about your nonsense fanfiction books not being canon. And really I don't care.  But can't you just go and be upset about nonsense somewhere that doesn't drag it down for other people?
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    wildcrdj reacted to KCDodger in Final Rise of Skywalker Trailer‼️   
    *hands you a tissue*

    I think I love you?
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    wildcrdj reacted to Herowannabe in Standardization of game rules thread - FFG rules writing - please consider   
    What @GuacCousteau said. 
    Also, this:
    They literally did print it directly on the card, though instead of cluttering the card with a bunch of extra text, they made a little missile icon and defined what it means in the RR. If a special attack has the missile icon then range bonuses do not apply. If it doesn’t have the missile icon then they do apply. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. 
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    wildcrdj reacted to N'Kata in Worlds Meta   
    Scissors are great, but paper is overpowered. Please nerf!
          - Rock
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    wildcrdj reacted to Estarriol in Worlds Meta   
    Whatever wins should be nerfed. Immediately. Unless I fly it and then it’s completely cool and you’re all overreacting.
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    wildcrdj reacted to It’s One Of Ours in Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter in TRoS is Called ... (now with photo)   
    On the question about why are the new ships awful, or rehashes...  I’d like to point out some reality.
    World War 2 saw the most rapid and drastic changes to air and ground vehicles of war, over the 6 years it went on (1939 to 1945).  Tanks are the most apparent changes, but aircraft went through similar changes as well.  Tank warfare in WW2 began with the design fundamentals from WW1 still fresh in everyone’s mind.  Tanks were needed because they countered the long stalemates of trench warfare, and could sow immense amounts of chaos and confusion once they broke past the established front lines.  But early WW2 tanks were either WW1 tanks still in use (French FT-17), or crazy designs with multiple turrets and guns that had gone through limited trials (T-28, T-35, M3 Lee/Grant, BT removable-tracks series, etc).  The war quickly began to showcase which designs worked (Panzers, Panthers, M4, T-34, etc), and which eventually failed spectacularly for whatever reasons.  But one consistent design emerged from WW2 that eventually became the standard over the decades since:  An all-terrain tracked vehicle with heavy armor, and a high performance, large caliber cannon mounted in a 360-degree turret.  Fixed mount “tank destroyers” died off slowly over the decades, and concepts like “medium tank” and “heavy tank” died off due to a variety of reasons (*cough* logistics), only to be replaced with modern-day “Main Battle Tank” (MBT).   Aircraft carried through with specialized roles and designs, for the most part.
    Ok, so what?  Well since WW2, not a whole lot has changed with tank or aircraft’s appearance.  They tended to go from a chunkier appearance, to sleeker designs.  But the basics remained.  In the case of tanks, they kept with the standard tracks, armor, turret, and big *** gun.  Advancements in guns and armor meant that angled armor was no longer necessary or effective, and thick rolled steel was replaced with layers of composite materials for better protection.  Advancements with computers, stabilizers, infared, loading mechanisms, and overall technology improved the vehicle’s performance over the years, but weren’t outwardly noticable.  Indeed the M1 Abrams, a 3rd gen MBT, has gone through several major revisions, including the M1A1, M1A2, and M1A2C and M1A2D.  Each upgrade adding substantial improvements, but you wouldn’t know the difference by glancing at them if you didn’t know what you were looking for.  And that’s to say nothing of the Challenger 2, Leopard 2, and all other current MBTs.
    So going back to Star Wars, the new trilogy actually makes a lot of historic sense.  The Clone Wars could be looked at in a WW2 refinement sort of way, where they were mostly throwing designs at a wall and seeing what would stick (and what would fail spectacularly).  Designs such as the Y-Wing, ARC-170, and Z-95 winning out.  Which would then influence the later designs during the Rebellion era (OT), at least from those manufacturers.  The Empire going a different route with Seinar, opted for the very Russian standard of “Quantity has a Quality of its own.”  And as such, like the Russians, Seinar created a plethora of designs and continued to throw it all at the wall regardless of whether it would stick or not.
    So for the OT era, that could be thought of as Cold-War levels of starship design.  Things were being solidified, and successful designs were cementing into place.  Ships like the X-Wing and Tie Fighter were obviously huge successes for their intended purpose.  While some designs...  not so much.  It is worth mentioning that the Y-Wing is an oddity, because it’s roughly equivalent to something like an Il-2 Sturmovik somehow making it through the decades with minimal changes, while STILL pulling it’s weight.
    Which brings us to my long-winded point...  The New Trilogy, like it or hate it, does the token starfighters well.  We already know what was viewed as a success during the rebellion era, so now we have “reskinned TIEs and X-Wings.”  Not at all unlike what modern day tanks and aircraft have gone through.  The internals, weapons, armor, and technology have all drastically improved, but the basic design is still the same.  There may be readily visible fancy new **** on the ships, like S-Foils that interlock... But all the big changes will mostly be internal.  That’s not to say there won’t be new designs that are... questionable... (e.g. F-35 or Zumwalt destroyer)...  But the backbone has been established, and the tried-and-true designs get updated instead of being completely replaced.  
    Again... Y-Wing is the oddity.
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    wildcrdj reacted to AceDogbert in Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter in TRoS is Called ... (now with photo)   
    I find the criticisms of the 'new' TIE models curious. What are people wanting from Disney/Lucasfilm? They need to make the ships clearly 'bad guy' vessels, and there have been few designs as successful at that in cinema history as the TIE; the combination of the sound and shape have left an indelible mark on the cinema-going population. They associate those things with the Empire, as much as the sight of a Stormtrooper or Vader's heavy breathing.
    So Disney/Lucasfilm play it safe. They give us the same basic silhouette (TIE/fo) and an interesting spin on the concept (TIE/sf). They then give a protagonist their own 'special' fighter (TIE/vn) which has echoes of Darth Vader's single-appearance fighter. For the final film, we are getting at least two new designs (TIE/wh? TIE/dg?), one of which could easily be an iterative improvement on those which went before (TIE/sf + TIE/vn = new mass production fighter TIE/wh) and the other being a wildcard (we simply do not know enough about the Dagger to say anything, apart from RAMPANT SPECULATION WHICH IS THE BEST THING TO DO). 
    If the First Order were rocking out with entirely different fighter designs people would complain about them not being Star Wars enough.
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    wildcrdj reacted to Turtlefan2082 in Interesting Choices   
    I would definitely play Captain Marvel just to push the buttons if my purist friends.
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    wildcrdj reacted to Jeff Wilder in Ethics Question: Concessions   
    Similarly to @dotswarlock, ask yourself:

    If I'm on the cusp of the cut, competing with X for the last spot, and I see a top-record player (soundly beating X) inexplicably concede to X, making it likely X would beat me into the cut ... how do I feel?

    if the answer is "denied my fair chance to make the cut," you are correct.  And you have your answer.

    There are definitely ethical reasons to concede (and even ethical reasons to concede that concretely benefit your opponent while hurting another unknown player) ... but this is not one of them.
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    wildcrdj reacted to pixcalcis in Where is all news?   
    So the fact that they have content actively coming out for the game isn’t proof that they haven’t abandoned it?  I mean they have detailed what’s in the figure pack, showed some of the few cards in it, and gave a rough outline on the campaign. They might  release an article detailing more about the campaign.....but at most I would expect a short announcement when it releases.   What other news do you want to see?  They probably aren’t going to announce anything new until the campaign and figure pack are out.  This will probably be during GenCon and there is a good chance a new expansion is announced during the convention as well.  
    This game isn’t like the lcgs or xwing where we get monthly releases or tons of different products dropping at once.  So we aren’t going to get multitudes of news stories like for those games. We will probably get a big box expansion once a year.  And then either a smaller expansion once a year or maybe some figure packs instead. 
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    wildcrdj got a reaction from Vince79 in Villains of Eriador shipping   
    Yeah, the adventures themselves are DLC for the app. I assume it will be released around the "official" release date for the figures (so first week of August), but no announcement yet. [2 out of the 3 figures are usable without it, of course, so it could be coming later for all I know]
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    wildcrdj reacted to Dr Moneypants in @FFG Please lock this thread.   
    I live in the south. I have plenty of experience with guns. I just think it's silly when people think it's Tombstone. Get off your high horse.
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    wildcrdj got a reaction from Vector Strike in What if x-wing games were canon?   
    My last game: in a dramatic twist, Kylo Ren kills his father Han Solo... 
    OK, so not that one....
    The game before that: Wat Tambor and a squadron of Vultures survived the Clone Wars and escaped Darth Vader at Mustafar only to meet their doom at the hands of Dash Rendar, Sabine Wren, and Jake Farrell.
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    wildcrdj reacted to Archangelspiv in Why is Wave IV Taking So Long to Be Released All of a Sudden?   
    Awesome attitude! I bet you play Rebels or Imperials. There are 4 factions out there who need more ships to be A) Fun and B) a bit less basic. Nobody said you have to buy anything, but people like me who enjoy the FO and the Republic could do with a bit more flavour to the list building part of the game.
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    wildcrdj reacted to MacchuWA in Is X-Wing headed for a +25% price increase?   
    As a resident of neither of those countries, I'm happy enough having them manufactured wherever the price/quality equation is optimised. If that's China, so be it.
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    wildcrdj reacted to theBitterFig in Current PANIC thread   
    I stan an Admiral.

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    wildcrdj reacted to Goseki1 in Wave VI Predictions   
    FO needs something new and interesting. It has only 4 ships just now, its only large based ship is a pig to turn and it doesn't have anything that can carry devices yet. 
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    wildcrdj reacted to mcgreag in [Wave IV] HD spreads for N1, Resistance Transport & Hyena   
    Which is 50% more ships than the First Order have...
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    wildcrdj got a reaction from Manolox in Rules Reference 4/10/19   
    Additionally it seems to me unlikely that they _intend_ this, although I agree RAW seem problematic now.
    (My reasoning is that why would Rhymer say "increase or decrease the range requirement by 1, to a limit of 0-3" if you can never attack at 0)
    If they _do_ intend it, Rhymer should just be errata'd to say "to a limit of 1-3". (Unless there's some case I'm missing where having the range at 0 helps even though you can't attack?)
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    wildcrdj reacted to thespaceinvader in [Blog] The Ultimate Negative Play Experience.   
    Yup.  if everyone he plays is miserable, because of one guy, and nobody speaks up, that's just geek social fallacies bringing everyone down.  It IS ok to exclude people if they're being jerks, and having the confrontation won't be fun, but in the long run, it'll work better for everyone.
    But conversely, havign played against similar people myself, they put a lot of effort into pushing the limit JUST right so that no individual opponent gets pissed off enough to dob them in.  There are a couple of people I know of on the UK tournament circuit who are a bit notorious for it.  in the particular case I'm thinking of, very slow play, whilst running an alpha strike list, to the point where in one match I was probably two rounds from winning and about 4 or 5 rounds behind everyone else, at time.
    And no, I'm not naming names on an open forum thread, but I do know next time I face one of them, if the game goes the way it has previously, I'll be heading over to a judge after the game to let them know.
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    wildcrdj reacted to papy72 in Are vulture droids broken? (Energy cell charges)   
    If the intent is to recover a charge using an action but without getting the weapon disabled token then it would have been worded like the Gonk Droid:
    Action: Recover 1 [charge] 
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    wildcrdj reacted to DarkHorse in Are vulture droids broken? (Energy cell charges)   
    Vultures have a Weapon Disabled token in the pack for this exact reason. Reloading means Weapon Disabled.
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    wildcrdj reacted to matt.sucharski in Are vulture droids broken? (Energy cell charges)   
    If you don't think reload gives a disarm, tell me: how do you know what reloading does, if not proceed through the steps of Reload?
    That note in the RRG about when reloading is not an action is boilerplate language used for many action descriptions. It doesn't change what reloading is.  
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    wildcrdj got a reaction from nitrobenz in Grappling Struts and moving over obstacles   
    Thanks, looks like the first question is pretty clear (would have been nice if it meant they ignore obstacles, but )
    Although looks like my confusion with the closed/open is a tricky issue. I am fairly sure RAI is that they would stay open when you overlap an asteroid, but RAW really seems to imply they would immediately close (which would make the card fairly pointless...). Going to play with them first time tomorrow, since its a casual game I think we'll use my RAI feeling for now.
    @nitrobenz I think has a decent argument for it working, but it definitely seems like a complicated enough explanation that I wouldn't want to have to argue it in an official setting. 
    I guess as this sees more play I'm curious how TOs handle it.
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    wildcrdj reacted to KryatDragon in Curb your Packaging FFG   
    I love the idea behind the new Squadron packs. 3 Ships for the price of 2 is wonderful, a great starter for a new faction - and a fluffy way to expand the game.

    BUT I hate the new packaging - it is huge, empty, and wasteful. Someone needs to do some serious package design work - you can cut the material on these down to a quarter of their current amount, and at least half the size if not smaller. The plastic from Guardians of the republic was insane. The ships fit in an area 1" deep, by 6 wide and 3 high. The plastic they are held in is 2.75" deep, 8" wide and 9" high. (The box is almost 4" deep because the cards and cardboard are kept separate below the plastic insert... more wasted space.)

    If the cardboard inserts were resized, you could make a package that was half the size - and the plastic could be designed to go over the redesigned cardboard, cards, and bases.

    I recycle all of my material - but this is crazy. Curb your packaging!
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