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  1. Ah, that makes sense. Would be nice to have a canon-or-not bit somewhere. (Looks like most are canon, but I'm fairly sure some are not now, like Outbound Flight)
  2. wildcrdj


    According to wiki, yes. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Raider-class_corvette First canon appearance was the new Thrawn novels (and then Battlefront II).
  3. Yeah, the adventures themselves are DLC for the app. I assume it will be released around the "official" release date for the figures (so first week of August), but no announcement yet. [2 out of the 3 figures are usable without it, of course, so it could be coming later for all I know]
  4. Do we have any idea if the sculpts are exactly the same for the huge ships? I'm tempted to just pick up a Raider + Conversion Kit (also ~$100) instead of waiting for the eventual Raider rerelease.
  5. My last game: in a dramatic twist, Kylo Ren kills his father Han Solo... OK, so not that one.... The game before that: Wat Tambor and a squadron of Vultures survived the Clone Wars and escaped Darth Vader at Mustafar only to meet their doom at the hands of Dash Rendar, Sabine Wren, and Jake Farrell.
  6. Additionally it seems to me unlikely that they _intend_ this, although I agree RAW seem problematic now. (My reasoning is that why would Rhymer say "increase or decrease the range requirement by 1, to a limit of 0-3" if you can never attack at 0) If they _do_ intend it, Rhymer should just be errata'd to say "to a limit of 1-3". (Unless there's some case I'm missing where having the range at 0 helps even though you can't attack?)
  7. Well, the trick is to pick cheap cards with lots of text and don't repeat. With a few tweaks to an existing list, I hit 117 pretty easy. It's not a good list, though https://raithos.github.io/?f=Separatist Alliance&d=v6!s=200!334:199,12,,219,30,71,106,216,220:;337:101,208,:;309:209,,108:;310:98,,:;311:,,:&sn=Complexity&obs= (The original list came in at 81, then I made all the Vultures different, gave everyone different loadouts, gave Maul cheap upgrades, etc).
  8. wildcrdj

    Sigma Jukes

    Errata'ing to Limited doesn't even seem too bad to me --- limited status only affects list building, and the app/builder approach to listbuilding in 2.0 means it's pretty easy to enforce. Once on the table, the limited status doesn't really mean anything. (Unlike if you errata'd, say, the number of attack dice or something where the card being different would be confusing).
  9. What do you mean if? Separatists already have a (purple) coordinate through Chancellor Palpatine. (Admittedly, I think thats the only way right now, but Coordinate is available)
  10. Thanks, looks like the first question is pretty clear (would have been nice if it meant they ignore obstacles, but ) Although looks like my confusion with the closed/open is a tricky issue. I am fairly sure RAI is that they would stay open when you overlap an asteroid, but RAW really seems to imply they would immediately close (which would make the card fairly pointless...). Going to play with them first time tomorrow, since its a casual game I think we'll use my RAI feeling for now. @nitrobenz I think has a decent argument for it working, but it definitely seems like a complicated enough explanation that I wouldn't want to have to argue it in an official setting. I guess as this sees more play I'm curious how TOs handle it.
  11. If a Vulture with Grappling Struts passes over an asteroid (or debris cloud), can it use them to avoid damage? Been struggling with this. [Closed] "While executing a maneuver; if you overlap an asteroid or debris cloud" -> does this mean I can flip it when I pass over an asteroid, or only if my final position would overlap? [Open] "After you execute a maneuver, flip this card" Seems to me one of these is true: 1) If passing over an asteroid or debris cloud counts, then I can open the struts as I move over the asteroid. Then in the "after executing a maneuver" step, I place "damage from asteroid" and "close struts" on the stack. If I can choose the order of that, I can have the damage resolve first (and get ignored, because struts are open) and then close the struts. 2) If my final position has to be on an asteroid to count as overlapping while executing, then it seems more clear. Although it does imply I could pass over _multiple_ asteroids as long as I land on one, since again when I get to damage step my struts are open. However --- and I know this has been brought up before --- when I do land on an asteroid, why do the struts not flip closed again? I just executed a maneuver. I understand why they don't flip closed if I start my turn on an asteroid (because if I don't do a 2 straight I skip my Execute Maneuver step). Is it because this whole set of rules is after the "After you reveal your dial" clause, and the struts were closed when I revealed my dial, so none of it applies? (Except the ignore obstacles part, since that is separate from / before the after you reveal clause)
  12. SR -> Boost/BR -> Linked Focus -> Reveal blue maneuver -> Target Lock? (Can still do linked action off a SR'd Boost/BR, right?) But you need a blue maneuver every turn you want to do this, unless there's something else I'm missing.
  13. I got a "Order Shipped Confirmation Notice" from Asmodee for my wave 3 preorder (US) just now.
  14. Well, they did decide to rework Thrawn into canon. Given that Mara is from the same source (and apparently Zahn's other favorite character), and that the original Thrawn books were probably the most popular EU stuff, I think it's still possible a reworked Mara Jade comes in at some point (at least in books or comics).
  15. Only going for Separatists, but got 1 Squadron pack, 1 Infiltrator, and 2 standalone Vultures. Gives me 4 Vultures, 1 Infiltrator, and 1 Belbullab, should be enough to get a feel for them. Assuming I like it, I would probably buy more after... Will be my third faction after Imperials and First Order, so clearly aiming to corner the market on villains.
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