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  1. The payout schedule for the Vault Tour is found at https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/6/the-hunt-for-aember/ I can't figure out what counts towards earning Aembershards. It says 30 shards for participation. Participating in what? Each individual tournament? Just the "main event"? Just the first tournament you're in? Same thing for wins, and placing-- per tournament, just the main event, or what? If it's just the main event, they really should say so on the page. And if the printed figures are only for the main event on Saturday, does that mean you get literally *nothing* for participating in the many other tournaments that they're hosting at the Vault Tour-- like, showing up to a 4 person event at the local gaming store awards shards, but going to a different state to attend the vault tour and playing in a 16 person tournament doesn't?
  2. Good catch, that FAQ ruling convinces me.
  3. I agree that's one interpretation, but while the rules contain a glossary entry for "Leaves Play", they do not have an entry for "Enters Play". It seems possible to me that "Enters Play" effects go before "Play" effects, in which case one could argue that "Enters Play" must happen before the card hits the table. I'm not trying to say that's what I think the rule is or should be, just that it's not as clear to me as it seems to be to you.
  4. If I have Autocannon and Shadow Self already in play, and I play a creature from my hand so that it next to Shadow Self, what happens? Does the creature eat the damage, does Shadow Self absorb the damage, or do I get to decide? I am guessing that autocannon's "enters play" takes place before the creature "lands" next to Shadow Self so that Shadow Self can't take the damage, but I'm not sure, and I can't find it in the FAQ.
  5. I expect FFG to change or clarify that chains are supposed to cancel each other out. But I agree that based on the information we have now, each deck would suffer the chains they have accumulated.
  6. The Cascade Game event webpage for Emerald City Comic Con has been updated to reflect the fact that YOU DO NOT NEED A COMIC CON BADGE to participate in their FFG events. I'm not sure if this was always the case, or if this is in response to the feedback they or FFG got about this, but either way I think it's great. Event web page that has the update: https://www.cascadegames.com/#show/ECCC2019/KeyForge
  7. Someone on the Seattle Keyforge Facebook page is claiming you don't need a ticket to the Con in order to play in the Keyforge tournaments. He says he knows someone with Cascade Games, who are running the events. I'll update again if/when I get confirmation.
  8. I tweeted FFG about this. I also wrote up a long, respectfully worded email that I sent to someone involved with Keyforge development and asked them to pass along. I am told that the exact same thing happened when Star Wars: Destiny was launched-- the game was thriving locally, but attendance at Comic Con was very sparse, since tickets were sold out before any Destiny fans knew to try to buy them. (I cannot personally vouch for this, but I have no reason to suspect the person that told me was lying.) It's super dissappointing. I would have taken 2 days of vacation and made this one of the highlights of my year, played in every tournament they ran that I could squeeze into. Instead, I can't even buy scalped tickets, because they're non-transferrable-- you need to join their waiting list for the right to buy tickets at double face value and then hope enough people cancel their plans. And if you are willing to pay double, and you do put your name on the waiting list early enough, you just buy the right to attend some tournaments that presumably won't be well attended because not very many other people are going to be willing/able to do the same thing. If they had at least done it for a gaming convention, many people that might want to attend the Keyforge tournaments may have already bought tickets to the convention. There's much less overlap in people that bought tickets to a Comic convention and people who want to make a major time commitment to playing Keyforge instead of going to the comic related events.
  9. Not if you're playing against another deck that has 18 chains.
  10. Not sure if you were replying to me or not. If you were replying to me, the entire premise of my mail was that the deck doesn't have Phase Shift. I was explaining why Library Access combos *without* Phase Shift are not auto-win, even over the course of several turns.
  11. Or you could just bring a deck to beat it. 2xNexus, a Poltergeist or two, maybe some Gorm of Omm action. A deck with 4 artifact removal is probably sufficient, but 5 should probably be pretty reliable.
  12. The first thing I do when I see someone complaining about a broken Library Access deck (or conversely, trying to hype one up on ebay) is check to make sure it has a Phase Shift. If it doesn't, it can't forge the turn it runs through the deck, which means the opponent can steal almost all of its Aember with like two cards: Too Much to Protect followed by anything that get the opponent down under 6 Aember. The second thing I do is check to see how the deck is going to be forging its keys during its subsequent turn. Key Charge is fine. Key Charge + Chota Hazri is better. Multiple Key Abductions is best. If the deck only has a single Key Charge, then assuming both Nepenthe seeds were blown getting the "draw my whole hand" thing going, then an opponent who can kill any Witch of the Eye cards can prevent the Key Charge from being used multiple times. So now the Library Access deck can play a ton of cards out of hand to create a board position and get some Aember, but again, a single Bait & Switch takes care of the Aember, and a single Gateway to Dis takes care of the board. Library Access one turn kill decks have phase shift + something like key charge or key abduction, and cannot really be countered, short of killing the nepenthe seeds as soon as they appear. Even then, they can be delayed with cards like Control the Weak. But many people that talk about these decks being a problem overestimate how common they are, because they don't understand that Phase Shift is required.
  13. I think there's almost zero chance that the display decks aren't random, but I'll throw my data out there: 3 Displays opened: Un Ma Br Di Lo Sa Sh 04 07 03 07 04 07 04 06 06 04 03 06 05 06 05 06 06 03 06 04 06 In the first box there were two decks that were Ma/Di/Lo, all others were unique. In the second box all decks were unique. In the third box all decks were unique. For all 3 boxes, there were three decks that were Ma/Sa/Sh. No other deck was repeated more than twice. Eleven decks were unique.
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