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  1. I was not really asking about where I live. Allow me to reframe this. NYC, DC, and Philly all rank in the country's top 10 largest metros. The maximum travel time among those to their epicenter is 2 hours. Meanwhile, the travel time to the closest vault tour stop for any of them is between 6.5 and 8.5 hours. These numbers make the inquiry "does FFG anticipate making an effort to address this in the future?" a logical one.
  2. Given that the east coast of the US is the most densely populated part of the US, participation at one event there should be higher than any other region of the country. But there are none, which is disappointing for me since I live there. I'm sure there are reasons for this, but I'm wondering if FFG anticipates making an effort to do this in the future.
  3. I typically don't feel a need to go out of my way and engage on the internet. But seriously. Revert has technically proven his point in a way that is probably at the upper limit of clarity. And yet somehow Derrault is typing letters to disagree. My HEAD!!!
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