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  1. Thanks for the replies. I thought all decks were pulled from the master vault database and wondered when people started sneaking in constructed decks. And I'm not worried at all, and this won't keep me from playing there either. I was just curious and amused, is all.
  2. So today I had a game on the crucible. I was playing my first deck: The Passive Cynic Demolisher of Fogglen It's certainly not a great deck, but I know it well and I like it. My opponent's first comment slipped by me: But their next comment I noticed, however I didn't really believe the accusation at first- So I mentioned that it was my first deck, and that I like it. My opponent responded: And that made crystal clear what I was being accused of. First off, I don't know how to do what they accused me of doing, I didn't even know that was a thing. Secondly, it was just so funny to me that someone would think that I constructed The Passive Cynic Demolisher of Fogglen and was using it to cheat on the crucible. It's not a great deck. I have some success with it. I have fun playing it. But if I was building a deck it certainly wouldn't be exactly like that.. So how common is it for people to construct decks and smuggle them onto the crucible? How is it done? I have no interest in doing what that person thought I was doing, but building decks to play against knowing friends could be fun at some time in the future I suppose. Anyways, I got a really good laugh out of this, and became curious.
  3. I have to agree that just bouncing from a game -never having informed your opponent that you were only going to stick around for a few turns - is rude. If so many people share KFMixer's viewpoint and motivations, then perhaps a fourth category of matches should be added to the crucible. That way we will have: beginner, casual, competitive, and game dropping "deck testers" That should remove ambiguity. I prefer to see games through to a point of some certainty. Then I concede or accept the win and say "gg". That's how I want to test decks and practice the game. By playing games. It seems weird to assume that your opponent is there for any other reason.
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