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  1. Scenario: 10:50 to Arkham Version: unsure the number- but it was current on Sunday December 9, 2018 as of 8pm AST as it updated prior to being played OS: Windows 10 (Steam version of the app) Two problems were encountered during our regular Sunday night Mansions game night: #1 is just as "Nighthawk101" up above posted: My buddy chose to use a ladder to climb on top of the moving train and we were met with the prompt: ”You scan the dark of night around you but spot the shadow descending on you too late. A dark mass slams into you and you tumble down the ladder you were heading for with the creature. Place your figure in a space with another interact token. Then place a [random flying monster] in your space.” Naturally we couldn't include any monster since the game chooses the stats and such for it. #2 is that content from "Beyond the Threshold" expansion is disabled (since I don't have that expansion) but I enabled all other expansions as we have them. While running the "10:50 to Arkham" (same game session problem #1 occurred in), my character found the "Enchanted Blade" common item- but this is an item from Beyond the Threshold and was nowhere to be found in our game (we ended up finding a picture of the item card posted on an external site so it wasn't the end of the world at the time, but others may not think of that solution).
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