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  1. If I have a +Power upgrade on a creature does that count towards it's total health pool as well as the damage it deals? Thanks.
  2. you can try r/KeyForgeMarket on reddit. Lots of people posting there looking for certain decks. some have found the person and made deals
  3. I love the sound of this deck. Mind linking it? I've been very unlucky on getting this style of deck yet, which is my ideal playstyle deck. lol
  4. suppose it depends on the card really (like most things with this game), some might just be useless having that many of and not enough of other cards in the pack
  5. According to u/anothersaturdaygone on Reddit, who pulled a bunch of statistics on all the decks that were registered at the time mavericks occur in about 4.02% of decks. Who knows what percentage of all decks are registered but this is probably pretty close...i'd guess they were aiming for 5%. https://www.reddit.com/r/KeyforgeGame/comments/9zdfc4/master_vault_deck_statistics/
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