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  1. link: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/287951-official-judges/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-3576131 I would expect that if they launched the game already talking about the automated chain system is because they already have at least a draft system thought of. The chain system would have been part of the game design from a relatively early stage. Otherwise don't see why announce it so early and put a placeholder for it in the vault instead of launching it with the next expansion or whatnot.
  2. Would be nice if you could state against which deck you won or lost
  3. Hallo, Do we know when to expect Master Vault app to implement the "Coming soon" features to track games?
  4. I have another questions about these cards. If you are targeting a creature that is already "ready", so you cannot ready it again, is it ok to just do the "fight" part? Don't know if the rule of doing all that is possible requires you to be able to do a thing before doing the next. I'd say you can do only the fight part because otherwise the wording should be more like "You may ready a creature, if you do it performs a fight action"
  5. Yes of course No problem at all, only I'd like to see more of the other houses. I'm just curious, I'm in Australia, which is a pretty small market compared to... well almost any other country and were wondering if we've ended up wiht lots of the same round here.
  6. Hi, I'm wondering if the algorithm and/or production happens in some sort of order as in if it will produce together lots of decks with the same houses. I bought the starter box and the two decks were brobnar, untamed and dis. Then a few weeks later I bought another deck couple to see if I could get to see any mars and I did but both new decks where brobnar, mars and dis. So out of four decks all four have brobnar and dis and then two with untamed and two with mars. If the maths in this post are correct then the probs of same houses three in two decks are 4.49% so the probs of that happening twice are even lower, thus not impossible, probabilities are evil like that. Anybody knows if within a box of decks is any diversity guaranteed?
  7. They are pretty good. Even if they do not have complex combos the decks are balanced in a way that it's rare you don't have good stuff to do, no matter what your opponent is doing as opposed to some other decks that can be killers or useless depending on draw order or what the opponent has. I'd say starter decks are on the strong side of the spectrum.
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