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  1. I think Lothal Rebel is supposed to be Chopper
  2. R4-P17 is great for this list. As for CLTs - you get higher firepower in the early game at the cost of your endgame ship - Obi. So it depends on the personal preferences I guess. Also there is always a problem of determining how effective upgrades like these are. Even if they don't proc at all during the game - how can one measure how much pressure did they put on the enemy to dodge your bullseyes. But I think they are well suited for this list - with coordination from Obi-Wan knights are guaranteed to have focuses, when they catch someone in their bullseyes.
  3. Please write how did it go. I suggested first list mainly because you can lose one knight and still be able to use meditation on the other two. But to be honest now I want to try them both
  4. I would probably go with the first list. But regardless of the list I would take other Jedi master. Since you will be using Plo Koon for coordination: 1. He won't have an action to take a green token to pass to someone else and he doesn't want to take the orange ones, since he is your main piece (his skill will be useless). 2. He only has 2 force, so he will be force hungry. I propose 2 options. Either Mace (3 force + 10 points for other upgrades / bid) or Obi (3 force, also ini 5, usefull skill). Obi costs 2 points more, but will fit in both lists.
  5. So my FLGS is organizing a small Evacuation of D'qar tornament. Knowing local players I am sure to play against a 4 X-wings list and a mixed Tie SF/FO swarm. I personally really like playing Vennie-based lists, but he is not available in this variant. So I came up with this: MG-100 StarFortress - Cobalt Squadron Bomber - 87 Cobalt Squadron Bomber - (58) •C-3PO (6) Seismic Charges (3) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) •Rey (14) T-70 X-wing - •Poe Dameron - 71 •Poe Dameron - Trigger-Happy Flyboy (68) Heroic (1) •Black One (2) Integrated S-foils (Closed) (0) Jamming Beam (0) RZ-2 A-wing - •Tallissan Lintra - 41 •Tallissan Lintra - Deadly Approach (35) Heroic (1) Cluster Missiles (5) Total: 199/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Idea is for everyone to have double mods (bomber - calculate and Rey, Talli - TL + coordinate focus & Poe doing his thing). Lulo is also not available, so I gave Talli missiles for additional firepower. Even without using the secondary attack, they give her additional die on range 2. Plus I am expecting swarms, so they will come in handy anyways. What do you guys think?
  6. Please comment with what you will find out
  7. I have a hyper tournament coming up and lately I like flying the bomber with X-wing & A-wing escort. I've tinkered a little in the squad builder and come up with 2 lists. Number 1: Main idea here is to joust with Vennie, as he is built to soak hits. With his skill and double focus he has guaranteed evades if the enemy is in the front arc and then he double taps. Then he does a red 0 maneuver and the same situation happens again. Hopefully the enemy loses his shields after that and gets a proton crit after getting on Vennie's tail. I want a 1 point bid, so I have 5 more points to spare. MG-100 StarFortress - •Vennie - 90 •Vennie - Crimson Cutter (62) Perceptive Copilot (8) Proton Bombs (5) Shield Upgrade (4) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Pattern Analyzer (5) T-70 X-wing - •Nien Nunb - 61 •Nien Nunb - Sarcastic Survivor (55) Heroic (1) Integrated S-foils (Closed) (0) Pattern Analyzer (5) RZ-2 A-wing - •L’ulo L’ampar - 43 •L’ulo L’ampar - Luminous Mentor (38) Heroic (1) Advanced Optics (4) Total: 194/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Number 2: Edon's skill works well with mines. Since he can drop them after movement, he can put them directly on an unsuspecting enemy. And proximity mines can deal 1 guaranteed hit + up to 2 more hits/crits. He is far less tanky then Vennie, but should hit hard with Rose on board. And with extra points I can upgrade Nien to Poe for better chances in the endgame. 2 points left for more upgrades. RZ-2 A-wing - •L’ulo L’ampar - 39 •L’ulo L’ampar - Luminous Mentor (38) Heroic (1) T-70 X-wing - •Poe Dameron - 71 •Poe Dameron - Trigger-Happy Flyboy (68) Heroic (1) R4 Astromech (2) Integrated S-foils (Closed) (0) MG-100 StarFortress - •Edon Kappehl - 87 •Edon Kappehl - Crimson Hailstorm (66) •Rose Tico (9) Proximity Mines (6) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Total: 197/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder So what do you guys think? Which list is better? What would you change?
  8. I wouldn't count on that. Most of cards - yes, but rarely there will be a card available only in expansion for other faction, that you would like to include in your list. I know 2 ways of dealing with it. 1. If you want to play competitively, you will need practice, which means you will play regularly with a local group of players. One of them can usually lend you the card you need for a tourney. 2. You can buy those single cards you will need on ebay or some facebook group.
  9. I'm a fan of Adv. ProTorps on Nien. If he managed to get double mods, that means the enemy is in range of these torps. And with double mods I get 5 hits every time I use them (with at least 1 guaranteed crit).
  10. If you friends have never played, I would definitely go with a list like this one, that wurms suggested. My first X-wing game was starter- based, so 2 ties vs an X-wing and it was fun already. If I had 3 ships full of upgrades to command, I would probably be overwhelmed with the number of options and triggers to consider. Even now, as I play with seasoned players, we quite often forget some of the abilities, like dropping a bomb now and then, opening the s-foils, triggering Vader crew effect and so on.
  11. Riiight, D'Qar is very restrictive. In that case I would go with the second list changing only FCS from Edon for Black One title on Poe. You can consider changing Edon to Finch due to higher initiative. They cost the same, but all generics in this format are ini 3 or lower and Finch has ini 4.
  12. In the first list I would drop HLC on Reds to give Poe the R4 and upgrade one of them to Nien. His double mod - no stress combo for me triggers much more offen, then one woild expect and will be easier to do then lining shots with HLCs. In the second list I would change FCS on Edon for a R4 on Poe. For me the best way of playing the MG-100 with the Veteran Turret Gunner is catching people in the front arc for the double tap. And to use the FCS you have to constantly rotate your turret to keep the locked enemy in your arc.
  13. Definitely Veteran Turret Gunner. And try catching enemies in the front arc for the double tap.
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