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  1. I know you said you want to use all of your ships, but I suggest checking out this thread: There you will find nice Falcon, A-wing and Fireball lists, which are quite powerful right now.
  2. This - Scorch is a great Tie fo for its price
  3. I am testing ARC-based lists (Obi + 2 ARCs + one more ship - ARC, Broadside, Ric, another Jedi) against things that might nowadays be played in HS. Things look really promising so far, but I barely can win (if at all) against 4 fearless ini 4 fangs. They clearly win in a joust. What turn 0 setup and approach would you guys suggest? At least 2 local players play them, so I have to have a plan.
  4. I don't play the Empire so I can't help, but daaamn those are some pimped out ships!
  5. Maybe in another topic? This one is about 4 X-wing lists But generally - there is a new, great pilot coming in Hotshots pack and 5As are still hyperspace legal, while almost all the other meta defining squadrons got banned.
  6. People were so dismissive of Dedicated, that I've never got to try it out. Will give it a spin I have an N-1, but R2 does not fit my playstyle. Granted I've only tried it on X-wings. The second option with Battle Meditation seems interesting, but I'm not sure Meditation is worth 10 points with only 2 ships to use it on. ARCs burn down quite fast when focused, so with bad luck you might get to use it only 1 time. I have not tested it, but I have played against it. Wolffe went down in 2 turns of shooting and used the reroll once. I don't think it was worth 8 points. There is the added bonus of having one mod for attack and one for defense... But for 3 points you get the Hull Upgrade, which would be just as much effective in my game. She fares better when paired with Luminara - you can change hits to eyes and block turning them back.
  7. How about a Tractor beam on Poe? It fits, removes any damage Poe would make, but can give up to 3 additional damage from Blues with lowered agility of the enemy ship.
  8. I really liked the Obi + 3 Arcs list, but now Delta-7b, Sense and 104th Battalion Pilot are all gone from hyperspace (also Cody! 😕) and Obi & R2 went up in points. So I'm trying to come up with a spiritual successor. So far I came up with 2 lists: List 1: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Delta-7) (48) Battle Meditation (10) Calibrated Laser Targeting (4) Squad Seven Veteran (ARC-170) (44) Expert Handling (3) Squad Seven Veteran (ARC-170) (44) Expert Handling (3) Squad Seven Veteran (ARC-170) (44) Total: 200 I'm trying to make up for lost Delta-7b damage with Battle Meditation and get 2 double modded attacks from ARCs. With the remaining 6 points I can either get 2x Expert Handling for blocking / unpredictability or 2x Hull upgrades for ARCs. List 2: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Delta-7) (48) Foresight (4) Calibrated Laser Targeting (4) "Wolffe" (ARC-170) (50) Hull Upgrade (3) Squad Seven Veteran (ARC-170) (44) Hull Upgrade (3) "Broadside" (Y-Wing) (36) Ion Cannon Turret (5) Hull Upgrade (3) Total: 200 Broadside is just to good to ignore, so I went with him. I was left with 13 points to spare, but all the upgrades I've tried seemed awkward. In the end I've added Foresight and 3 Hull upgrades. Overall I'm a bit concerned if it has enough firepower against swarms. Which list is better? What would you guys change?
  9. I have a hyperspace trial coming up and am trying to come up with a list for it. The base are the 2 buddies from the new Star Wars movies - Poe and Finn: T-70 X-wing - •Poe Dameron - 71 •Poe Dameron - Trigger-Happy Flyboy (68) Heroic (1) R4 Astromech (2) Integrated S-foils (Open) (0) Resistance Transport Pod - •Finn - 43 •Finn - Big Deal (29) Heroic (1) Perceptive Copilot (8) Pattern Analyzer (5) Total: 114/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder I have 3 filler options: Option 1: Gunboat Vennie - I still like this ship - 270 degrees firing arc is great for arc dodgers + proximity mines just to be safe, that they won't go behind you. Option 2: Tallie + Bastian, so basically modified Tom Reed's list from the latest X-wing Team Championship from Poland Option 3: Falcon - there are enough points left for Han or Rey and some upgrades. Which one would you guys suggest? Since I don't have enough time to test them all, I just have to pick one and get as many games with it as possible.
  10. I think Lothal Rebel is supposed to be Chopper
  11. R4-P17 is great for this list. As for CLTs - you get higher firepower in the early game at the cost of your endgame ship - Obi. So it depends on the personal preferences I guess. Also there is always a problem of determining how effective upgrades like these are. Even if they don't proc at all during the game - how can one measure how much pressure did they put on the enemy to dodge your bullseyes. But I think they are well suited for this list - with coordination from Obi-Wan knights are guaranteed to have focuses, when they catch someone in their bullseyes.
  12. Please write how did it go. I suggested first list mainly because you can lose one knight and still be able to use meditation on the other two. But to be honest now I want to try them both
  13. I would probably go with the first list. But regardless of the list I would take other Jedi master. Since you will be using Plo Koon for coordination: 1. He won't have an action to take a green token to pass to someone else and he doesn't want to take the orange ones, since he is your main piece (his skill will be useless). 2. He only has 2 force, so he will be force hungry. I propose 2 options. Either Mace (3 force + 10 points for other upgrades / bid) or Obi (3 force, also ini 5, usefull skill). Obi costs 2 points more, but will fit in both lists.
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