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  1. Age of Ascension has some odd anti-reap strategies which can make for long or unfun games. It has Legacy cards as the special gimmick, so if you like looking for those, go for it. The places I go tend to have deck orphanages where players can donate or adopt wayward decks. If you can get decks on the cheap, pick em up and if you don't like them, maybe start up your own deck orphanage program.
  2. I remember when KeyForge was first announced and I saw the line "Ready and fight with a friendly creature", I thought it meant that the creature with that ability would fight another one of my creatures. Coming from Magic: The Gathering and seeing that this was a game designed by Richard Garfield, I was ready to look for those corner cases where this would be useful. But then the actual rules came out and saw that it meant you pick one of your creatures (the friendly part) and you use it to fight. Where this is useful is if you have a creature that is not your current house, but you play a card from the current house that says "Ready and fight with a friendly creature" or "Ready and fight with a neighboring creature", then you can use those cards not in your current house. Example: The previous turn I named Logos and played Quixo the "Adventurer" and maybe a couple other Logos cards. After drawing my cards for the turn, I see there is an Anger action, a Ganger Chieftain creature, and aGauntlet of Command artifact. I really want to get the Gauntlet out, but that means I wouldn't be able to use my Logos cards. BUT!!! I can use the Anger on Quixo to ready and fight. It should already be ready from the end of my previous turn, so I do as much as I can and I use Quixo to fight. He has skirmish, so he doesn't take any damage from the combat and I get to draw a card from his fight ability resolving. I can then play my Ganger Chieftain next to Quixo (if there is a space) and his play ability lets me ready and fight with Quixo, which will get me another fight trigger and a card. I play the Gauntlet afterwards, but since it enters exhausted I can't use it this turn, but in future turns where I call House Brobnar, I can use the Gauntlet to ready and fight with Quixo should I want to even though it is a Logos creature. One of the biggest things you can learn in this game is what cards let you "break the rules". Being able to use cards out of house is one of the biggest forms of card advantage since you are breaking the main rule of the game.
  3. If it is going to be casual, why the sanctum/saurian house restriction? This could be an interesting format for people who have tens/hundreds of decks.
  4. Weird, I haven't seen any since the lady left. Wonder why I couldn't see them. Thanks.
  5. Are they no longer doing Crucible Casts? I thought these were helpful in that they were a way to announce updates to rules and FAQs.
  6. Most of the times, letting it fall to randomness like dice takes away from the actual achievement. Playing it out would be the preferred method, but you still need to get both players to agree to it. This is where best-of-three can be helpful to build strength of schedules.
  7. The first rule of Keyforge is "Do as much as you can"...so I guess this means you just do as much as you can for each store.
  8. If I already have "Soandso's Blaster" attached to "Soandso", when I reap with them am I able to "attach" it to that character again even though it is already there and get the attach trigger?
  9. Agreed. As per Alpha, the rules state when the card can be played: "When a card has the Alpha keyword, it can only be played if you haven't played, used, or discarded any other cards". My inference here is that you choose the creature while playing the Mimic Gel, which by that point you are past checking for Alpha. For Omega: "After a card with the Omega keyword is played, the current step of the game ends...", again the Gel won't get Omega until after it is already played and entered your battleline. I could see arguments going the other way, but it will depend on when exactly you are making the choice to copy the creature. Copy is not currently defined with the latest rules update. As I said, my assumptions are based on a game I have played for over 20 years and am a judge for that was also created by the same person. Keyforge is very loose with terminology, which is expected since it is a new game, but their templating and rules could use a good, hard look. With that said, copying something in Magic only copies the original card, otherwise certain things could create involuntary loops that just draw the game. The upgrade is what is giving the creature the bonus, but it should not be a copyable trait. Again, Brad and whoever else he confers with (I sure hope it is more than just him) have gone way left field with things, but if he says anything to the contrary, I won't argue and will play by the stated rules. Until those rules are stated, someone has to make a call and this would just be my call.
  10. This is just me going off my knowledge as a Magic judge and how such things are handled, but: 1. The one restriction on playing it is there is another creature in play. For copying a creature with "Alpha", you would not need to meet any further requirement as it is a play requirement and you are past that point already when you are choosing a creature. For "Omega", the same should apply. It did not have Omega when you played it, but gained it after it was already in play. For "Deploy", it is also part of playing the card and the Gel has already entered play before it gains "Deploy", so it would not be a copied ability. 2. The Mimic Gel copies the original card, no extras gained from outside sources such as upgrades, increased power, or increased armor. 3. See #2. Again, these are how I would explain the interactions to people I play with because we all come from the same Magic backgrounds. I too would like to see how this is handled as sometimes the explanations seem to come out of left field sometimes on how they want it to work. (Look back to Biomatrix Backup and erratas on cards). For the Alpha/Omega/Deploy to make sense on being copied, it should say something like "Choose a creature in play. Mimic Gel is played as a copy of that creature." This specifically sets the play trigger window, otherwise I would go back to it stating "Mimic Gel enters play..." so therefore, you have already played the card as Mimic Gel which doesn't have Alpha/Omega/Deploy.
  11. 1. There are FB groups and Discords used for MN Keyforge players to join where they talk about all the upcoming events and coordinate for going to things like Vault Tours, etc. There are about five stores I see regularly posting, but I am sure this will increase now that Store Leaderboards are a thing. 2. Sealed and Archon are still the main ways to play, but there are reversals here and there. Store/Prime Championships seem to have brought the competitive side up a notch (it brought me out after leaving for the exact reason of 'I can play decently, but for what?'). Store/Prime events don't use chains, so you will be playing against some pretty strong decks, just make sure you know what cards combinations are popular in your area if you want to try to bring something against it. 3. I would say that if you are going to play in the competitive events, know what you deck does. Skill and deck will play the largest factors against other skilled players. I played my CoA deck versus some interesting AoA at the last event before WC came out. 4. I would say I have over 50, but less than 100. I prefer aember rush strategies or aember denial, personally. My other decks I have together to use to teach people or give away. One of the players in my area brings a "Deck Orphanage" where you can take a deck and leave a deck. Seems like a neat idea. I am thinking of going through mine and making boxes of 4-5 decks that are in the same power ranges to maybe trade/sell to newer players. 5. It is going to be dependent on how well you are able to realize when to go for what cards. This goes back to "know your deck". Your deck could be the "best", but if you play it poorly, then it obviously won't feel like it. 6. Still no official rules, the only ones I have use is you can only do things to the player on your left with three players and the same + range of influence 1 for more players (if you have a card that affects everyone, it only hits the players to your left and right). 7. There are some out there, the only ones I follow are the people who brought cameras to record their matches where I would play. You might be able to find podcasts that describe good combos to look for in certain houses, or how older cards may work better against newer decks (Guilty Hearts is good against Exhalted creatures). 8. I have played card games for about 23 years starting with Magic (still play) and jumped onto KeyForge because it was a Richard Garfield game. What was really interesting is that my other friends were more interested in it when it was coming out, but they burned out quickly and I was luke-warm at first and love it just as much as Magic. My favorite thing is probably the names followed by the community we have here in MN. There are a lot of good winners and losers, there is much less salt than Magic, but it really isn't fair to compare the two games otherwise. I love Magic since it is basically my lifeblood and identity since it was the first thing I learned after moving from a different state as a kid. I try to bring that kind of experience to people who are new to games in general by teaching them KeyForge or Ascension.
  12. It is most likely just an issue where there was a rough draft of a logo used for playtesting, and that was used for the backs when they were printing in error. Since it holds no impact on actual gameplay, it costs less to just go forward with the rest of the printing jobs for that contract and then correct it for the next. The people who get them get something a little different, which makes them special to certain people who will probably trade for them later.
  13. I heard some people talking about it a little at a recent event. Someone said it is supposed to be fixed during the next print run, no source to point to though. It is weird that it doesn't quite match up.
  14. I believe you could order them online as early as two weeks ago, which was kind of s***y to do to LGS's. When Asmodee was contacted about it, they said it was on purpose.
  15. I think you mean, can you skip the Starter Set bundle for Call of the Archons? If so, then that is up to you. I kind of like them for the fact that some of the cards are printed differently in the starter decks than in the actual game. There are currently three sets to choose from, and each one has a certain set of cards that can only be found in them. Heck, in the third set you can't even get Sanctum or Mars as it introduces two new houses. Cards from older sets gain new uses against cards in newer sets (see Guilty Hearts). If you are just starting, buy a couple decks from each set and have a blast. You can use anything you want for counters, as long as they are easily deciphered.
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