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  1. Yeah, it is great if they have a house that you normally can call. Otherwise, you are just removing a creature sometimes without it dying so it can't be reshuffled back into their deck or archives.
  2. Ah, more templating issues. First, I will keep it simple and say that the others have already covered the question properly. The following is just me killing time at work until the holiday weekend starts. "You may ready and fight with a neighboring creature." Seems simple enough, but depending on how you parse the sentence you can end up with: "It says may, so I will ready and not fight" "I don't want to ready my creature, but I will still fight with it" "Why would I want to fight my own creature? I guess in a pinch it lets me ready and if it doesn't die, then I can use it for something else" "I will ready the neighboring creature and then use it to fight something else" and as you mentioned, but I never thought of "I will ready and fight with (meaning along with) the neighboring creature against something else" As far as I am aware, there are cards that let multiple fights happen during resolution, but they are still 1v1 fights. Even the cards that let a single creature fight multiple times as handled one at a time. From the rules: It states that "each of the two creatures...", so until there is an addition to the rules when some card is eventually created that allows more that one creature to fight on each side, I would hold ground with this evidence. Anytime something like this comes up it reminds me of another game I had a similar issue with a friend. The game was called Tomb, and one of the cards said something like "Recruit up to three characters". I was on the side of "Recruit until you have three characters" as having a large party was very good and as an early action could make the game very lopsided. My friend was on the side of "Recruit three characters or until you have max party size." We went at it for about an hour before I let him have it his way and he ran away with the game. To this day, either of us can just mention "up to three" and trigger the other one for laughs.
  3. Only 990 more to go for an office chair. Don't remember how much the table was. And you can only spend them at Vault Tours, there is no current online store to use them on. Now if they will only talk about what the keys are going to be used for.
  4. Looks like everyone got 10 aembershards to celebrate the milestone:
  5. Lost in the Woods is a very powerful card, so a word of advice on it: Thanks to the way you "do as much as you can" in Keyforge, you can play it even if you only have one or even no creatures. This can be really brutal if you also have some nice Untamed creatures to play afterwards, like a Witch of the Eye, perhaps.
  6. Looks like as of today there are over 1 million discovered now.
  7. You will lose one when you go to draw at the end of the turn. Mulligan, Draw 5 and keep, shed one chain, play your card for the turn, draw a card up to 5 and shed a chain. First player will lose two chains during their first turn 99% of the time. EDIT - Rereading your question, you don't lose the first chain until you keep your hand. So you don't draw, lose a chain, mulligan and lose another chain.
  8. Just got one with Lollop + The Flex and some cards that give +2 power to neighbors or +1 at the end of each turn. Seems like it could be fun.
  9. Do Chains gained through Chainbound only apply in Chainbound events? I have a deck that I have been powering up through Chainbound, but my friend is going to some non-chainbound Archon events. If I let them use the deck, are they still bound by the chains?
  10. KandyKidZero


    Where the synergies are between your cards and if they are spread between houses. Each house has there own thing they are great at, but did you get that in your cards? Does the deck have anything that lets you "cheat" the rules? Key Charge/Chota Hazri, Helper Bot/Phase Shift, Relentless Assault, etc. These are the kinds of cards that let you make more than one key, play cards from different houses on the same turn, attack with more than one house. Do you need to use your creatures to reap? Some decks have 10 aember symbols on cards they play, some have 30. If you have Shadows, you may just be able to let your opponent do the reaping for you and you use your creatures and actions to steal it, which is actually a two aember swing since they lose one and you gain one. Are there any combos? This could be anything from a simple Virtuous Works + Nepenthe Seed to having three copies of Glimmer and Mimicry/Nature's Call/Persistence Hunting. The first one has an easy setup to just gain 6 aember from two cards and the second one lets you sit in one house over multiple turns while being able to control the board by playing your opponent's best action card, returning their two best creatures (preferably from different houses) and your Glimmer, or just locking down their board through exhausting for multiple turns. There are assuredly some decks that are going to be better than others, but being able to find these things in each deck will bring them closer to parity. The difference is going to come in the people piloting the decks. There is no card that just flat out says "you win", but there are ways for each deck to be played optimally. You just need to find out which of your houses work together, how many cards are going to be good in each situation, what role your deck plays, and when you need to mulligan and/or discard cards from your hand to churn through your deck. In most games I play, I typically have to shuffle my discard back into my deck two or more times. The more cards you see each game, the more your chances are of getting to play your cards that actually matter.
  11. Now that I pulled up the set on compendium, I do see that now it is Rarity Alpha, which is even worse kind of...
  12. @Duciris They are alphabetical in each rarity, but the rarities are still broken down by Action, Artifact, etc. so your uncommon Actions are going to come after your common Upgrades (if you have any) and the same for Rares. I haven't looked at the numbers on my Legacy, but my Maverick Brobnar "Challe the Safeguard" is #216 and comes at the end of my Brobnar and before the #213 "Aubade the Grim". I would need more data points to go off of, but that is what I used to put Maverick at the end of the list.
  13. Just save it for the set reveal where that happens then instead of planting one card. If they keep it up, what are the odds that Free Market would even be a card they chose to reprint at that time versus a similar card that is worded better?
  14. I think the issue comes from the fact that it states "(to a maximum of 6)" when there is no way for it to gain more than 6 since it also states "Except of Sanctum". It should read: "Play: Gain 1a for each non-Sanctum house represented among cards in play." You are still only going to gain at most 6 aember if it is a maverick and there is no Sanctum between both players.
  15. Having pulled a few Legacy and Maverick cards, has there been any confirmation that there are no Legacy Mavericks? I don't believe you could get Maverick Specials in the first set, so I am guessing the same applies here as well and there is also no Legacy Specials.
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