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  1. Yeah, to be honest, the app campaign is almost an entirely different game than the regular campaign. Yes, all supply cards go back to the supply deck at the end of each mission unless the card specifically says otherwise. Which Heroes are you using? I’ve used up to 3 characters at the same time so far playing the app solo and it can be a hassle to remember everything!
  2. Was going to point out exactly what you said in the bolded portion. She still has the ability, but the ability is reliant on the dice roll, which obviously gets worse when she is flipped.
  3. My game group still plays it, so it most certainly is not dead! I have plenty of figures still to paint. I have played all of the campaigns at least once, but I know I have plenty of missions that I haven’t played, still a good handful of Imperial class decks that haven’t been played, and there are a few Heroes I haven’t played as. Sure, we Sadly aren’t getting more product, but for my game group and I, there is still a lot more for us to get out of the game.
  4. That sucks. That almost 100% confirms that any future developments are out of the question. I wonder if I should turn off my Steam auto-update feature in order to preserve the app that I have for Legends of the Alliance.
  5. The right thread! You could have the Scum units be 4-LOM and Zuckuss, the only other two bounty hunters from ESB that didn’t get figures made for them. I think a named Ewok would work well, maybe Wicket or even Chief Chirpa for some sort of synergy with the Ewok warriors. I like Mandalorians, but we already had one for a Hero (Shyla) and think something different would be more interesting. I do like the outline of the one that you posted, though! I think an Imperial defector who was an Intelligence Agent could make for a cool Hero. Something like they can look at the IP’s open groups (Maybe they can force them to discard one, or choose which card must be deployed next), look at spawn points (maybe even block them). I will always be salty about us not getting a real Endor box, but it is fun to create one of our own.
  6. That’s what I get for having multiple tabs open on my phone! Thanks.
  7. You wouldn’t want another boxed set? A real fan, you are not!
  8. That version of the movie is not allowed in my household!
  9. I think it would be difficult to come up with Heroes for the Clone Wars. You’d have a Clone, a Jedi, and... what else? Doesn’t seem like it would leave much room for others, sadly.
  10. Hi all, Just curious if anyone has implemented the Ally mechanic from Tyrants of Lothal into other campaigns with success. I recall seeing people mention it before, but did not really see any details behind it. It seems like the way that ToL is a little more “fair” and encourages the Rebels to actually bring an ally if they have one. Has anyone tried this? How did it work? Thanks!
  11. What about removing the villain from your collection? I know some of them aren’t exactly possible to remove. I had Jabba show up early in a campaign and it really took the “immersion” out of the campaign. Didn’t think it made sense to have him pop up.
  12. My least favorite to play against is Shlya by far. Moving for free, attacking with the Vibroblade (I think, it’s the one that you take a strain to deal 1 damage to all adjacent figures), then Cleaving for 3 is one of my least favorite memories as the Imperial. That campaign was the first campaign where we ever had a character withdraw and I made Shyla withdraw probably 3 times total. One guy in my game group HATES facing Murne, which I can understand.
  13. I love coming up with these sort of stories! Especially with those two. I imagined Davith being a Jedi Youngling who escaped the Purge ONLY because he was rescued by Senator Murne Rin. Murne took Davith to her homeworld where she hid him and raised him. They both got involved in the Rebel Alliance, with Davith being assigned to mostly stealth missions. I find the campaigns more fun when I come up with connections between the characters.
  14. I’m bummed we never got 4-LOM or Zuckuss. Yoda would be cool, but not too sure how he would work with the game. Ewoks and Scout Troopers for sure.
  15. My favorite by far is Loku. He is a bit of a glass canon, but he’s really fun to play. Placing his tokens on enemies for +1 damage really adds up and his ability that allows characters to ignore characters for line of sight when targeting a character with the token is awesome. I like to keep him at a distance and just pick characters off like a sniper should. I’m also a big fan of Murne, Davith, and Gaarkhan.
  16. There will always be a part of me that is salty that we never got an Endor expansion. The game feels unfinished without it.
  17. Eh, I chuckled at the original comment because I’m from Michigan. I have most certainly played campaigns during the winter, but I’ve also played during spring, summer, and fall as well. Whenever our group has a lull in our real lives (which isn’t often anymore) and when we are willing to jump in and play.
  18. “It’s salt” said the Resistance Trooper on Crait. Chill out, salty pants. My game group played both skirmish and campaign and found campaign to be much more enjoyable. Skirmish took too much time to set up and pull things out of the box for the amount of time you actually played. With that said, I think this is a cool idea. What is really interesting is they are using tiles from two campaigns that have yet to be given an app campaign (or you can purchase the map). I hope this means that there is potential for there to be new app campaigns down the road.
  19. I suppose anything is better than nothing. I am really holding out for a HotE app campaign soon. I also think that they could develop FULL app campaigns out of the mini campaigns (Twin Shadows, Bespin, ToL). I’m a little surprised that more effort hasn’t been put into that yet. If TS and Bespin were given app campaigns, I would be willing to bet all of the players that have yet to buy either of those two campaigns would pick them up to play them.
  20. Loku is my favorite character to play as and hasn’t been on a losing team in my game group so far. I was fortunate enough to win his reward mission one campaign and things went wayyy downhill for the IP after that.
  21. I have been thinking lately that an Imperial defector would make for a cool Hero. Maybe make them a former Intelligence agent or something. They could have an ability that would allow them to view opponent’s open group hand and discard a card for a turn or two. I think something like that could work well.
  22. He’s way undercosted in my opinion. I also think that he has too many surge abilities. I’d probably remove the base +1 accuracy and damage. Maybe even knock down the recover to just recover 1. As he has the body of a protocol droid, does that make him slower? If so, you could probably bump his speed down to a 3 to make it in line with 3PO’s. The Master Thief ability is a cool concept and I think it is fitting. Also, what site did you use to generate the custom card?
  23. I think Zuckuss should have an ability that has some reference to being a Gand Findsman. As mentioned, he was considered an expert tracker. Maybe something like: Gand Findsman: At the beginning of the game, choose an opposing unit. Zuckuss’ line of fire to the chosen unit are not blocked by other characters this game and modify his range by +2 when attacking that unit. Something like that would be fitting, I think.
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