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  1. Eh, I chuckled at the original comment because I’m from Michigan. I have most certainly played campaigns during the winter, but I’ve also played during spring, summer, and fall as well. Whenever our group has a lull in our real lives (which isn’t often anymore) and when we are willing to jump in and play.
  2. “It’s salt” said the Resistance Trooper on Crait. Chill out, salty pants. My game group played both skirmish and campaign and found campaign to be much more enjoyable. Skirmish took too much time to set up and pull things out of the box for the amount of time you actually played. With that said, I think this is a cool idea. What is really interesting is they are using tiles from two campaigns that have yet to be given an app campaign (or you can purchase the map). I hope this means that there is potential for there to be new app campaigns down the road.
  3. I suppose anything is better than nothing. I am really holding out for a HotE app campaign soon. I also think that they could develop FULL app campaigns out of the mini campaigns (Twin Shadows, Bespin, ToL). I’m a little surprised that more effort hasn’t been put into that yet. If TS and Bespin were given app campaigns, I would be willing to bet all of the players that have yet to buy either of those two campaigns would pick them up to play them.
  4. Loku is my favorite character to play as and hasn’t been on a losing team in my game group so far. I was fortunate enough to win his reward mission one campaign and things went wayyy downhill for the IP after that.
  5. I have been thinking lately that an Imperial defector would make for a cool Hero. Maybe make them a former Intelligence agent or something. They could have an ability that would allow them to view opponent’s open group hand and discard a card for a turn or two. I think something like that could work well.
  6. He’s way undercosted in my opinion. I also think that he has too many surge abilities. I’d probably remove the base +1 accuracy and damage. Maybe even knock down the recover to just recover 1. As he has the body of a protocol droid, does that make him slower? If so, you could probably bump his speed down to a 3 to make it in line with 3PO’s. The Master Thief ability is a cool concept and I think it is fitting. Also, what site did you use to generate the custom card?
  7. I think Zuckuss should have an ability that has some reference to being a Gand Findsman. As mentioned, he was considered an expert tracker. Maybe something like: Gand Findsman: At the beginning of the game, choose an opposing unit. Zuckuss’ line of fire to the chosen unit are not blocked by other characters this game and modify his range by +2 when attacking that unit. Something like that would be fitting, I think.
  8. I plan to stick with IA for a long time. I don’t intend to ever sell it. I still have quite a few minis to paint (more than half still need to be painted), so that will keep me occupied for awhile. I plan to introduce more people to the campaign down the road, I just don’t have a house of my own yet and traveling around with all of the stuff is difficult. I am saddened that this is looking like the end of the game, but I have all of the product that has been released and am happy with what I have. I still haven’t even played the HotE campaign yet, so I have that to look forward to!
  9. Really bummed to hear this, but We have kind of been anticipating this for awhile.
  10. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a way to undo anything that happens in the app. I know that I wish that there was an “undo button”. In one campaign, I accidentally KOd a full Captain Terro in the app rather than the Ugnaught that I had actually KOd.
  11. The agenda decks are entirely up to you. Use some things that you think sound fun. There are some that are better than others. If you wind up going with the Nemeses class deck, I suggest picking a lower cost character (like Greedo, Thrawn, or BT-1) and a mid to high cost character (Bossk, Captain Terro, Maul, even the Royal Guard Champion can be fun).
  12. I agree with you, but I do believe it can depend on different gaming group experiences. Saska has proven to be a huge pain in the butt in the 2 campaigns that our game group has used her in. In one, she had the Hand Cannon and her reward card and she was just clearing the board. That is, of course, because she had items that she isn’t necessarily “guaranteed”, but our group considers her to be somewhere around the upper-middle in terms of how well characters have performed in our campaigns. Edit: another example from my game group would be that we 100% disagree with where Loku stands on this list. He is definitely an S tier hero in our eyes and has done incredibly well during every campaign he has been in for us. He’s an all around great ranged attacker, as well as support piece. Incredibly dangerous if he gets his reward card.
  13. That does sound fun. I have yet to play the app with anyone else. The app was awesome for me because I am the one from our game group who owns the game. It can be tough getting all 3-4 of us together to play through a full (or mini) campaign, but we do so probably 2-3 times a year to hash out all of the missions in a single weekend. I personally want to play the game a little more frequently than that and the app is an awesome way for me to do so.
  14. Very nice, my group does something similar. We include everything in our campaigns IF we have played that campaign before (I owned everything when we played Lothal, but we hadn’t played HotE, so I didn’t include anything from HotE). We also make the class decks and the heroes included in the current campaign that we are on mandatory. If we replay the campaign, it is fair game to use any heroes or class decks as long as all of us agree on it. Playing this way makes things just feel a little more fresh.
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